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  1. Oh LMAO, glad it's fixed though .
  2. Uh... Yeah, that's odd. Can you provide a screenshot?
  3. Wow! This looks amazing! You did it with kerbal Konstructs?
  4. Yes. Pitch down . More seriously, are you using FAR? Cause if yes, that's most likely your issue.
  5. Don't you think I'd have posted it if it was the case?
  6. Take as long as you need mate, real life always comes first.
  7. Wow, that sure is an ambitious plan! And we already have some of the required mods: ACK for SLS and Orion, the MAV looks similar to the Altair lander upper stage, and the rest can be kitbashed with Procedural Parts and other mods. Would be cool to have a dedicated mod, of course.
  8. Hey, would it be possible to have this craft file? The one in your fork is different and... slightly bugged .
  9. No craft files yet since it's still under development.
  10. Thanks for your concern guys but don't worry, I'm far from risking a burnout on this mod .
  11. Yeah, this bug happens to me too sometimes. Usually reloading the craft fixes it.
  12. I use Blender and Zmodeler 3 for modeling and Photoshop for textures. Unity is required for animations, so I have to rely on benjee or JadeOfMaar for them .
  13. Beta 0.3.4 uploaded, just a minor fix on OK-GLI OMS pod. https://github.com/hugoraider/Buran-Orbiter-Construction-Kit/tree/development
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