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  1. How did you do for your Kerbals not float?
  2. Have you ever build silly features for your vessels? Put your ideas here! Typical examples include a swiming pool in a Laythe hotel, a maze, etc. I'll start: a table in my Lander. Seats 6 Kerbals with hot chocolate.
  3. Mine has the ability to stay underwater for a while without being wet. Also, it can move underwater. egap wen kool yeh
  4. It's plastic. I still have a Fish Cookie.
  5. Garfield eats all the fruits. A flood forces him to leve. My flooded valley.
  6. It's Nyélus again. But it's not Spanish (it's French, as I'm pretty good at French). Like papier maché. Are you there, @Akagi?
  7. Kerbal Peace Vegan has the least rocket simulator game of all time (Rip the Voyagers)
  8. Banned for forgetting periods ( . ) at the end of sentences.
  9. No, it's Nyélus the 20-meter-long-tail-dragon. @AtomicTech, are you there?
  10. Because A=10 and B=20.967117112278 and something. ABBA=A*B*B*A=A2B2=(AB)2=209.67117112278 Why is there a firework on my desktop whenever I press F2?
  11. Wrong, I'm from a country with its most famous item in the name of a tiny orange fuel tank you probably don't use in KSP. TUBM lives in the UK.
  12. France — Baguette (avec deux croissants s'il vous plaît)
  13. I overclock the Xenon engine with a KAL-1000 and it burns the cookie in .2 seconds and sends you on an encounter with Betelgeuse in approx. 780 years. Thus I bake a Sea Cookie. My Sea Cookie.
  14. Plus, it really looks like a vessel! Crew on the front, engines and fuel on the rear. Interplanetary Sword Mk2 Cruiser.
  15. Yeah, I wonder too. Ah and it may not be the place, but here's what I did in KSP today:
  16. Did I said that the Mk33 cockpit was nothing but levers and buttons?
  17. Have you defeated the Web yet? It has a lot of cookies.
  18. The things after #include are not DLLs, they are headers and every C compiler can include them. Moreover, I have them all on my computer. My empty metal can cookie. Also if you looked closer, the error was this: ";"missing at end of line.
  19. If I can't drive at the ocean floor, I'll make separate designs for Laythe, Kerbin and potentially Eve. EDIT: I can't, definitely. EDIT 2: Final rover testing complete!
  20. As what I said might be unclear, there's no DLL on Debian and so on my computer. Booster Good Cookie burns you as it goes to LKO. Orbiting SRB Good Cookie out of fuel.
  21. Please @kerbiloid, understand that: I don't use DLLs and I said it. Now I"m a sus hobbit, I like drink and I drink your brandywine cookie before you can do anything. My cookie in my stomach.
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