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  1. Science! Mk6 — Test rockets We still have that contract: Orbit the Mun Get back to Kerbin and I want to do it! Let's try to build a rocket that can do this. First try (why is there smoke on the staging?) Goodbye boosters! But it's not powerful enough. Second try (this time the Probe has a parachute so that it can come back in one piece) OK... Wait, there's no antenna! *sigh* Third try... But it's not powerful enough. I hope the next rocket will work as intended...
  2. Science! Farm #1 Let's farm Science! with our new surface equipment! (and take a surface sample as the R&D is now level 2!) Here we go... Even more! This is a picture so you can't hear the noise it makes (that's better: it's annoying!) Science! farming in progress: please wait... And that's it: a small Science! farm.
  3. Science! Mk5 — Part 2 In Mun orbit we have about 400 to 500 m/s of ∆v left. Let's do something with them! Yes, I see what you're thinking... Landing on the Mun? No. We don't have enough ∆v for that. However... Here we go with a maneuver. It's done (after about ten days of time warp) Everything nominal! Hello Minmus (Yes, we're going on Minmus.) At this point you may ask: why? Well, it's like a tradition for me to go to Minmus with the same rocket as I go to Mun (this saves the funds required for another rocket). (in fact, it's mostly because I always have some fuel left...) Once I did two Minmus landings and a Sun orbit with the same rocket that went to Mun... Science! Anyways, back to the mission — we're getting near Minmus. Minmus orbit Now, let's check if there are (or not) contracts that want a Minmus landing (that'll make some money!)... Nope. That's sad. Let's go down then. And then I realized that I had only 29 m/s of ∆v remaining... After expanding all the remaining fuel, it's going down and down and down and down... And then it hit the ground at about 20 m/s. The engine and the two fuel tanks exploded BUT NOT THE PROBE! Yaaaaaaaaay! And here's the little Probe on Minmus. (it seems happy) And let's not forget... The SCIENCE! Science! Mk5 is finished, after 61 days. Did you think it would land on Minmus? (It's still there as I write this.)
  4. Science! Mk5 — Part 1 Let's go Tiny! We need it. Fly by the Mun? Easy! Introducing... The Science! Mk5 ! (without nose cones as they are still not unlocked, and docking ports as decouplers as the Tiny decouplers are still not unlocked) The whole thing has an awfully low TWR as only the SRBs were thrusting at launch. So they have not been used (they were left on the Launchpad as they were decoupled). Now the rocket is going up! And here's the probe in Orbit of Kerbin. Let's head towards the Mun! As the Tracking Station and the Mission Control aren't both of level 2, there's no maneuvers. We have to use the good ol' method of waiting for Mun to appear (it's on the picture, just above the rocket). Here we go... Oh no, we're going to crash! Fortunately we can use the engine to modify the trajectory. Yet another contract... I've upgraded the TS and the MC to level 2: we can use maneuvers! Nearly in orbit! And we have some ∆v left. That wouldn't be a mission without Science! And that's not the end of the mission.
  5. The problem with KSP is that it has no free alternatives (free like freedom and free software, not no-cost), as Minecraft has Minetest etc.
  6. 54 bottles of Kerbal juice on the wall 54 bottles of Kerbal juice take one down, pass it around, 53 bottles of Kerbal juice on the wall
  7. 4,194,304 bottles of beer on the wall (that's a very long song)
  8. With what hardware? It has been, destructively removed. I repair the computer (don't ask how) and replace the OS by Linux.
  9. Science! Rover Mk1 Let's do some Science! on the KSC. Here's our rover! It has all the Science! experiments available. The SPH is level 1, so there's no action groups (which would be useful to trigger Science! when needed. The rover is therefore brought into the VAB to set the action groups, which will stay if I put it back in the SPH. Unfortunately, I got this strange glitch... Don't ask. But there's a problem: the wheels are not low enough, and our rover cannot move. Back to the SPH! The new rover can move! And do Science! I also went on some structure biomes, like the VAB main building, which also yield Science! Here we go to the Mission Control. The KSC is very good for Science! if needed — I've not even done half its biomes! Now we can get these Tiny engines and fuel tanks! Yay! They'll be used in the next rocket, which will be unkerballed.
  10. Science! Mk4 To orbit! We can finally launch our orbital rocket. (Here seen above 5km) Lateral booster separation Orbital injection burn. Here we are! The nozzle was so hot that it took 20 seconds for it to loose its red color. We are in orbit! Yes, orbit. Science! from both space near Kerbin and space high over Kerbin! Yay! But let's go back home. Wait... Did something explode? Yes... The Science JR. It's clearly missing. But the crew is still fine, and the parachutes deploy. Here we are! Back on the surface of Kerbin the sea! Science! Well, that's a lot of Science!, and we'll unlock this: The next mission will be a Science! rover.
  11. Ferry Mk1 Four tourists "need" to go to a sub-orbital trajectory (don't ask why). So a rocket was built and launched Hello there! Science! And down to Kerbin. Moar Science! ! We can now upgrade the VAB and get into orbit! Next time: a rocket to orbit.
  12. Science! Mk3 - TD-25 Stack Decoupler The new rocket is this: Weird, isn't it? Unfortunately, it's too heavy and will not reach space. So I redesigned it, with moar boosters. And it reached space! And the contract is complete! As the rocket goes down, Valentina does some Science! experiments. Science! (as always) And we have a new contract: tourists want to go sub-orbital. Let's go!
  13. Science! Mk3 Let's update the KSC. The Science! Mk3 mission has accidentally no screenshots other than the Science! screen at the end. It went sub-orbital, completing a few contracts. It was pretty nice and looked like this: Science! experiments, two lateral boosters and a 90 km apoasis. Now let's stay at the KSC: we have forgotten to do some Science! on the Runway. Let's fix it! That's some Science! And now the Tech Tree has grown up. Check for contracts... Ah, here's one of the best contracts. Since I've not unlocked the rover wheel, I'll take it, as it will allow me to have access to this wheel. It will be useful when we'll want to build a Science! rover for the KSC (which numberous biomes give Science!). Now let's try to go to orbit. Here's the rocket. Unfortunately it's too heavy and it has too much parts! We need to upgrade the VAB and the Launchpad. Maybe Mission Control, too? We will do another mission to get the funds. We have to haul the TD-25 decoupler in sub-orbital trajectory between 80,000m and 90,000m.
  14. 56 bottles of melted computer on the wall 56 bottles of melted computer take one down, pass it around, 55 bottles of melted computer on the wall
  15. Yes, there are no more EVA tools... So you cannot repair the computer. I try to take the RAM sticks out and replace them. Then I boot on my Mint Linux boot key and verify the integrity of the hard disk by using fsck /media/nazalassa/cptDriveCK47 .
  16. persistent.sfs is very important. You should not give up unless you are forced to give up. — Elon Kerman
  17. 2961 @Admiral Fluffy I think you changed the "5" into a "4"
  18. Wooosh Mk1 — Third try Third try... Launch again Here's a screenshot of the mission (finally) ! Now don't crash please. . . . I think we can say it's landed, right? The mission is finished and, after three tries, Jeb is back home. Next mission!
  19. Wooosh Mk1 — Second try Second try! Mission nominal. It's time to go home. Again, I have no screenshots of the mission; here we come back to KSC (without searching for the Cove launch site). Please don't crash this time Please don't I said DON'T, and can you explain why did only the pod explode?
  20. Wooosh Mk1 I got new contracts for "temperature surveys" northwest of the KSC. To complete them, let's build a plane! Introducing... The Wooosh Mk1! (here seen in the SPH during the pre-flight test) I have to admit that it's very, very weird. But hey, it works, and that's what matters. It's launched towards west because the level 1 runway is unstable (and where I want to go is west). Wooosh! Wooosh again; here the mission has been completed (I don't have screenshots of this first try). May I find the Cove launch site? No, I can't. Back to KSC. Please land intact... DON'T GO TOWARDS THE HILLS !! ... and then it crashed into the hills. Fortunately I can revert to launch.
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