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  1. I made a CLI alarm thing, you can ask it to ring at a certain time and it will do it (provided that your computer doesn't sleep in the meantime)
  2. Geonovast became afraid. He expected the safety inspector to appear before dark, as the team thought that massive boosters might counter the lack of struts on Kerbin. The mission would gradually devolve into reaction wheels, something literally revolutionary to Kerbalkind. How extraordinary that is, considering the effort required to make big ol' pitch forks and feather dusters with large torches, and wiggly tentacles playing the piano for fun. Exactly one week later, the inspector woke to find a great disturbance in the force - a PowerPoint presentation. The horror of it overcame him with great quantum superlinearecitation. A Massive vortex opened to reveal a terrifying cake-producing monster. The inspector immediately panicked and reached for his pogo-stick, deftly bouncing off the bed that he was floating on down the Nile and into the grasp of Curveball-Anders who spontaneously barfed. Rutabaga, meanwhile, emerged in the river of dreams. Snark saw Kerbiloid and thought, is that Adsii? What strange and bizarre manifestations appear when Aerodynamic Kerbal suffers from a ColdJ virus. Deddly, Vanamonde and TakeTwo ninja'd the cake as Admiral-Fluffy forlornly tried to soak a stolen dry bagel in lox. The cake-producing monster began slithering towards the first person to run a bakery in the best area of Dakota. Competition wasn't anything the monster felt like wasting time on. However, the mountain of cake was devoured by the kraken, leaving a steaming pile of useless debris. Boris (the monster) started a clearance war while Adsii cleaned his plate with an explosion of flavour that could've potentially rivaled the famed Tibetan chocolate croissant. Meanwhile 18watt, Nazalassa and Starhawk were hatching a plan to take over Minmus with an icecream van. Scoops of Minmuscream were flung in every possible direction, while Vanamonde insisted on waffle-cone diplomacy complete with toppings and spoons. The outcome of the event was uncertain; the icecream was completely consumed by Gargamel and the cones became crushed from lack of enthusiasm by the moderators. The inspector later wrote a scathing report; despite having no memory of previous events, it was imaginative and entertaining in its depiction of strange hallucinations and bizarre potatoes. He was deliberately throwing doubt across the entire Kerbol system as to what had happened, so more inspectors arrived to grab a bunch of managers to remove the sting of the report. However, before they were ready for publishing, the Kraken released a piece of artwork based on macaroni cheese to surpass the wiggly tentacles playing the piano for fun. This caused a hyperbolic frenzy in publishing the report, resulting in an outrage against its writers, who then asked, "Where are the snacks?" Boris suddenly saw an opportunity to sell copious amounts of Snacks. Hot cupcakes sold like hotcakes and cold cake sold like cold cream cups (which are good for puffy eyes). But something unexpected did occur: the inspector shared his lunch and threw a party for everyone, although Geonovast excluded Gargamel. Curveball-Anders took everyone to the local ice cream-pizza-pinball-chicken-applesauce-candy-methalox-whole_pineapple-drywall parlour and asked for some funds from the waiter, who choked on the pinball release-lever, tilting the machine over. "Funds!" he exclaimed flabbergastedly," you want my FUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "HOW DARE YOU EVEN SUGGEST SUCH A THING!" "WHY I OUGHTA..." the waiter fumed indignantly as he gasped for air, collapsing while clutching his ukulele. "Oh crud," he wheezed into a squeezebox, which inflated to the size of a prize-winning pumpkin. "A prize", said Starhawk, "is worth funds." Tiredly, the waiter raised a kickstarter campaign to capture the wiggly tentacles playing the piano for fun, and a plan was beginning to form in his mind. He imagined a B.O.B (Battle of the Bands) in which Jeb, for marketing purposes, screamed an Electric-Guitar intro of "Let's go Crazy". The monster, however, preferred jazz piano, and tried to eat them, but a rogue hard disk formatted the simulated soft-serve ice-cream, instantly replacing people with other ice-cream-flavoured people, that tasted like Minmus. "Yuck" said the Imposter, "this paragraph is getting way too long (paraphrased into a paradox, maybe we should go back in time), why not stop it right now?" However, by traveling back before it starts back then, Nazalassa made a discovery about the wiggly tentacles that play the piano for fun, that shocked the entire Kerbal literary audience, sentence building
  3. No, I never played with scatter on and I have found plenty of surface features. Certain surface features only form in certain biomes (https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Surface_features) although it does not seem to be the case of Mun Stones. I guess you'll need more searching... Or Steam is breaking BG.
  4. So, if I understand correctly, a new wiki will be created, and all pages in the current wiki will be put there, and then the original wiki will be used for KSP2? If it's the case, then I suggest KSP2 pages to be put in a new wiki, and letting the current one as it is, as if the domain name is changed it will break quite a lot of links.
  5. I made a French translation: https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/TriCrossSection/pull/3
  6. Flat-Bottom Shuttle Systems Updated est maintenant traduit en français: https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/TriCrossSection/pull/3
  7. I don't really understand, do you mean that we'll still use the same wiki and the old info will be ditched, or that a new wiki will be created?
  8. Well, since political content (which I assume include political opinions) are forbidden on the forums (as per rule 2.2), I can't tell you. That said...
  9. You can get them from Steam: There are versions from 0.19.1 (at least for Linux).
  10. Is you KAL's play position linked to the U/D axis group? In this case, its position will just be set when you change the axis group, but no events (aka the little blue diamonds) will play. If you want to have lights on/off at certain play positions, then you should instead link Light R (and Light G, and Light B) to the KAL instead of Lights On / Lights Off. Then, edit the curve so that, at the right timestamps (for example, at a third of the way) the curve is either 1 (if you want your lights up at that timestamp) or 0 (if you want them off). Maybe a drawing may be better here: And that's roughly the same as: (which I think is what you made) Hope it helps.
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