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  1. There is a problem,my base can walk!same at every planet surface,even stock friction parts can‘t stop it... HELP
  2. Can i delete Firespitter without messing up other functions?just don't want those plane parts.
  3. Please click twice to amplify.this always happens when the game launched several times,i have no idea what cause this.
  4. Sweet! it's exactly what i want.thanks,I'll see what i can do.
  5. Hello,longtime fan,i recently tried use KIS to transfer the resources between separate no control launchpad and fully function base parts, as the picture shows :i got all it needs,and the resource has linked as well , but the build manager refuse to being touch,when i switch to launchpad it tells me i have 0 productivity。 i really look forward to play at this way,so please give me a hint, any method, the way that change productivity always to full maybe。
  6. Thankyou for this awesome mod,I would like to point out a improvement ,the B9PW Perform a little bit weird in FAR .giving enough wing area does not prevent faster entry into stall,In a nutshell wing loads behave incorrectly,I hope this can be Improved in future ,and once again, thanks for your work.
  7. Greetings for whoever saw this page.for mod creators: would a little mod that add the feature"whenever you click the cargo bay opening button,the degree of opening will correspond with the level ground where ever you are" be great? this is an request, if anyone interesting with this please let me know,I will support you every way I can.
  8. Thanks,I managed to find the .cfg in Scatterer/config/Planets/kerbin/atmo.cfg and I have changed the texture parameters to 1.0 ,but still,It only works without modulemanager patch , now I'm very curious about how does it remains the same wrong factors even the source has been changed.
  9. So if i want to make kerbin texture always at right condition , I have to change both the land and ocean texture(Brightness/contrast /Saturation )all to 1.0 every time the game restart,exhausting right ? then i found the little save button, i was just about to sing the holy song , then i see there is a red line of words says: "you want save it? no bi*ch,giving up your awesome mods first. " Yup, another day, another sad man. PS:if there is any another way I can make this right, please do tell me, and i'll be really grateful and buy you a drink!
  10. Well,If this is the scond or third delay i will totally agree with you.
  11. Anny ways, playing with people's feeling is kinda mean.one or two times is fine but this...
  12. Oh!!! that is just sweet! thank you man, can't wait to try, i say you're already accomplished a wonderful job,and by your talent It will be Solve someday .
  13. Is there any chance that TweakScale will able to change the plume (stock waterfall maybe?)and smoke scales along with the engine scale changes.
  14. Does anyone have this problem:Specific stock waterfall (and restock ) engine plume Glitching with black shadow,only switching back to earlier scatterer version can solve this problem, really need some help here
  15. Sandcastle now has conflict with this mod,use them together causing Dlls missing.
  16. Sometimes swiching between map view and orbit view causes uncontrollable muting,no buttons works,i can only hear a tiny bit of engine sound when the thrust at the maximum.
  17. Have the similar issue ,Sometimes high attack angle pitch at low speed causes Abnormal Wing tip drag , The force appears to be intense . PS:My craft is the complete replicate of the F-35, so other aerodynamics works just fine .
  18. Fantastic,a little request :is there any way I can replace the sun of stock using GU sun flare without Install the mod itself,my PC can't handle it, but the sun flare is amazing .
  19. My su-30 and flanker cockpit doesn't has iva, is it supposed to be that?
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