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  1. To anybody, has anyone thought up of an efficient way to put the new lander in the SLS stack to be able to launch orion and the lander on the same rocket?? I tried using the SLS block 2 and put the lander on top of the SL-SA-P Payload Adapter and added an additional SL-I Tubular Aerodynamic Adapter on top of that so it could fit, and then put the rest that was originally on top of the SL-SA-P Payload Adapter back on op of the newly added tubular adapter (which would be the SL-SA-F Monolithic Fairing Adapter) but theres no way to make it work without using EditorExtensionsRedux using the surface attachment function of the mod te replace the payload adapter node bc the payload adapter node is no longer there bcause ytou have to use it to attach to the bottom of the lander. Does this make sense? Anyone else build the full stack with Orion atop AND the new lander within the stack? If so, how? Would be cool to figure out a way, so if anyone got ideas shoot em this way. I've basically been launching the lander to my destination by itself first, or launching it by to meet a station already orbiting destination, then launch orion with crew to dock with lander/or station and take lander down.
  2. It just gives me the generic error message and lists the missing part. Ill go through it on my testing install and send screenshots when i get home. So i basically took the parts needed from BDB and deleted everything else from the BDB folder, and aded to install and everything worked fine after that regarding loading the included craft files. What about the RMM parts? I didnt see any RMM engines listed in the crafts
  3. do you still have these configs available for download? the google drive link doesnt work
  4. **FYI** If you want to use the craft files from ACK and have them actually load without errors, please read this lil quick tutorial. I thought it would help anyone else annoyed by it like me. Ok so, If you're hoping to install only this mod and use the craft files from the mod that come with it, they will not work. Well the orion craft will but not any of the stacked launcher craft files. Craft files will not work succesfully without installing BluedogDB. Obviously nobody wants to have to install the way too entirely too large and bloated parts pack that is BluedogDB. I love the pack but honestly does anyone use ALL the parts in it? Cmon. It's too bloated and anyone who installs alot of mods will testify that you should cut out whatever parts you dont use. So For anyone wanting the craft files from ACK to work "out of the box" who does not want to have to install the whole BluedogDB pack, you can make everything work by downloading BluedogDB and extracting just the files/folders needed. The main ones are the Centaur RL10 Engine and the Delta DCSS and the Delta AJ10 engine. RMM mod pack is mentioned in the original post but as far as i can tell ive searched each craft file and see no RMM parts used in any of them. @benjee10 is this right? Whats the scope of the RMM parts you mentioned? These are the craft files included in ACK, you can see the bluedog parts listed in the craft file. This means if they are not there, most of the time the craft will not load. Although KSP is finnicky and loads some crafts with 5 missing files but the wont load some crafts with a single missing file. Go figure. Whatevs tho idc. These are the file you need from BluedogDB \Bluedog_DB\ \FX *whole folder \FXconfig *whole folder \Parts \Centaur \bluedog_Centaur_RL10.dds \bluedog_Centaur_RL10_Emit.dds \bluedog_Centaur_RL10_NRM.dds \bluedog_CentaurD_RL10.cfg \bluedog_CentaurD_RL10.mu \bluedog_CentaurD_RL10A4N.cfg \bluedog_CentaurD_RL10A4N.mu \bluedog_CentaurD_RL10B2.cfg \bluedog_CentaurD_RL10B2.mu \bluedog_Helios_Mesh.dds \bluedog_Hydrolox_innerGlow.dds \RL10ExtraNozzles.mu \Upgrades.cfg \Delta \DCSS \Bluedog_DCSS_5m.dds \Bluedog_DCSS_5m_LH2tank.dds \Bluedog_DCSS_5m_LH2tank_NRM.dds \Bluedog_DCSS_5m_NRM.dds \bluedog_DCSS_Tex1.dds \bluedog_DCSS_Tex1_NRM.dds \bluedog_DCSS_Tex2.dds \bluedog_DCSS_Tex2_NRM.dds \bluedog_DeltaIV_DCSS_5m.cfg \bluedog_DeltaIV_DCSS_5m.mu \bluedog_Helios_Mesh.dds \DeltaK \bluedog_AJ10_118F.cfg \bluedog_AJ10_118F.mu \bluedog_AJ10_118K.cfg \bluedog_AJ10_118K.mu \bluedog_AJ10_118X.cfg \bluedog_AJ10_118X.mu \bluedog_Helios_Mesh.dds \bluedog_Titan_innerGlow.dds \Paint \Alternate \Blue \Green \White \bluedog_DeltaK_Emit.dds \bluedog_Hydrolox_innerGlow.dds \bluedog_Titan_innerGlow.dds \glass.dds \Patches \Thermal \engines.cfg \ThrustCurve \prefab \castor30.cfg \castor30XL.cfg \castor120.cfg \flat.cfg \longSep.cfg \risefall_66.cfg \risefall_76.cfg \risefall_86.cfg \sr118.cfg \sr119.cfg \steadydrop_30.cfg \steadydrop_66.cfg \steadydrop_76.cfg \steadydrop_86.cfg \default.cfg \DeprecatedParts.cfg \mass_patch.cfg \RemoveExtraFields.cfg \Star-37-48-Rescale.cfg \Plugins \BDB.dll \Suits \Icons \A7L_F-icon.png \A7L_M-icon.png \A7LB_F-icon.png \A7LB_M-icon.png \A7LB-c_F-icon.png \A7LB-c_M-icon.png \Textures \A7L_diff.dds \A7L_nrm.dds \A7LB_diff.dds \A7LB_nrm.dds \A7LB-c_diff.dds \Suits.cfg **The suits folder is just because they're cool so why not. You do not need the suits for ACK crafts to work. How do I do that? Download bluedogDB (latest rev). Extract it somewhere that is not your KSP install yet. Go through this directory list above and basically delete everything that is not listed. Its actually really easy. Then, whatever is leftunder the bluedog main folder, just copy that into your /GameData folder in your KSP install location. Now im sure the reason the bluedog files needed for this mod to work properly are not included is due to "LiScEnSiNg" derpa derp, but I dont like downloading a mod that has craft files that wont even work unless I have to install a humongous parts pack that I dont need only to use 3 parts from it. If you cant figure this out, DM me, ill send you a zip file pre-made.
  5. @linuxgurugamer i use both haystack and targetron but it seems redundant to have both running. as far as i can tell, the only feature Haystack doesnt have compared to Targetron is the ability to rename vessels from the menu. You've created both mods so I assume its for a good reason. In your mind, whats the difference between these 2 mods and why would one use haystack over targetron, and why would one use targetron over haystack?
  6. LibGen has it available free PDF download Its the 1965-1966 version though. Download page is here. Here's the search results from LibGen as well if youre interested. They have PLENTY available from a 1913 version up to 2005. If you've never heard of Library Genesis, oh boy are you in for a treat. Millions of books at your fingertips in many formats, just a click away
  7. everything lol, size is switchable, avionics unit added, different textures
  8. ive used this with 12.2 and it works. Let me add though i only used a few parts, not every single part, but as far as what i used from this mod it was working that would be glorious. I feel this mod can have huge potential. always thought the part graphics were one of the best ive seen. Idk how it didnt get the mass recognition i thought it deserved
  9. A quick google search using this exact phrase: "an amongus sussy player kerbols humble neighboring stars github" is very cool for anyone wanting more info or certain links
  10. Well well well, now that we have Parallax 2.0 and the new underwater scatters, what'dya say??
  11. hey @pTrevTrevs since you use the shuttle alot maybe you can help me out. For the life of me for some reason for the last year i can never get the external tank from reDIRECT to work witht he benjee10 SOCK. All mods and dependencies good, crossfeed settings are on where needed but my shuttle main engines NEVER read the tanks fuel and therefore i can never use the shuttle. its heartbreaking really lol. any suggestions also @benjee10
  12. Sigma Dimensions and Rescale for rescaling? Also, any direction on how i could rescale this with GPP at 2.5scale. I have GPP's included 2.5 rescale folder installed for my KSP install with GPP + StrangeNewWorlds. In the GPP directions it says not to use sigma dimensions bc GPP's included rescale folder works on its own. Does that mean i cant use sigma dimensions to rescale Strange New Worlds either?
  13. Ok so i have one of my favorite installs that i've been playing on for a few months now. Its heavily loaded with mods. 134 to be exact. It originally took me awhile to get it perfect but i did and have been playing with it for awhile. I have added no new mods or made ANY changes in weeks and suddenly my game startted freezing during boot. I noticed something wierd and that every time it froze up, it was always on a file in a "/GameData/xxxxxxx/parts/@thumbs.." file. Whatever file it froze up on, I would remove that entire mod and any dependeencies if it had any. And then i try to boot again and the game freezes again and freezes on another random "/GameData/xxxxxxx/parts/@thumbs.." file from a different mod. Again I would remove that mod now and dependencies if any, and try the same thing again. And then- i kid you not- it would freeze up AGAIN on another "/GameData/xxxxxxx/parts/@thumbs.." file from somewhere else. So its like its ONLY freezing up during boot/loading and always when a "/GameData/xxxxxxx/parts/@thumbs.." file file is on the bottom of the screen. I looked around for any type of part thumbnail cache or icon cache to clear out and try but i couldnt find anything and did want to mess anything up. Does anyone have any suggestion as to why my game is suddenly freeziong up during boot and only freezing on random GameData/xxx/Parts/@thumbs files? This seems oddball to me. I have no clue what causing it but it seems like there may be an actualy fix to this. Someone please help if possible. Otherwise im just gonna keep the install but remove all mods and slowly add them back one-by-one again like i did in the beginning and start all over and pray my saves work by the time i reach the point with the same mods added back. **Reminder- install was working fine for weeks; Didnt add any mods; Didnt make any chages; Havent even started any new saves; Game just started this all of a sudden
  14. can someone please explain and help me fix this PINK crap. It happens with a completely fresh install and with GPP downloaded and installed through CKAN. It happens with a completely fresh install and GPP manually downloaded and installed along with all dependencies also installed manually. No extra mods added besides only GPP and what GPP needs. It's so annoying. Plz help. <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/vfOQWgg" data-context="false" ><a href="//imgur.com/a/vfOQWgg"></a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
  15. Ive also been feelin nostalgic and 20 someodd years later ive recently gotten hooked on roller coaster tycoon 2 yet again for the umpteenth time in my life. ahh its great. great games never die or get old also Farming Simulator 22. I started that game back in Farmin Simulator 17 and fell in love. Idk why bc its totaly opposite of everything i do but man its relaxing and fun. Also i got the logitech side panel, steering wheel, and pedals which makes the tractors and combines so much more fun. also Sim dashboard takes it to another level
  16. @benjee10 In short, do you or does anyone here know why the external tank from reDIRECT doesnt ever work for me for some reason? When i create full shuttle launch stack my shuttle engines NEVER see or recieve the fuel from the external tank. I've tried everything. Crossfeed setting do nothing, i build the stack in perfect progression and it doesnt help. I build it cheeks backwards and still nothing. To this day i have only gotten that external tank to 100% work right on 1 install and that was the one instill i didnt compress and save for backup.
  17. Where do I need to put this? in GameData root? or another specific folder? And Do i leave it as a .txt file or do i need to rename the extension to a config or whats extension?
  18. Ok I have to ask because clearly, Beyond Home planets are in the new trailer, does 2.0 work with Beyond Home??
  19. i cant wait til this is ready for first release! take your time, we'll be patient(not that we-modmaking illiterate peeps- have a choice lol) it will be well worth the wait. Def going to add a whole new level to cinematic videos. I come check this thread every week or so just to see if new pics were added. whether its 1 or 5 it always fun
  20. Wow! One of the most annoying annoyances of KSP instantly cured with a mod! This is great! THANKS
  21. I actually have a bunch of infographics i found of "family trees" of gods from different cultures and use that alot. I also look up viking/norse mythology, greek mythology, egyptian mythology, and related subjects and use names i find from there. Other than those subject areas i almost mostly use different star names and use a greek number for a suffix. For Agency names and mission names i like to use latin astronomy terms and names. Heres some notes i grabbed and few examples. i copied and pasted from my insanely wayy too long .txt file of at least 10,000 naming ideas that ive compiled the last 5 years: **dont laugh at my ridiculous methods of "note taking" that i do for myself lol** More: More: last examples, my go-to source of constellation names- which work well used as mission/project names, spacecraft names, and agency names:
  22. What would i put in the setting.cfg for "primary =" if i wanted the keystroke toggle to be Control+ numpad 1 ? primary = ______________ ?
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