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  1. I've been having performance drops with Kopernicus for a long time, I made a post in the thread about it a while ago. Before it was mostly just on the mun and I was getting seconds per frame around any vessel with more than like a dozen parts. I'll try that and report back.
  2. Everything looks great, but unfortunately Kopernicus absolutely cripples my framerate down to like 8FPS from around 20 or so around larger vessels. I thought it was Spectra, but I removed it and was still having terrible framerate issues. Turns out it was Kopernicus causing the problem, which I should have known better because it has always done this since like 1.3. If I install Spectra without Kopernicus will everything have the regular stock textures or will it cause missing texture problems?
  3. How much of a performance difference is this vs the default scatterer and EVE settings?
  4. Loving the new parts, they look good. Is there any way to steal the fuel tanks off the tankers around the research center and use them as fuel tanks? I like how the parts conform so well to the random vehicles around KSC and in the background of the VAB.
  5. I'm getting a weird issue in 1.7 with the latest MKS. I've got a station with some extraneous parts like RCS thrusters and engines that I want to disassemble for materialkits. I have an empty container that holds 1900 units of materialkits as part of this station as well, but whenever I EVA and disassemble parts the materialkits are just lost and don't go into the storage. What should I be looking at to troubleshoot this issue? I haven't played since 1.4 so I don't know if something changed and I'm doing it wrong or if there's some kind of actual problem.
  6. Updating MOLE fixed my issue, plumes are back now
  7. my KSP.log is too big for pastebin, here's a download: https://mega.nz/#!CREzGQRb!3csniM2SnkeMUaHvvlfXjBCR2YhjiUp461PaS7sVsDQ I don't have anything called modulemanager.configcache anywhere in my KSP folder
  8. Is there a basic stock config floating around somewhere that only affects solar panels and foil textures? I tried the stock config on CKAN but that seems to make a lot of tanks and command modules very glossy which causes them to not match most of the other modded parts I have.
  9. I don't have a plume on the Fulcrum engine, what might be causing this? Don't have realplume or anything like that installed. This is on 1.7. edit: it appears to be all the LF/O engines from wildblue, what did I break?
  10. I am having a weird problem, commnet seems to randomly stop working, all probes lose control, and nobody can transmit data. It's not a range issue, this is even happening with the Communotron 88-88 directly over the KSC. I am sure this is some kind of mod or mod interaction problem but I've got no idea what's actually causing it. No connections are displayed in map view or tracking center. It does this in career and sandbox mode. Disabling commnet in settings works fine. Disabling and re enabling commnet doesn't make it start working. Restarting KSP sometimes brings it back up. It either works or doesn't every time I open KSP it seems. Mod list:
  11. Ah so they use it to avoid doing a config for intakeatm? I've already built an unstable VTOL using LF/O so it's not big deal.
  12. I'm getting this with the glider contract, could TCA be causing it? I have that installed as well to make VTOLs actually flyable. I'm never getting airborne according to the contract, it's going up to about 3km
  13. All the other engines seem to just use liquid fuel, it seems like an error.
  14. Are the Banshee lift fans meant to use oxidizer? They are on the latest version
  15. This was my absolute favorite contract pack, I'm going to just install it in 1.3 with the latest CC and report back when I get some time.
  16. I'm getting this as well, The "open" "close" dialog appears after you click "Open gates" which toggles the bay open, but then "close gates" doesn't close it, you have to hit "Open" then "close" or just "close" if it's already got that. They still deploy open on the pad/runway no matter what state they were in in the SPH/VAB. This mod is really a godsend for bases, keep up the good work!
  17. I had the version of it that was packaged with the older version of probesplus, I thought I could just delete it since I had dmagic orbital installed but that wasn't the case. Everything's working fine now though.
  18. I'm getting a crash on load with Coatl installed for some reason. Logs and details are here: Fixed this but leaving it here in case anybody else has this problem and doesn't know what's causing it
  19. I recently updated to 1.3, and updated all my compatible mods and uninstalled those that weren't up to date. The game's crashing on load with a mono.dll access violation. Several other people have had this problem supposedly caused by outdated mods, but between AVC and CKAN everything says it's up to date. I am running a fairly heavily modded install but in 1.2 I actually had MORE mods installed than this and everything seemed to be working fine. I've validated files through steam, and installed everything fresh. Is this some kind of memory error? I've got 16 gigs of RAM. edit: This particular problem was caused by an outdated version of dmagic science animate Here's my modlist and crash log:
  20. I prefer things to be balanced against stock, real world numbers tend to be about ten times better for some reason...
  21. This is likely a memory problem. Most of the time when KSP hangs on the load screen forever it's because it's running out of memory. How much do you have?
  22. I don't, unfortunately. It was on my career save which now has several more hours of time on it from when that happened. Roll force was set to 0 on both ports.
  23. I managed to somewhat fix the problem of ports not acquiring, the things I did in order were: 1. reattach a different port with KAS and make sure they are oriented the same way. This alone didn't make the two ports acquire 2. Targeted something else and re targeted the port, which didn't seem to help either. 3. Tried controlling from the other module and docking to the port I had been controlling from, still didn't help. 4. Turned on snap for both ports, with the angle set to 0 still thinking maybe that would work, it didn't. 5. Switched back to the other module, Turned OFF snap on the port, switched back, and as soon as I turned off snap on the other port they jumped together. I don't know if it's just the last step or a combination of all of them that fixed it. The port that I was using before was a root part, and the one I was using afterward was not.