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  1. I was just playing with a word that isn’t really used without its prefix (see also: what does it mean to be “whelming” or gruntled”?). Anyway, my point was that the stock joints are so weak that it seems more like you’re giving them their innate strength rather than boosting strength that’s already there.
  2. You can’t reinforce something that was never “inforced“ in the first place.
  3. I might hold off on Kerbalow and Deep Space Surface Habitat since they’re the kind of thing that might stock once the colony system gets added. Edit: Or maybe do it now and try to talk them into incorporating you code?
  4. Yeah, that or way to change the fuel quantities in all tanks at once (or both) would be great!
  5. Hi Nate! Mostly I just want to know about non-Windows support. Is Linux and macOS support definitely coming? If so, will those versions be part of the v1.0 release or will they have their own ETAs?
  6. Visibly flexing rockets make that problem worse since they’re so hard to control.
  7. If it was just some cartoonish effect, I probably wouldn’t care. It makes things soooo hard to control, though. For me the game is easier to play at like 5 fps without the wobble than at 30+ fps with the wobble.
  8. Just as a quick note about rockets breaking up when they go sideways… they don’t all break when they go sideways. Starship does its re-entry braking by flying sideways. It is true that none of them materially wobble, though. I would say that if the flexing ever becomes noticeable, the rocket should probably just break up instead.
  9. You’re correct, but unless you’re literally just talking about saving video (which can eat up a lot of space), it’s essentially the same mechanism as what I’m describing… the only two differences are how much gets logged and the decoupling of the playback from the current graphics settings.
  10. Why not save all inputs and random events? It’d let you do complete analysis on everything, and would also let people play their mission with a “full” UI and high performance/low-rez graphics settings, then “replay” it with a “cinematic” (or no) UI, free camera control, and ultra/high-rez graphics settings.
  11. IKR? The one place where their "stack 'em up" approach actually does mirror IRL and they don't do it!
  12. Yep. There's like a 99.9945872% chance this is the answer.
  13. That's more or less how solid rockets work, except without much wobbling because the segments are held together with more than their mutual gravity.
  14. AFAICT, Discord is just group texting for groups who don't want to share their phone numbers. I think that's why it so popular... it has that laid-back feel, and the fact that it isn't searchable means people don't necessarily have to feel so guarded all the time. Of course, that also makes it objectively terrible for anything other than "group texting", but nobody wants to have to check multiple places so it gets used anyway.
  15. Last week/month/quarter they were working on other things.
  16. Including adapter segments, IMHO, but I realize that's much more complicated (especially when one size isn't just a bigger version of the other... like, mk1 to 2.5m is easy, but mk1 to mk2 isn't).
  17. I don’t recall the specific versions, but I frequently had that problem in early KSP 1.
  18. I kinda liked the “remote” aspect of kRPC. It kinda forced the code to be asynchronous, which will likely make it easier to make better use of multiple CPU cores. Might have an impact on multiplayer, too, depending on how it gets implemented and if there are any rules on where plugins get “hosted” and such.
  19. Which one is more likely to keep working if significant parts of KSP 2 get rewritten over the years?
  20. Hah, good point. Oh! Or maybe you'll need to upgrade the taxiways & runways so they'll be big enough to launch your vehicles? Not sure how that'd work with people making things even bigger than the anticipated biggest plane size.
  21. I think I remember someone saying that the flags are all Unity assets for now, which, if true, probably makes custom flags at least difficult, if not impossible. I think custom flags was one of the things the devs have said is coming, so personally I probably wouldn't bother trying to hack them in now.
  22. Yeah, that's how runways work IRL. The designation, I mean... I'm not saying that pilots pick from a list and their airplane magically appears in the right place
  23. Agreed. And, like I said, the mountain range being so close in the west made it tricky (at least for me) to line up on the runway and get reliable landings when returning from orbit.
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