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  1. A mobile launch pad? I give it ten minutes before someone launch a rocket while the pad is moving, one day until someone take the pad to make a rocket, one week before someone send the pad to another body, one week and one hour before someone use that other pad to launch another rocket and one month before someone make a long "launch pad train" to send several rocket at the same time.
  2. Yup @fcbayerndm?
  3. Moved to add-on discussions.
  4. Moved to technical support for modded installs.
  5. Nope. @Vanamonde. I summon you!
  6. Moved in question and tutorial
  7. When I try to build the craft for the first glider/airplane contract, the mod doesn't seem to detect the wing(the one given by purchasing it from the starting contracts) I'm using for it. Is it a known problem?
  8. Nope. I may not be on time, but I'm fast enough to post before someone @Kerbal101
  9. I alway sweat a little when I have to keep control of a ship made in early career(so, no auto-pilot help apart the "classic" SAS) during a reentry while its stable position is a position which make it burn entirely. Aaaah, KSP. The game in which peoples are so eager to get to space for less than ten minutes that they're ready to use one of the most dangerous craft ever build.
  10. I would sing "We'll meet again" and hope someone get the reference.
  11. "We just want to reassurance the public and say the movie " Apollo 18" is not a real depiction of the Apollo missions. In reality, the rocks looked more like some kind of flying lobster."
  12. I would look at the mushroom and say: "ugh.... I knew I should have kept my capsules!"
  13. When you load KSP, you can use your CPU to cook a few hamburgers. Bonus point if the game is taking so long to load that you don't even need to restart KSP to do so.
  14. If you say that it's false to consider it's false to claim it's correct to affirm I do not support this, your statement is false.
  15. 2^38