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  1. Bonjour! Il semble que le lien ne fonctionne pas. KerbalX pourrait être plus simple à utiliser.
  2. Welcome to the forums @nwillard! Unfortunately, Squad doesn’t announce update release dates so your question is likely to remain unanswered.
  3. I mostly revert when Jeb,Bill,Bob or Val dies in a crash or when I'm not patient enough to wait for the crash - in example, when I realize my probe won't even reach space and I'll have to spend some time doing nothing but watch as my probe either burn up or crash.
  4. hi and welcome to the forums!
  5. KSP: 1.6.0 MAC Problem: When the side panels of the SM-25(the Apollo-like service module) are decoupled, docking become impossible - or, if the craft is already docked, undocking become impossible. In some cases, one of the vessels will be thrown away at high speed. Mods installed: Attitude Adjuster 1.0 Vessel Mover 1.7.3 Final Frontier 1.5.3 HullCam VDS continued Docking Alignement Indicator: 6.8.2 ScanSat 18.10 TAC life support 0.13.11 TAC fuel balancer 2.20.0 Trajectories 2.2.1 VAB orienter 1.1 Vessel categorizer 1.1 Community category kit 4.0.0 Community ressource pack 1.0 Clicktrought blocker 0.1.6 Toolbar control 0.1.6 MechJeb 2.8.0 MakingHistory Reproduction steps: Build a simple craft with a docking port and the SM-25 and dock with another craft. Log: link
  6. For me, it would be MechJeb. I mostly use it for the information it provide and perform some burns when I'm feeling lazy(or just because raising the apoapsis to 300km from a 200km circular orbit can get tiring when performed for the eighth time while setting up a communication network ) It's basically the only mod I used in every version of KSP since I first downloaded it to go to the mun.
  7. Yup! The bird swoop in and reply in time! @Gargamel
  8. The peregrine is too fast for Kerbinorbiter! @adsii1970
  9. Farewell Badie! It was a pleasure to work with you and I'll miss you!
  10. As you may have noticed, a few posts have been edited or hidden. Please discuss the subject of the thread rather than the posters participating in the conversation; attacking the persons will not advance the discussion and will only create an unpleasant experience for everyone.
  11. non, il n'y a plus personne. Même ce Goldenpeach n'est plus sur les forums