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  1. Well quite frankly I would rather have your problem. Did you have to change any settings to make the launchpads appear or did they just work from the start? Maybe you could take a screenshot of your KCT settings and post it here?
  2. Yeah the mod removes functionality there. On a connected note does anyone know the proper procedure for getting launch pads added via kerbal constructs into the selection menu? I have them unlocked and they show up in the VAB just fine but they don't show up in the KCT menu so I can't roll out to them. Is there a setting somewhere do I need KSC switcher? If anyone knows please let me know
  3. I've noticed that only a handful of the antennas here seem to work with remote tech are there configs available anywhere or do I just have to write my own MMPatch?
  4. Ok so 2 quick questions. 1. I have an active 1.8.1 play though can I add this mod to it while it is in progress or is that a bad idea? 2. Is it compatible with Kerbal Construction time? IE will the launch pads act correctly with rollout and reconditioning and how does building more launch pads work?
  5. I did a full fresh install with just TWB Kopernicus and module manager and still no main menu looking through the log there are a ton of NullReferenceException but nothing that screams as to why the main menu is not loading. UPDATE: Using the full version and EVE and scatterer worked not sure what i was doing wrong before
  6. Been trying to get this to work with a 1.3.1 game due to the severe lack of good mods for 1.4.5 but i am getting the bug where the main menu never shows up. The music plays but i just get a black screen. I have EVE installed but do not have the files for this mod on since i am not using scatterer and i am pushing the game's limits as it is. If anyone has advice let me know. I have narrowed it down to this mod as removing it makes everything work again. Thanks in advance.
  7. Can someone remove the poll from If this is the wrong place to ask for this please redirect me. Thank you
  8. Once class is over I will set up a new thread later today. Finals are right around the corner so the first few weeks of my return are slow but I have most of the planning completed and will be working to flesh out my older parts in the coming weeks to try and get a release ready for you guys soon
  9. I made those early effects long ago in KSP 1.3 and with a very basic knowledge of unity. My skills have improved since and when I release P.E.W's successor expect more eye candy
  10. Well boys its been awhile. I'd like to have some grand story to justify my absence but i don't. Truth be told I've just had a very rough few months of school and other life related issues have gotten in the way of KSP modding. Heck i stopped playing KSP for quite awhile. However some new adventures in game design with some friends at school has convinced me to return. And lets just say i have some grand plans. However before i unveil them i do have some sad news. P.E.W is dead. I am allowing the continued version to remain up until Version 1 of its successor arrives. Please do not ask for an ETA just yet but Trust me it is coming. (insert George R.R. Martin joke here) Most of the Weapons currently in P.E.W will return in the new mod however i intend to update the textures and models to my standards before this. I will need to converse with the other major players in this little community of ours first so if you guys see this post send me a PM i need to get up to speed on the changes and have a few proposals of my own to make. A new thread for the coming mod will be posted once i have settled on a name. Speaking of which cast a vote if you feel like it https://strawpoll.com/bfgd27r