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  1. Is there anything the humble thermometer cant do!? Great work on this mate!
  2. Very nice looking! I love a buggy and this is a great one!
  3. Agreed! Ive done it myself, its a very versatile part!
  4. Great work! Its a very nice replica indeed. Its been a very long time since I played KSP and so I have not seen some of the new parts. Is the body of the rocket made from fairings?
  5. The ability o remove helmets and collars is the single greatest thing in this patch. Now @SQUAD PLEASE work on the horrific memory leak...
  6. 1300 bugs open... Someone has a lot of work to do. As many have stated and posted videos on Youtube about this game is getting worse not better.. Squad need to stop adding things and fix the core game or we will be left with a shiny turd.
  7. Its a beast! A beautiful beast! Nice work man.
  8. LOL, you just havent experienced it yet, I guess due to the variation in craft types. The issue is there for everyone though. THIS! why does this happen @squad??
  9. These issues are confirmed by Squad and will be somewhat fixed in the next patch.
  10. THIS! It makes building time consuming complex craft pointless as they just get broken every six months by updates.
  11. That is a huge amount of SAS modules there mate. Remove them and see what happens.
  12. That was supposed to be fixed already.. @SQUAD Maybe spend some time getting VITAL systems working before making some parts 'shiny'.. Just a thought.
  13. The game look SUPER limited... I wish him luck though.
  14. Thank @sgt_flyer I made a canadarm also but didn't release it before sgt_flyer but its not as slick as his.
  15. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFinally!!!! In all seriousness the speed of development is glacial.. Any idea when you guys will be done with KSP? So we can build hugely complex craft without fear of them being constantly broken. No wonder this forums craft sharing has gone WAY down hill..
  16. There will be no KSP 2. Ever. I would bet real money on this.
  17. LOL! Not a chance. It's always been slow. I just want them to finish the damn game and be done with it. It's time.
  18. The crane! We lost the crane! It's on it's way down to you! Absolutely one of my all time favourite movies. You did the movie proud mate! Great build.
  19. Given the current speed of development the DLC will arrived anytime within the next two years.
  20. If you're in a hurry maybe KSP isn't for you. Seriously.
  21. Damn this is awesome!! A stable kraken drive? Someones in line to win a Kobel prize!
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