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  1. @sgt_flyer is right to suggest checking the correct ejection angles etc. good luck!
  2. I would love to be able to enable physics in the editor..
  3. I found a way to do it through Axis groups! Still being able to lock whilst moving would indeed be useful.
  4. Right ok so strutting to a part connected to the moving part doesn't impede its movement. Ive heard someone mention this but have yet to try it myself. Nice work!
  5. It would be very useful to be able to lock a robotic part whilst it is moving. I am trying to make a set of custom legs move from deployed to stowed but then also to another position for a cargo release height. It seems the game does not allow any method for doing this as you cannot apply more than two limitations to the angle restrictions and thus you cannot apply two action groups to one servo, and the KAL 1000 just writes over the original part angle restrictions..
  6. Is that only connected by one of the rams or do you know a way to connect one part to two?
  7. Can we please have a tutorial of the kal unit? @UomoCapra
  8. which version do I need to dl? I have version 1.6
  9. Yeah I can run it at 60fps but it does not alow you to use high part count craft as well sadly. Its a stunning mod dont get me wrong its just a bit of a luxury. Do you think it could be optomised more?
  10. So can we power a real train with this? First to make that and put it on real tracks wins KSP.
  11. Ive built some custom landing legs from servos and I have a question. I have the legs in a stowed position as dictated by the min and max movement settings I have applied to the servos. The max is the deployed state. This happens with a single action group. Is it possible to apply a second set of leg movements to another action group? I want the legs to be able to cushion the landing then have a cargo deploy state where they lower a little. I'm thinking I will have to use that controller thing.
  12. Keep up the excellent work mate, you have some really great designs!
  13. What are those tracks? Are they the large crocodile hinge?
  14. Yeah I'm using servos for my heavy stuff too. The hinges are hilariously weak. I would love to but my limited KSP time is taken up with other stuff.
  15. Ace! The robo parts really help make the ramps and such feel more real.
  16. Hi all, So I have again begun another rebuild of my constellation craft. Ive removed all my thermo hinges and swapped them out for servos and have even built some custom controllable landing legs for the horizontal landers. Ive massively reduced the part count by auto strutting and I am close to finishing the landers. I am thinking I might setup a scenario using the mission builder with a few variants so folks wont have to fly the whole mission profile. I might even post some pictures soon. Anyone else still working on theirs?
  17. One of those hinges on each side is redundant isn't it. Why use two as it looks like the weight is quite low.
  18. @Capt Snuggler told me he thinks the new robotic parts are actually separate crafts, this bug might have confirmed that.
  19. Pretty scenes! What's visual mods do you use mate?
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