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  1. Brigadier is correct, it's Kerbalism. Lots of cool stuff in that mod, but beware - it doesn't play well with a lot of other mods. Best to run it in a separate instance of the game. That said, it is pretty amazing in terms of scope and functionality, and a lot of fun (and sometimes real challenge) to play.
  2. The art and model are public domain, the config files are GPLv3, so yes, you can create derivative works and distribute them, but you'll want to call out specifically in the Junkyards mod that the PSA Greenhouse config files (and only those) are GPL 3 and retain the GPLV3.txt license file. (as required by the license) The specific callout is necessary because otherwise you're putting the whole mod under GPLv3, and that license isn't compatible with certain other licenses like MIT. This reminds me that I really should update, re-license, and redistribute this mod as MIT once I review and replace the configs. Looks like you already did that in the Github repository for AtomicTech-Inc.-Junkyards. So you should be good to go. TLDR - you don't actually need to ask, just adhere to the license - but yes, and thanks for asking.
  3. 1.12 was released in June. The most current version of CNC on GitHub was released in July. (which appears to be when @TaxiService was last on the forum) The userbase for this mod has been running it for several months without reports of issues, so it may be unique to your installation. The last full release was on 1.11, and there weren't a lot of breaking changes between 1.11 and 1.12 - now that there will be no more major versions of KSP, most of the mod makers are in maintenance mode. The issues you have in any mod aren't likely to be fixed if you wait for it to be updated before raising the issue in the thread or on GitHub. Providing logs in this thread would help, as other members might identify known incompatibilities. and "clutter" in a thread isn't so much of an issue now that the main program development has wrapped up.
  4. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to work with the 12.2 hidden launchsites - depending on the decal elevation, they're either buried or hanging in the air. I should have mentioned it earlier, that was the first fix I tried. Also, BTW for anyone interested, if you uncheck the setting to allow extra launchsites, those hidden bases do not go away.
  5. I'm not 100% sure of anything, other than that when using Sigma Dimensions to scale everything up 2.7x, structure elevations and terrain elevations don't always match up. (although KSC *does*, so I don't know why the other permanent statics do not) Water height is always 0 elevation, so the mismatch would be due to local terrain height being too low. For KK statics, I suspect that it depends on whether they use an absolute height or relative to the surface - but with the default statics, I have no idea how they're setting height. I'll take this over to the thread for Sigma Dimensions - it's not really a KK issue.
  6. Does anyone know if there is a way in KK or otherwise to edit the positions of the default (game) statics? I am playing with a resized Kerbin (2.7x scale), and the new 1.12 hidden launchsites have some minor positioning issues I am trying to fix. (i.e. the Cove Launch Site launchpad is underwater)
  7. Those IVA shots definitely give off a strong Locust or Mad Cat vibe. Nice - I am totally stealing that idea for my next interstellar mission.
  8. Angel-125's position towards CKAN seems to have mellowed the last couple of years. You weren't imaging things - he made several previous comments about not supporting CKAN. I probably track this thread more closely than most due to being an airship and aircraft carrier fanatic. I'm not usually a CKAN user, though, so I had to actually install it again to validate who was maintaining the metadata. Now that I look at it again, Heisenberg is listed in CKAN as "Airships" (which *is* the other name for it) - I don't know enough about how CKAN works to know if the naming difference as an impact on this.
  9. None of those should have a bearing on the issue - those are all part of the Engineer, Snacks, and Trajectories mods.
  10. What are the unknown modules? It's possible you're missing a dependency.
  11. If it's just "Unsupported KSP version, please use 1.7.3" without a message saying the mod was disabled, then that is a warning, not an error. It usually will still work. KSR is updated to 1.9+, so if you're seeing that message, you're probably on an older version of KK and should be using the version linked here:
  12. The major issue you *might* encounter is that one or more bases may end up below ground level by several meters. If that happens, you may need to spawn at that base, Ctrl-K into the KK GUI, and click on "Edit Groups" so you can raise the group up to the surface level. Also, your vertical terrain is going to be 10x (or whatever is set in the rescale settings), which means parts of the base may not be adjacent to the ground or can bury parts of the base that were level at 1x or 2.7x. Be prepared to do a lot of editing on some sites for either functionality or aesthetics.
  13. "Oxygen" is used by most of the LS mods, which is why there is a Karbonite "recipe" for it. Some mods like Universal Storage use "Oxygen" with a compressed gas form of storage - which is why US O2 containers hold so much O2. The general direction of the mod makers has been - if it's for propulsion, "LiquidOxygen", if it's for life support, "Oxygen"
  14. Output would need to be changed if you want to output LO2 - LOX /LO2 (LiquidOxygen) is definitely different than Oxygen in CRP. I picked LiquidOxygen because LiquidHydrogen is already in MKS and is also used in CRP and several other major mods like Nertea's NF and FF mods. (also Universal Storage II) If you want to maintain the current Karbonite distiller config, then you could also write a tiny MM patch for a converter to go from LiquidOxygen to Oxygen (for LS mods and such). Not sure if anyone is already doing that, other than possibly TAC-LS, but in real life, O2 is usually stored in liquid form and converted to gaseous O2 via evaporation. (NASA does this, but it's more common the the US armed forces for fighter jets and high-altitude aircraft. USN stores it in a 10L container which is swapped out after the aircraft lands on the ship and before launching again on a catapult)
  15. Go to the Space Center view and right-click on the KCT icon. Left-clicking brings up the Build List, right-clicking brings up the settings.
  16. Crew (i.e. having to have one, or having to have a specific class like Engineer, still applies in sandbox. So does skill if you have "Use Kerbal experience" checked in the save settings.
  17. They still work - the format of the statics hasn't changed significantly since 1.5.x. So long as you're on the correct version of KK for your KSP version, Kerbin-side Complete Continued works just fine. (caveat, I haven't launched from *every* site, so there might still be some hidden issues with specific sites)
  18. Try the older releases on Github. https://github.com/post-kerbin-mining-corporation/NearFutureElectrical/releases?page=2
  19. Not sure much if anything needs to happen to "keep it going", since it works already with the final version of KSP 1. It's more that there were a few outstanding items that Daishi and Kingtiger originally stated they had planned, and which got back-burnered. I think we're all aware this is 100% volunteer, and I think we're all very appreciative of all the work over the years. I know I am. No one has made a modular storage system to compare to this one, and it's always one of the first mods I install (and keep installed) on any KSP installation I spin up. Modding's a thankless job, and I'm surprised more of the KSP modding community hasn't burned out, or burned out quicker. If they both choose to leave it permanently, I hope they'll be amenable to granting permission for someone to distribute the mod in the event that the current repositories go away.
  20. Given that Paul Kingtiger hasn't been on since June and last posted about KSP back in January, I agree it's unlikely. At least the mod works in the final version of KSP. Never say never, though - plenty of modders have returned after months or years away, you never know when someone decides to hop back on. Kingtiger appears consumed by fighting sail era miniatures, and honestly, I totally can understand that. I took a 5 minute look at his Twitter feed and now *I* want to play that game.
  21. Kerbalism pretty much doesn't play well with anything that either relies on stock mechanics, or alters them - with some exceptions. USI-LS and TAC-LS are the safest bets if one plans to use any of the rest of the USI constellation, like MKS. That said, Snacks at least doesn't break the other USI mods. (not saying don't use Kerbalism - it's awesome, and I have it installed on a different KSP instance)
  22. Access Denied - looks like you haven't shared it. Are you running 1.8.3 of KK, or 1.8.1? The issue you describe typically happens on 1.8.1 and earlier.
  23. Yeah, the bad part is that the latest MM dll is the one which is *supposed* to be used, and the log indicates that an older version was used instead. That's at odds with the intended and documented MM behavior - i.e. not a good thing. Deleting the others and keeping the latest is definitely the right call.
  24. @RoverDude PR submitted: https://github.com/UmbraSpaceIndustries/USI_Core/pull/134 Now I see why you wanted it added at the end - it's a real PitA to ensure everything is in the correct order. This was fun, it's been while since I've done any dev work, light or not. I QA'd everything in the VAB editor, and verified that the textures matched the selected resource on all resources, and that the max amounts and prices were all correct. It could use a second set of eyes in case I missed anything on the final go-around.
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