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  1. The airplane picture thread.

    From last Saturday (Also please look at my youtube channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVfI5UsJolqrMs8eiYXYbVw) A RAF C-17 heads back home Iceland Air "Vatnajökull" brings the beauty of Iceland to Minnesota. Ameristar Boeing 737-200 roars out of MSP Swift Air Boeing 737-400 lands at MSP A Delta B763 sits at the de-icing stand
  2. What is your favourite KSP Engine?

    Mine is the Skipper, All around great stats. Plus it has a nice blue glow. Although the new Cheetah engine is growing on me.
  3. I'm pretty sure no one posted this yet so I wondered how other people felt about it. I personally think the new parts are great, expect for a few bugs.
  4. The older parts (the ones that got replaced) are still In the game to not brake saves. I believe someone said there still available in the manufacturers tab.
  5. The airplane picture thread.

    767s look weird without their winglets A Boeing Dreamlifter overflies MSP Airport I love the chrome Mad Dogs, shame they will be gone soon A Frontier A320 NEO "Colorado the Bighorn Sheep" A Delta B772 with a C-130 in the background
  6. It went live at 1PM Today
  7. The new parts look great! And I was surprised by all of the structural panels. But the Tubes and Thurstplates are awesome, theThurstplateshave decouplers built in! Also the plain white fairings are better than the last white one.
  8. Looks like I got it, seems to be downloading now Edit: and it worked!
  9. So i had bought the game before the cutoff date and transferred my game on Aug 26th, 2015, and seeing my purchase history, my steam game has the early adopters tag. So im 95% sure steam already knows if you can get the DLC or not, even if you transferred from the KSP store.
  10. But OP means he bought on KSP Store (before the cutoff date) and then transferred it to steam after the cutoff date. I would love to know the answer to this too.
  11. Brainlord’s Petition to Change the EULA

    I agree with Starman completely here. I don't get why people are getting all crazy over this and why they're the leaving the game. Why would they only screw us over, a small community and not there biggest IPs? If people are really that paranoid I don't know what to say.
  12. I'm a prefect world they could use steam workshop
  13. Anyone else still playing 1.2?

    I played on 1.2 and skipped 1.3, but I'm starting a brand new 1.4 game
  14. But what if i bought it before April 2013 and then transferred it to steam after that date?