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  1. Does this mean more damageable parts in future updates?
  2. Maxsimal said something very interesting in the KSP loading. Someone asked if this update would include more objects that could break like engines and control surfaces. He response by saying "Not in 1.11 no." Next updates might include more damageable objects?
  3. Very interesting. To be honest the current update as it is isn't too exciting for me. The only thing that I'm liking is the navigation lights. I really wonder what this incredible content is considering they haven't included it in the KSP loading, which already has a bunch of new stuff for 1.11.
  4. Been on a propeller kick, still trying to figure out how to exactly map the propellers to the throttle.
  5. Reminds me of this Documentary "Evacuate Earth".
  6. Kerbal Flight Simulator! Literally just Microsoft Flight Simulator in KSP but there's Kerbals in the cockpit and the Earth is replaced with Kerbin. For $100 you get the Mun and a Space plane
  7. @steve_v What about this one https://www.amazon.com/Thermaltake-Certified-Continuous-cooling-PS-SPD-0500NPCWUS-W/dp/B014W3EM2W
  8. Sorry for not responding, but thanks for the help guys. Turns out one of my friends are upgrading their own PSU and is going to give me their old one. Its a Insignia 450 Watt PSU. More power and actually has a 8 pin PCI-E Cable (Turns out I only had a 6 pin) Although its really cheap. Pretty good reviews though https://www.bestbuy.com/site/insignia-450w-atx12v-2-4-eps12v-2-92-80-plus-power-supply-gray/5976300.p?acampID=0&irclickid=w6zWtJXnIxyOTa7xTSQPxVT4UkiVoy1p0S%3A8X40&irgwc=1&loc=Bing+Rebates+by+Microsoft&mpid=2003851&ref=198&skuId=5976300
  9. Hello folks, I'm looking my upgrade my GPU to play KSP 2 and Microsoft Flight Sim 2020. Unfortunately I bought this as a pre built and it only has a 400 watt PSU. I currently have a GTX 1050 2GB and want to upgrade to a GTX 1660 Super soon. Could I still run it on 400 watts? This is my PSU https://www.apexgaming.info/products/copy-of-apexgaming-ai-400-400w80-non-modular-power-supply For other things that run power: My CPU: Ryzen 5 2400G RAM: 2x8 at 3200mhz 7.4k HDD and a small SSD Plus a few USB devices
  10. In the next step of the Mun base and Space station, a large Miner was developed. With the size of the new miner, a new 3 meter launcher was made The miner set up near the Munar prospector that was sent earlier. With the Miner safely extracting ore on the Mun, the expansion of the station was launched. It used the same lifter as the miner. A small tug was also included and helped dock the new expansion. The 3 kerbals docked at station were happy to finally stay somewhere else beyond their small capsule. By the time the station was expanded, the miner was
  11. Put up the first stage of my Munar Space station Next launch will include a big habitation module With the station now in orbit, my Standard Crew System launched with a crew of 3 to the station And here is it docked to the station
  12. Made a resource scanning satellite for the Mun Launch went well, except the second second stage was pretty weak and the launch stage only made got the probe to half orbital speed. In orbit scanning for precious ore Then I made a Munar Prospector and a low level Scanner. The rocket was same as the other expect the removal of the SRBs and the addition of large lower stage The Prospector drilling for Ore and the first step for a base The low level scanner trying to find the highest concentration of ore In preparation for the ba
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