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  1. ... is on fire The police station...
  2. I know that and that's why I put (As long you don't put to much weight on it). It still does great with a 5T payload. It got me into a orbit around Moho. That's great! That's great! If you want you should post a new thread in the Welcome Section of the forums. Do you think I should post my launcher family?
  3. I keep all of my debris up in space, I just don't really care that much. Only one time I was launching a relay satellite and I missed my space station by around 1km. Besides I think it looks kinda cool later in the game, it shows you what you have done and where you've been.
  4. I added the second Nerva to cut down on any excessively long burn times. Besides, you can remove the second one if you want to. Although taking it away adds 1,200 Delta-V, most of my probes are small and don't need that much Delta-V
  5. It's just a craft with tons of delta-V to get your craft around the solar system. It's used to "transfer" your probes around the solar system. For example i put this on my rocket and used to put an satellite around Moho. Basically it can take relativity small payloads anywhere around the Kerbol System. Also congrats on your 1st post!
  6. I don't know if the old textures are still in the files but there is a mod that adds the old parts. I don't know if this is what you want or if the mod even works but it does have a lot of the old parts.
  7. Dfthu Presents A Stock 2.5M Delta-V Transfer Stage I Have Made A Versatile Nuclear Transfer Stage! With 10,144 Delta-V This Can Get You Anywhere In The Kerbol System(As long you don't put to much weight on it) I Really Hope You Enjoy This! Please Comment And Leave Suggestions Below. (Should I Also Release My Launcher Family? 1 Launcher Per Tank Size) Stats Download craft file here Part Count: 90 Weight (With Fairing): 59.164 Tons Empty Weight (Without Fairing): 15.885 Tons 120Kn Thrust (2 Nerva's) (If you remove the second NERVA you will gain 1,200M/s Delta-V) Height: 13.4M Width and Length: 3.1M 8000 Liquid Fuel 240 Mono Propellant 1600 Xenon
  8. I took both of these pictures when I was flying to KSC 2, I think they look nice.
  9. So it's been confirmed that that Squad will keep their promise to give free DLC's to people that bought the game before April 2013.(and that's great) But I bought the game on 2012-07-20 on the KSP site and I transferred the game to Steam on 2015-8-26 and I wonder if/how could I can I get when it releases?
  10. I captured about 4 asteroids and none of them were magic boulders. I really hope I get one though, as it would be cool to add it to a station.
  11. 5/10 not enough flags
  12. RAIR I have no idea
  13. I would say that all planes are interesting, the fact they can fly is amazing. But I do think that most military jets are ugly. They have big glass canopy sticking out, the air intakes also stick out, the wings also look a little stupid plus many more reasons. There are some good military jets though the B-52, C-5 Galaxy and the KC-10. Airliners are much more sleek and long, they just look so good. Besides, how is this not cool? If you look at that website for long enough you start to understand why airliners are interesting.
  14. I would say my favorite plane of all time is the Boeing 757-300, the longest narrowbody twinjet in the world. It is juts so sleek and awesome! But in a close second is the MD-90 and in third is the MD-11. I think those are the best planes but its sad to think most of these planes wouldn't be flying in ~10-15 years. I took this picture at MSP airport.