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  1. I honestly feel like that would be a DLC rather than a stand alone game
  2. "SpaceX Starlink satellites responsible for over half of close encounters in orbit" https://www.space.com/spacex-starlink-satellite-collision-alerts-on-the-rise
  3. I had the same problem with the same mods, Plus most of Near Future technology mods installed. Tried with all of most recent mods and scatter didn't work, defaulted to intergraded graphics. Changing graphic settings did nothing. Tried a totally new install and it didn't work either. However Reverting to 0.0632 scatterer fixed the problem. This isn't a bug report either, just a observation
  4. I agree with Starwaster, I see nothing wrong here. It seems you just had the SRB and a decoupler. You had no parachutes on it to slow down so it was moving at 80.71 m/s (terminal velocity) when it hit the ground. You need to add parachute(s) so the velocity is below 12
  5. Here is the empty sample capsule And here is the Coring bit with the sample tube Perseverance Mars rover's first rock sample goes missing (yahoo.com)
  6. The only thing about my PC that it was a pre built. So I got a pretty low poor motherboard as result ( ASRock > A320M-HDV ) I've already upgraded most parts of the PC already and I thinking the next time I upgrade it would just be best to start new and build my own. Plus the whole shortage isn't helping anything either. If things get a bit choppy in KSP 2 it'll be fine as long its no worse than KSP 1.
  7. My rig has a 1660 super, Ryzen 5 2400G, and 16GB of ram. I can can play pretty much every game I throw at it, besides MSFS 2020. So i'd imagine something around my system should good enough.
  8. Man I hope this actually happens in the future. Making Super Heavy and Starship even bigger and more powerful. One of the most exciting things (IMO) EDIT: Wonder if this 150 Ton reusable figure includes a possible stretch.
  9. Hate to be that guy but when are we expecting a full test fire and then orbital flight? All of this is moving incredibly fast.
  10. Since bases and colonies are such big parts of the game id like to see some self leveling legs for small bases. Maybe even some tubes to connect them.
  11. Forgive me if I'm dumb, but is the chomper the thing they will use the grab the booster when it lands?
  12. In my opinion there's pretty much only 2 currencies in career mode. I don't think I ever really cared about reputation or effects. What I really want to see is them make reputation actually matter in some way. But I do think 3 currencies makes career mode better. Especially if reputation is improved
  13. If i had to guess it looks more "modern' and "sci-fi" compared to regular turbines. Plus I think they're more efficient IRL
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