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  1. If your going to make the shrouds orange they should also make the decouplers and engines plates different colors as well. Also should include green for the MH parts and 1.25m
  2. The development trailer said it KSP 1 was current tech and KSP would be near future tech
  3. Nice, Looks almost the same but much better in the same way. Plus that emissive looks great
  4. Added the Condor, Endurance 750 and 850, 1.25m and 2.5m upper stages. Also added download links for the Kai 3 and Bora 2L. I'm working on the 2.5m series of launchers next. Hope you enjoy!
  5. After getting back into KSP because of 1.6 and my new computer I decided to make and share some of the stuff I made. Right now I'm focusing on a wide range of launchers. So far I have my range of 1.25m launchers All of these crafts have been tested and flown. Plus the 3rd stage of the launchers have probe cores, solar panels, and communications. The launchers also have a payload rating, which is the absolute maximum amount they can take to LKO. The next series of launchers have been made, they are awaiting payload ratings and final fixes. Better pictures will come when KVV is updated for 1.6. If you see or have any problems, let me know and ill fix them! Most craft will require the DLC! Launchers Bora 1 The smallest in the Bora series, it an carry 7 tons to LKO craft file here Bora 1C The 1C adds a small crew capsule to the top, along with a service module and escape system. The second pictures shows the Bora 1C docked with the Bora 2L Upper Stage. craft file here Bora 2 The Bora 2 retains the core but adds 6 SRBS with extra liquid fuel that cross feeds to the main booster. It can Carry 15 tons to LKO craft file here Bora 2L The Bora 2L is a lander meant for intra Kerbin landings. The Bora 1C is used to supply crew and provide a return home. craft file here Bora 3 The Bora 3 adds 6 of the common core as boosters, Asparagus style. If you ever need to carry 27 tons to LKO in a 1.25m form, this is for you. craft file here Bora 3.1+ The Bora 3.1+ Retains the same first stage as the Bora 3, but with a vector as the main engine. The second and third stages are 1.875m. Carries 31 tons into LKO craft file here Bora 3.2+ Same as the Bora 3.1+ expect a even bigger 2.5m second and third stage. Can carry 30 tons to LKO craft file here Kai 1 The Kai 1 is the smallest rocket, capable of only 1 to LKO craft file here Kai 2 The Kai 2 is a extended Kai 1, can carry 2.75 Tons to LKO craft file here Kai 3 The Kai 3 is Kai 2 with 4 small Liquid fuel Boosters,, cross feeding into the main core. craft file here Upper Stages 1.25m Upper Stage A small and simple Upper Stage with no power, communications, and probe core. craft file here 1.875m Upper Stage This is 1.875m Upper stage for bigger payloads that may need a extra kick. craft file here 2.5m Upper Stage A larger Upper stage that can give most payloads a good kick where ever they need to go craft file here Planes The Gully The Gully is a unexpectedly great to fly seaplane. It can land fairly smooth on water. But it will automatically take off in the water. To land hover close above the water until you reach 60-70 M/s. Once you reach the reach the speed slowly drop the plane flat on the water. craft file here Condor A large passenger plane for what ever you may need it for. craft file here Endurance 750 and 850 The 750 and 850 are small private jets, with the 850 adding a extra cabin to the 750. (Endurance 750) craft file here (Endurance 850) craft file here
  6. That could be fixed by only recovering bits with less than 5 or 10 parts. So it would leave out a 200 part base.
  7. Would the fueled FL-A10 cause any problems if I shared a craft with it to a person that doesn't have this mod?
  8. I'm guessing they are already planning a revamped since the 1.25m and 2.5m parts are revamped too. But I would like if they add added a 3.75m poodle/terrier equivalent and a flat 3.75- 2.5m adapter. But if they do revamp the parts I hope they include a lot of options like what they did with the 1.25m parts. Id also like if they did that with the 1.8m parts (Look kinda bad now) and more options for the 2.5m parts.
  9. Everything looks the same to me. I still see that hill to the left you mentioned.
  10. Really good stats. Especially love the Kodiak and Cheetah now!
  11. Inside the Sun Country plane with a now old interior. They had the over wing exit doors open while we were inside so this is where this picture came from All of there planes are named after Minnesota lakes and have custom artwork Cockpit Another Cockpit shot Rear galley Whole interior shot
  12. I have a friend that’s in the Civil Air Patrol, it seems like a cool group. Like my friend even started flying before he got his drivers license.
  13. A long post but I don't think you guys mind. From the same camp we toured a Sun Country B738. Inside pictures will come in the next post. First up is head on view A cinematic view I tried to get of the fuselage View from the rear View from the front Side view of the cockpit/nose Front of engine without the fan blades (Which cost 10k each) Rear view of the other engine, also note that the engine is tilted slightly And lastly a view of the Landing Gear wheel well
  14. MN ACE Camp https://www.mnacecamp.org/