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  1. Dfthu

    Binary Aerospace

    Considering he hasn't visited in about 3 months, I would say it's dead.
  2. Don't think this has been posted yet. NASA is thinking about branding rockets and letting astronauts do commercials. Here is a article https://www.theverge.com/2018/9/11/17798460/nasa-trump-advertisers-sponsors-product-placement-mission-revenue
  3. Dfthu

    Where can i Post a KSP RP thread

    Best bet would be to make a Discord server.
  4. Dfthu

    [WIP] Neist Airliner parts

    I think it would look better if you added some windows on the adapter. But looks great!
  5. Dfthu

    What is your save/space agency called?

    Sandbox Mk 1 (Have a few Sandbox saves) and Career
  6. Dfthu

    Runway heading incorrect

    Runways only go from 01 to 36. Although not every runway is at a exact 10 degree angle, a runway at 122 degrees heading would be RWY 12.
  7. Dfthu

    Photography Showcase Thread!

    Ah yes, the classic airport fence bird shot I got to tour a Falcon 900 which I'm pretty sure is close enough to a 50 (Taken at Best Jets at MSP)
  8. Dfthu

    The Travel Thread

    Took a ride a C-130 up to Duluth Minnesota then following the north shore and opening the back ramp. After circling around they closed the door and flew down to the Apostle islands before opening the ramp back up again and circling. CLosed the ramp and flew south into Wisconsin before landing on 12L at MSP. https://imgur.com/gallery/F4hnXhu
  9. Dfthu

    Island tourist challenge

    Actually very easy to fly. Just don't turn hard or else you'll stall out and enter a flat spin. With all of the Panthers and control surfaces everywhere, it's great! Very strong too, I can slam it down or take some high Gs but it never falls apart. Also has a very low stall speed of around 30-40 m/s. And thanks for the compliment
  10. Dfthu

    Island tourist challenge

    1,296 Passengers, 432 points plus 5 for no SAS. This brick was surprisingly easy to fly, just along you don't turn hard. I didn't load any people because that would take forever. Craft is completely stock with no airbrakes or thrust reversers. And here is a video of the run.
  11. Dfthu

    Island tourist challenge

    Capacity for 160 passengers. One extra kerbal so 53 points plus 5 extra for no SAS. Total of 88 points then! Also no reverse thrust or airbrakes. (Sorry for the laggy video) Ok, apparently my submission was never recorded. So I swear that I did everything and I will also include a video of a failed run.
  12. Dfthu

    Most Complex Satellite Designs

    It's Done.
  13. Dfthu

    Most Complex Satellite Designs

    I'm on it.
  14. Dfthu

    [WIP] Neist Airliner parts

    I would love a DC-10 cockpit
  15. Oh my god, im so stupid. Thanks so much