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  1. Dfthu

    The airplane picture thread.

    Inside the Sun Country plane with a now old interior. They had the over wing exit doors open while we were inside so this is where this picture came from All of there planes are named after Minnesota lakes and have custom artwork Cockpit Another Cockpit shot Rear galley Whole interior shot
  2. Dfthu

    The airplane picture thread.

    I have a friend that’s in the Civil Air Patrol, it seems like a cool group. Like my friend even started flying before he got his drivers license.
  3. Dfthu

    The airplane picture thread.

    A long post but I don't think you guys mind. From the same camp we toured a Sun Country B738. Inside pictures will come in the next post. First up is head on view A cinematic view I tried to get of the fuselage View from the rear View from the front Side view of the cockpit/nose Front of engine without the fan blades (Which cost 10k each) Rear view of the other engine, also note that the engine is tilted slightly And lastly a view of the Landing Gear wheel well
  4. Dfthu

    The airplane picture thread.

    MN ACE Camp https://www.mnacecamp.org/
  5. Dfthu

    The airplane picture thread.

    Got ramp access during a camp. Here are some of the resulting pictures. This A320 pulled up in front of us as we walked outside Cargo hold of a MD-90 Delta Skyteam B738 Walking up to A B763 that was heading to Hawaii soon Close up of the same B763 Loading some cargo before leaving
  6. I don't I have ever been more excited for a update! This all great stuff!
  7. Considering 1.5 was released on October 11th I would say 1.6 would be released sometime in early January
  8. Dfthu


  9. Dfthu

    Burned out on KSP

    Don’t force yourself you keep playing KSP. When I get burned out, I play another game. And when I get burned out that one I play another one. So eventually I’ll play again. So hopefully that helps you
  10. Dfthu

    ULA launch and discussion thread

    And scrubbed
  11. Dfthu

    ULA launch and discussion thread

    hold was called at T-7 seconds by a problem detected by terminal computer De-tanking now
  12. Dfthu

    ULA launch and discussion thread

    Wow, that hold was close
  13. Dfthu

    Bought myself a 4K monitor for KSP for xmas

    I only have a 1080p monitor but I did get my first gaming PC for Christmas. Only $630 on Newegg for $270 off.
  14. Dfthu

    Google Picture War RELOADED

    I'd like to see your tape survive this
  15. Steam Workshop and the 2 kerbal 1.25m command pod (DLC) should be removed also