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  1. In 1.9.1 the outer light colour cannot be adjusted, but otherwise these work great. I hope this gets updated soon. Thanks for the mod.
  2. US batteries don't seem to have an electric charge out of the VAB in 1.9.1.
  3. Reading this thread, I have the same problem of clouds disappearing - starting slowly at 55k with all the clouds gone by around 75k. They'll pop back in at 160k. I'm only using EVE. I'm running an RTX2060.
  4. That's right dude - it's totally up for grabs.
  5. ... and the dev said: This clause expires if I happen to be inactive (no connection) for a period of 90 days on the official KSP forums. In that case, the license reverts back to CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 INTL.
  6. Stupid_Chris hasn't been on this forum since Sept 10 last year, so by his own conditions, this mod is totally up for grabs.
  7. It's not easy to move around a capsule. However, in the mod, you could change seats if you have a Kerman in the chair. Other than that, you can look around much as if you were a pilot in the seat.
  8. Out of curiosity, is anyone getting lag with RealChutes in the VAB?
  9. Hello everybody! I would like to be able to fly IVA in stock. The IVA needs more love, more information, more toggles, switches, knobs, and warning lights. Essentially I want to be able to do something like this in the stock game: Video here I had this mod in the past, but Squad has depreciated the particular command pod used, so the future doesn't look bright there. And while @MOARdV is developing a new mod, this should really be stock.
  10. All things considered, I don't mind buying DLCs as long as improvements to the base game continue. I bought KSP as early access, and when it left early access it still looked (and still kind of looks now) like it should be in early access. Sure the company needs to make money, but I'm pretty sure they've made huge amounts already - but where was it spent? New office decor? My biggest complaint is the severe lack of soundscaping in the game - the silence is deafening. But from looking at the advertisements used by Squad, they seem to heavily mod their own gaming experience to the point that it seems they've forgot what is really in the base game and what is not. Every time they release an update, I play vanilla to see what it's like, then I immediately search for my mods like an addict looking for a fix because reality is too harsh. Take away the mods and the game isn't that shiny. Admittedly, the DLCs polish a bit. The game has been out for a few years, and I've seen some good mods and modders come and go. I don't think @linuxgurugamer (God grant you a long life!) can adopt and support all the mods when abandoned. Does KSP have the staying power of Age of Empires? Honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing Kerbal Space Program 2 come out if it was done right. And I would probably pay for all the DLCs again - just ask Stardock. (Not to mention that Maxis probably conspired with my daughter to empty my wallet twice - once for The Sims 3 and second for The Sims 4!)
  11. I have non-responsive everything in the MK-1 pod. Is anyone else having this problem?