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  1. That's cool. Maybe if I search harder I'll find a mod that puts a launchpad on the Mun. If not, maybe I'll go learn how Kerbal Konstructs works and make one myself...
  2. I've only seen Kerbal Konstructs stuff on Kerbin... you're saying that mod works on other planets too?! That would be so cool...
  3. I tried it and the scan radius is tiny, about 10* max. To catch any anomalies it must orbit high above the planet, but then your markers are really, really far off because of this.
  4. Could a mod reuse the extra launchsite features (like the island runway and desert airfield) and put one on Duna or the Mun? I know Extraplanetary Launchpads lets you do this already, but that adds extra parts that break saves and craft sharing. I want to know if I can directly launch a ship on The Mun using that drop-down launch menu in the VAB. I believe the console version of KSP has something like this already, so it has been done before.
  5. So all probe cores have a random chance to detect "?" anomalies on the Kerbnet Access map, some more than others. When does the game "roll the dice" for this random anomaly detection chance? Is it done every time the game loads, or every time you turn on Kerbnet Access, or...? (I wish to know how it works so I can find anomalies quicker without cheats. I personally dislike the randomness factor, and would rather spot the anomaly the first time I fly over them.)
  6. All KSP parts have a max impact speed/tolerance, above which they break. But you can hit water much faster than that and still survive. Is there any pattern to this? Like, some hidden x3 impact tolerance buff for hitting water instead of land?
  7. I might've found a bug or mod conflict with Tracking Station Evolved. That mod groups spaceships into handy tabs depending on what SOI they're at. It works with stock and OPM planets, however the combination of this MPE mod + OPM + Tracking Station Evolved breaks *all* modded planets and makes them disappear from the menu. The minor planets also don't have that colored blue/red/purple/etc circle that Kerbin, Duna, and all the other planets have in the map view. This bug should be easily reproducible by installing all three mods with CKAN. If that doesn't reproduce it then I can share my logs on request. Aside from this minor annoyance, nice mod! I really like the challenge posed by the tiny SOIs and odd orbits of the dwarf planets. They adds gameplay depth in a way the big planet packs with their large SOIs and boring orbits don't.
  8. Hello again, what do you mean by "will break saves?" I installed the mod for the first time on a backup of my 1.12.3 sandbox save, and it worked fine. Then I uninstalled the mods (to see if my crafts would still load without it), and everything still seems fine! I built and launched a rocketparts workshop with the mod installed, and it still loads after having removed the mod. So I can't find any permanent effects from running the mod on my save. I guess what I'm trying to ask is if I can run this mod and still export crafts to my vanilla friends without issues. Based on those tests above, it seems to work, although my science lab still retains that "rocketparts" resource even after I removed the mod...
  9. Hello! I noticed the thread title says the mod is v1.12.3, but CKAN says 1.11.9. If the 1.12.3 version is only a pre-release then the forum title should be reverted. Or if the 1.11.9 version on CKAN is outdated then it should be replaced, in my opinion.
  10. Question: If I change a tank with this mod, then send the craft to a friend with a vanilla install, will it still work? I really like simple mod concepts like this one, but for the sake of compatability and share-ability I hope fuel-swapped tanks still work elsewhere.
  11. Sorry for the necro, but as these mods are still operational, I have a feature request for PLUM: Add the option to calculate terminal velocity, i.e. descent speed with 0 parachutes. In Eve 's thick air, parachutes are often unnecessary if landing in the sea, or using strong landing gear (but not always - that's what testing determines and what PLUM should determine). On Tekto of the Outer Planets Mod (Titan IRL), terminal velocity is so low that some objects can land with no parachutes or engines at all! The air is dense yet the gravity low, so terminal-velocity falls are quite survivable. But I would rather test this with PLUM than Hyperedit
  12. Sorry for necroposting, but will crafts created by this mod work if shared with other people (who DON'T have the mod in their savegames)? Or does it break craft-sharing?
  13. So while stripping off some extra parts off my Mun lander, I started having trouble re-attaching parts. The situation: The problem: I'm trying to re-attach the "twitch" engine in these pictures, but the game won't let me for some reason. I'm really baffled by this - the engine should be light enough for Bill to lift (0.08t), and it isn't obstructed by other parts, and Bill is certainly close enough to attach it to the lander, right? I'm not sure why the game isn't letting me do this. If anyone has any guess, I'd be really grateful. Thanks! Note - The re-attachment was working fine a few minutes prior - I re-attached that exact same part to the lander earlier while landed on the Mun before removing it again and getting stuck where I am now.
  14. I'm surprised this doesn't have any comments, considering how much effort appears to have put in. Well then, I'll go first. Very nice work!
  15. If you play KSP with both stock planets and the modded planets from the Outer Planets mod, you probably use the Combined Community delta-V map to get the dV numbers for all planets, be it modded or stock. Unfortunately, Eeloo gets moved around in the Outer Planets mod, and after a few miscalculations and several ruined missions, I decided to tweak the chart to show the figures for both the stock AND the Outer Planets versions of Eeloo. Enjoy! NOTE: 99% of the work on this map was not done by me (see credits in the top left). This is just a little Eeloo fix so this map works for both modded and stock KSP. Original map here:
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