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  1. I know this is an old thread, but this just came out on Stratenblitz's channel: So with this thing, you can reach orbital speeds with nothing but props, and push yourself into orbit with ion engines. This is big! Somebody's gotta build a Jool SSTO with this In my case, I probably won't be using it as I don't like buggy tech, and it's somewhat... well, ugly, to be frank. Stock parts are strong enough as they are, in my opinion.
  2. Probably not for a while . I got a lot of work to do this month, plus flying and filming a prop plane is time-consuming because props can't spin with timewarp active. Also, on a side note, the fairing improvements in 1.10 are super handy - you can eliminate drag from exposed engines but leave a hole in the back for the rocket flames to come out. (It was possible to hide rocket engines inside fairings before 1.10, but they look horrendous to me .)
  3. Is anyone else having issues using Scatterer in 1.10? I'm thinking of making a bug report, but maybe the mod just isn't compatible with 1.10 yet and I should wait...
  4. Have you guys had the chance to test it in 1.9? If not, do you have a .craft file I could use to try? It looks like piloting it is quite challenging, but I would like to try it anyway. Also, if the prop TWR is good enough, it should work on Eve or maybe Duna. @Mephisto81 I was reading through the older posts, and realized I might've missed your post... is this a challenge entry? If it can make it to LKO without dropping any stages then it's set. I also would be very excited to see this if it's a working Eve prop SSTO. By the way, I must thank you a ton for the service bay t
  5. Very nice! I'm really happy to see a good peak of eternal light site. It makes for a very unique base location, even if it's far from science. Your entry qualifies for the 0-10 degree flatness bonus and the polar bonus, and it does indeed add up to 103.68 points. I will update the leaderboard to rank it as time goes on. Currently, it looks like you have the best spot, but I think I might've just found a good equatorial location to steal the throne... I'll get back to you on that. - - - - - Edit: Your entry at -2.938, -23.575 is worth 67.68‬ points. Not bad, but
  6. Surface Coordinates (Lat/Long) to Distance Calculator Have you ever wondered how far and long you would have to drive a rover to get from one place to another? Maybe you're planning a Science rover expedition, or maybe you want to place a base within driving distance of other bases or new Science biomes. Either way, here's a simple spreadsheet that calculates distance between two points on any planet/moon in KSP: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11ahybKKvft5v7hfzkBEnTdFKhT_f-YsI3ITXKMeZDUw/edit?usp=sharing Make a copy of the sheet and you'll be free to make you
  7. Yeah, you might be right. There was some bias involved (I really want players to explore for something unique that's never been done before), but the peaks have some disadvantages. For starters, the peaks of light are restricted to the extreme poles of Duna... it will be very hard to earn points for other things because the North and South poles are in the middle of nowhere and have very little biome variety. Also, peaks of eternal light, as the name implies, are usually located on top of mountains. It's quite likely that sites will get penalized for being too steep. But I'll consider ner
  8. Oh cool, thanks. By the way, what did you think of the scoring system I made up? Does it make sense or are some things worth too many/little points?
  9. Duna Surveyor Challenge - Find the best locations for landers and bases on Duna The vast majority of challenges require you to build something that pushes the limits of the game. This one is different! Instead of building something, you must find something: Find the best possible landing site on Duna for bases and landers alike. You see, some sites on Duna are better to land at than others. Much better. Some are surrounded by rich Science biomes, while other areas border mountaintops, places that act as good launch sites for minimalist missions. The list of handy features goes on - sites
  10. The wings are larger than you think. The wing strakes have a "relative wing area" of 1, according to the SPH menu. This craft has 14 of those wings, so it has a wing area of 14 and weighs 15.6t. For comparison, the Aeris 3A has a wing area of 5 and weighs 8.5t. So my plane actually has more wings for each unit of mass than the Aeris 3A. I also pushed the rules a bit and only did plane takeoffs and landings at low altitude. Duna's low-lying canyons go down to 200 meters on the altimeter and have much thicker air... I did the math and Duna's canyon air should be as dense as Kerbin's air 8km
  11. After 15 craft iterations, plus weeks of crashes and learning and tuning, I finally completed my own challenge. The "Duna Phantom" Duna-capable SSTO is here: While it was exceptionally hard to build, I think it shows that prop planes can be a viable way to explore other atmospheres. As far as Duna planes go, this plane is a dream to fly at both Kerbin and Duna... relatively speaking. Not many kerbals were killed in the making of this craft. I'm happy with how this spaceplane turned out. The props and wings save about 550 m/s of dV when leaving Duna! (A normal Duna ascent to orbi
  12. I think you have to offset the blades outside so that they are mostly outside of the fairing (be careful not to offset them too far—that will cause the blade tips to blades to break the sound barrier = bad). I believe KSP decides whether if a part is "hidden" by checking if its center of mass is inside a fairing/payload bay, or not. AFAIK the prop/rotors must produce drag if they are able to produce thrust, but fairings still have the benefit of eliminating drag caused by the electric motor.
  13. I've spent about a week (15-20 hours) improving the same design and learning new things to improve it. It seems like each day I learn something new and use it to fix a problem, only to encounter the next problem and fail again. I finally realized why getting to orbit is so hard with props and rotors. Props suffer from huge drag loses as you approach the 300 m/s zone just before breaking the sound barrier. (Drag naturally spikes near the sound barrier, but spinning wings suffer even more as their rotation speed causes different parts of the blades to break the sound barrier before other pa
  14. Some people were saying that props and rotors aren't worth carrying around to and from Kerbin—a normal SSTO with a detachable Duna plane would be better, they said. Maybe. Maybe not. A good prop plane setup will get you to 15k on Kerbin at 200 m/s or so. I will figure out how much dV that saves empirically tomorrow... But what I love about the "prop SSTO to duna" concept is that the props are not dead weight on Duna. I've done some tests and found that, during ascent from Duna surface to orbit, a prop setup saves 200~300 m/s of dV, plus another 25-100 m/s depending on your engines (e
  15. Of course, leave it to him/you guys to have done everything possible in the game already. Nice work. I haven't watched it yet but I wonder how far the part clipping goes... Does the craft use the R-25 ducted fan blades, or regular props? It's hard for me to tell which type is used on my mobile screen, but if you guys didn't use fan blades then you're missing out on a lot of performance.
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