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  1. Yep, going to ignore the whole slate of benchmarks posted 2 ahead to link a sketchy foreign publication. [snip]
  2. AMD is TRASH. Their much hyped, 'intel killer' cpu can't even hold its ground against the 8700, which was released in 2017! In some cases its even being beat by the 7700. [snip]
  3. It did. It didn't. You seem to be misinformed about many things.
  4. Bang.

    1. Red Iron Crown

      Red Iron Crown

      Sound of a semi truck at a railway crossing? :D

    2. Lo var Lachland

      Lo var Lachland

      Wait, so @Frybert and @Red Iron Crown have made their returns?




  5. Up to about 180ish proof. Then again, if you're drinking something 180 proof, I doubt you're going to care enough to put ice in it.
  6. Can't believe no one has mentioned how scientifically inaccurate Jurassic Park depicts the Newman.
  7. Uhg. Where is Smethells?
  8. Total weekend estimates are in: To break even the movie is going to need AT LEAST $600 million (Production costs are estimated at $300 million, and theaters take roughly half of the ticket price so the rule of thumb is 2x the production cost for break even). At this rate its going to struggle to make $400 million.
  9. Not sure what styles your into, but have you thought of giving BIAB a shot? Easy way to go all grain and really the only thing you need is a somewhat larger pot and a BIAB bag. Here's a recipe that's a favorite around these parts: Raging Red Irish Ale Its all grain but could easily be converted to partial mash if BIAB isn't up your alley.
  10. Just took this picture from my back door. This winter just will not end!
  11. Played with the new parts a bit and tried my hand at an LM. Wish those panels were resizable!
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