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  1. This has been a long time coming, but its time to move on.

  2. There is already a thread for this. Locking.
  3. @Just Jim is @Badie confirmed.
  4. Big old nope. @Tex
  5. Nope. @Tex
  6. Nah. @Tex
  7. I almost thought that was TIE Fighter for a minute.
  8. As linked above, yes. Squad has announced a paid expansion. You can discuss in one of the threads linked above.
  9. First account was either Nov or Dec of 2012. Got wiped in the derp. I didn't manage to make a new account until my profile's current join date.
  10. Some off topic posts have been removed. If we wanted the thread closed, we would do so, also lets refrain from making this personal. Again.
  11. Closed at OP request.
  12. Left, actually/