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Found 86 results

  1. I've been able to complete a couple of the training tutorials but the game crashes at random times. Here is my setup i3-4170 - 8GB Kingston Hyper Fury - XFX AMD R9 380 4GB (no over clocking) - 120 GB SSD - 1TB HDD - Windows 10 Pro 64Bit I'm not having any heat related issues and the system doesn't seem to be suffering from memory leaks that I can tell but I'll keep trying and monitoring to make sure. The crashes are unpredictable and happen at random times. I'm really excited to play this game and have waited forever to finally purchase it (had to save up). I hope there is a fix coming down the pipe and feel free to ask me for more info if I'm able to provide it. Unfortunately I am unable to find any information on where KSP puts the Crash Logs (there are none in the main directory) so I don't know how I could retrieve them.
  2. I've heard that 1.1 is very sensitive to problems caused by clipping. These days, I try hard to not intentionally clip any parts. However my space plane wing is comprised of 4 big S wing panels. Previously, I'd attach the first wing to the fuselage, the second wing to the first wing, and the third and fourth wing sections would attach to the second. However, there is not (yet) a Kerbal joint reinforcement nor a Tweakscale for 1.1 release, and this configuration flaps quite a lot in flight without Kerbal joint reinforcement. Hardly surprising, since my tree structure has one wing panel bearing the flight loads of all the others, and the outer wing panels are 4 nodes away from the root part. So, I thought I'd rework my design to try and get it as stock and mod-free as possible. I removed the front pre-cooler pair, replaced with reversed tail cones (flight testing revealed one pair of pre coolers is plenty to run a Rapier and Two Panthers). Then experimented with attaching more of my wings direct to the fuselage, to reduce the flapping. However you can't attach wings radially to engines and there is now only one pre-cooler per side. So one wing attaches to the pre-cooler and one attaches to the cone at the front of these nacelles. The problem is, the cone is at an angle as will be the wings, and it all looks a bit of a mess. Will I be storing up problems for myself if I allow the wings to clip inside each other in places to seal up the gaps between non-aligned wing panels, how far do things have to clip inside each other to be a problem? Or should i just put up with the flapping as "cosmetic". At least it looks like it's trying to help you get to orbit.
  3. I'm running a clean install of on OS X 10.11.4 on a late 2015 iMac with 3.3GHz i7-577R, 16GB RAM, Intel Iris Pro graphics with Retina 4k monitor. KSP itself is running in windowed mode at 1920 x 1080. Several visual glitches appear in both the SPH and VAB. In the VAB the flag on the wall is full of "tv static" and the floodlights on the walls go through a cycle of getting brighter and dimmer. I also go from an initial 86% cpu usage in the VAB to over 200% in a few seconds along with an increase in temperatures and fan speeds. This is variable depending on how the view is set. VAB issues can be seen here: VAB graphics issues In the SPH the floor markings display the same type of static with the exception that it is dynamic in changing patterns. The floodlights there also display a similar cycle of brightness. The graphics anomalies for the SPH can be seen here: SPH Disco Both videos along with my KSP.log and player.log can be found here: Dropbox Link
  4. Hi, I'm in the uncomfortable situation that I need to load an external library for a mod, that exists in an x86 and an x86_64 DLL. I noticed, that KSP uses the .exe filename to figure out which data folder to use. Is there any way for me to do the same to load the correct dll? My problem is, that the DLLImport code asks for a const string and I can't alter/fill that at runtime...
  5. Ok, so question with an obvious answer (probably), how does one run KSP 64bit on OS X? I cannot seem to find the option for it or the file to launch it in 64bit mode, and I don't believe this is the default mode as my version number isn't followed by (x64) I am running for reference. Any help is much appreciated and I apologize in advance if I've missed something obvious.
  6. So when I start up ksp it loads super slow like normal, but once it gets to "Loading asset bundle Definitions" it just stays there suck, while Ksp isn't frozen still doing those things like "locating jeb". I am using 64bit windows 7 the x64 version and x32 version both have the issue but 1.0.5 works fine.
  7. After upgrading to 1.1 from GOG Galaxy Client, I click "Play", it opens KSP launcher and stops there, with the message "Checking for update". Can anyone help me with this?
  8. Figured, i could try my gamepad to play KSP. Problem: The mapping from thumb stick position to control input is not right. I try to give an example as sort of table in the following: Stick position Resulting input up pitch up center pitch down little bit down pitch up down pitch up Hence neutral control input is achieved when stick is in the middle between full up and center. Same problem for all the other axes. I guess KSP is mistakenly thinking that the thumb stick is some sort of throttle slider. The controller works fine in GzDoom with all 8 axes! And it is properly calibrated. The controller actually registers as Thrustmaster Dual Analog 3.2. Moreover i have drivers for CH products installed - for flightstick, throttle and rudder. However, neither of them was connected, nor what CH control center running.
  9. in flight first minute or so are fine then I right click a part lock the window click another part nothing pops up and I can no longer right click and the ui window I opened won't go away even when unlocked.thanks
  10. I have a career-mode game I started in 1.0.5. Tonight I upgraded to 1.1. When I go to look at the tech tree, I noticed duplicate items listed. Upon exiting the game, I looked in my saved game and noticed contents like this: Under the section SCENARIO { name = ResearchAndDevelopment scene = 7, 8, 5, 6 sci = 0.9976196 there was: Tech { id = flightControl state = Available cost = 45 part = R8winglet part = sasModule part = Mark2Cockpit part = winglet3 part = Mark2Cockpit part = Mark2Cockpit part = Mark2Cockpit part = Mark2Cockpit part = Mark2Cockpit part = Mark2Cockpit part = Mark2Cockpit part = Mark2Cockpit part = Mark2Cockpit part = Mark2Cockpit part = Mark2Cockpit } This was only duplicated a handful of times. Other sections had hundreds of duplications. This was shown in the tech tree as duplicated items as well. Other items duplicated elsewhere include: Mark1Cockpit, SmallGearBay, nacelleBody, JetEngine, shockConeIntake, structuralPylon, radialEngineBody, shockConeIntake, turboFanEngine. I expect items to only show up in the tech tree once (or possibly twice if they were moved between versions and my overwrite of the install didn't delete the old versions). System: Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit. Graphics: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GF108 [GeForce GT 630] (rev a1) KSP: build id = 01230 2016-04-19_19-27-15
  11. I have a career-mode game I started in 1.0.5. Tonight I upgraded to 1.1. I currently have several vessels on the Mun, one of which is a landed orbiter and another is a fuel truck. The fuel truck has a claw on the front. When I ram the fuel truck into the orbiter, the two vessels "dock" and can be managed as one. However, when I click on a fuel tank, hold down right shift, and then click on another compatible fuel tank, the in/out buttons do not show up. Repeated attempts to do this do not result in success. However, if I use [ or ] to switch to a nearby vessel and then switch back immediately, I am able to see the fuel transfer buttons and perform a fuel transfer as expected. OS: Ubuntu 14.04. Video: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GF108 [GeForce GT 630] (rev a1) KSP 64-bit. build id = 01230 2016-04-19_19-27-15
  12. DasValdez discovered a new feature in the 1.1 Experimentals build (see his recent Twitch stream here: and was given permission to share the images! It appears to be a cutaway mode, where by pressing a button, the interior view of capsules can be visible from the outside of ships. The pictures he showed are below: He confirmed that it is not possible to move kerbals around inside, however. But given by the inclusion of that feature, I certainly wouldn't be too surprised if the devs build on it and eventually include something like FreeEVA into stock!
  13. Wanna go around KSC fast? Or make your Kerbal looks like a king? Well I present this.....thing. The "anti-gravity" throne (which has nothing to do with anti gravity) using Juno basic jet engine, ~1000 m/s delta-V, inspired by the Hierarchs' gravity throne from Halo Link to the craft: NOTE: This was built in 1.1-pre, it's uncertain if this craft would work in 1.0.5
  14. This is now my first official build in 1.1 (not that anyone cares). I wanted to have a go at creating a cargo aircraft that actually works really well and has less than 200 parts. And i did just that, and even more. You might be asking that why now, why create a low part count plane now that we have a chance of creating really big and complicated crafts. you'll find out. On with the aircraft itself. I got partly inspired by the stock Stearwing A300 and also by all the bugs on the previous build of KSP. Basically the bugs on that version made it impossible to build really big aircrafts because the wings fall off, nor could we make small crafts because the landing gears spazz out. With those issues in mind, i created a smaller than usual cargo-plane. At first i tested to see that does the Stock craft still work, after this test tough, i noticed that........wait a second, the space-plane hangar floor isn't weird anymore, wings aren't falling off and the medium gear wasn't spazzing out. I went to the main menu and noticed that it was a new build of KSP. Yes, the game got updated and the new version has fixed the bigger bugs. The aircraft is quite the beast indeed. It's not as big as most of my designs but is big enough to full-fill pretty much any role ever. Performance wise it does really well. Top Speed: 280 m/s Cruising speed (2/3 thrust): 200 m/s Minimum takeoff speed: 45 m/s Stall speed: 50 m/s Length: 39.1m Wingspan: 38.1m Height: 10.4m Mass: 69,9 tons Parts: 175 Carrying capacity: propably around 80 tons of cargo. The aircraft is very easy to fly and feels very responsive with or without SAS on. It's made to full fill various different roles: 1. Cargo-plane. 2. Troopship (soldiers and their stuff). 3. bomber. It does have a bomb-bay believe it or not, right after the crew tank. Versions for the future: 1. Tanker aircraft. Just need to modify one of my fighters and do some testing after that. 2. AWACS. need to get BD-armoury back. 3. Gunship. See above. Mainly we use this aircraft with our newly developed pallet system. But our commandos are have also started to use it, since it can carry 16 commandos, their stuff, a scout vehicle, and some bombs and other support weapons. So, not only can it transport them into the field it can also do some damage itself. The pallet system. Here is the main cake itself, a fully working and reliable pallet system for all your tactical airdrop needs in rough terrain/situations. It pretty much allows you to drop anything into the field without needing to land the plane itself. It comes in two main variants: 1: the standard cargo pallet. This one is used for carrying all kinds of cargo to the field and even more, like for example: fuel, crew, science equipment etc. These are just some examples i've made. You can make your own to suit your needs. You just have to detach the end panel and replace the middle with anything you can fit. I don't suggest making them any longer than that tough, there might be a lot of issues involved. I think, that in theory, this could also be used for Duna missions as well (you need to attach some drogue shutes), but i'm not sure. 2. Rover pallet. You can load small rovers into this one. I built this one around the rover that i made. sadly the rover could not be turned into a subassembly. Because of this, i built a cargo-aircraft around the pallet in around 10 minutes. NOTE: the attachment node in this one is the small strut on top of the panel, not the separator. INSTRUCTIONS. 1. You will need to attach a separator to the cargo-bay attachment node and then the pallet to that. Please put on the end of the cargo-bay. 2. Some struts might be nice, to keep the thing from wobbling around. 3. Remember to make an action group for the pallets landing gears, if they are retracted during drop, things will explode. 4. Always remember to point your nose slightly up, or otherwise your plane will plummet to the ground, and your pallet will hit the roof of the cargo-bay and things will explode. 5. A slower speed will always help, but i have been able to make successful drops with the rover pallet at speeds of up to 200 m/s. 6. The rover pallet will always land on it's side because of the placement of the parachutes. To fix this, it has vernor thrusters, so use them keep the thing straight. 7. After touch down, tell the pallet to recover itself, otherwise you will be stuck inside the pallet. NOTE: More versions of the aircraft coming later on. KSB-15 scout buggy: As a bonus, i'm adding this one here as well. It has a tendency to want to flip over when doing high speed turns, also the wheels explode more than enough. Plus it's not that great at high speed, but it does look pretty cool tough We just welded together the front end of a very old V-12 racing car and the back-end of a more modern military scout buggy. There it is for you, the KTP-120 TaskMaster, an aircraft for many roles. i hope you enjoy it . Download link: Comes with all the versions and all the different pallets (only subassemblies). It also, as a bonus has the KSB-15 scout buggy. KTP-120 TaskMaster:
  15. My first post on this forum. This is a replica of YSS-1000 Sabre from Halo: Reach. There're many difference from the one in the game because this is just stock and this is the best I can do. Roll and yaw are not very good but I never fly in atmosphere anyway Some specification Parts: 80 (158 w/ booster) Mass: 30t (130t w/ booster) Delta V: ~2000 m/s (closed cycle), ~4400 m/s (w/ booster), ~5000 m/s (air breathing RAPIER only) Engines: 2 CR-7 R.A.P.I.E.R. and 2 LV-T45 "Swivel" (Sabre) ----- 3 RE-M3 "Mainsail" (Booster) And a video. Nothing special, just the craft launching with Halo: Reach theme, this was before I do some modification to the Sabre and the booster.
  16. I hope the SQUAD Staff don't fix these glitches. I LOVE THEM!!! Also check out my KSP Ship pack. BUT BE WARNED!!! THEY HAVENT BEEN TESTED IN 1.1!!! IF this happens to be the very first video you have watched by me, please do consider watching some of my other videos. Feel free, to drop a comment, like and subscribe!!!
  17. So Scott Manley recently revealed a Fishing Easter egg in 1.1. What are your thoughts on this? Also, pretty sure that it was made over the holiday that squad gave the devs, so no dev time was taken Or have I been tricked by an elaborate April fools?
  18. Is 1.1 Out Yet or is it Still release only? Please answer Soon!
  19. Are we just going to have to wait for the full release of 1.1 because we bought KSP on the website?
  20. I have not played in a long time in KSP, and I would like to make up delays What is the in new 1.1 does is bring something new or it's just some cosmetic UI tweaks?
  21. You heard the title right, this lovely morning of the 1st of April!!! (in Alberta, at least)! The official website store of has just made available the 1.1 prerelease, allowing the rest of us users to fool around with 1.1! Happy April 1(.1)!
  22. Just a Little Derp Clip from my Current 1.1 Pre-Release Adventures.
  23. Hi! With the pre-release on the horizon, one of the things I am looking forward to the most is that we can finally stop crystal-ball-gazing about the performance and get cold, hard numbers. I'm really looking forward to comparing it myself, but to do so, I need "representative" crafts. My question is, can someone share some crafts that I can use for benchmarking? Requirements: - Completely stock - 2 crafts with 300 parts, 1 craft with 600 parts - Should not break apart on physics loading - Do not have to actually go to space, I will use hyperedit. - One of the 300 parts crafts should have a lot of solar panels and fuel cells That's about it. Does anyone have something similar floating around in their hangars? Or feel motivated to make that?
  24. Hey folks, So as we all know, KSP is moving to Unity5 and that's going to mean that probably all mods will cease to work. I don't want to get the pre-release, since I want to play a little more with my current saves anyway. Now, I've made two mods, none has been like hugely popular, but one of them had some success, as it has had about 30,000+ downloads between curse and kerbalstuff, since august last year, so I think it would be nice of me to re-work it for 1.1 with some beautification and some new parts. So my question is, is there any documentation on how are .mu files and .cfg files supposed to work in unity5 or anything that would help me get working on updating the mod for the release? I've tried looking elsewhere on the internet but I haven't found anything yet. Any help would be greatly appreaciated