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Found 17 results

  1. Whenever I visit Pol, the fifth moon of Jool, I feel something deeply unnerving about the little world. Its folding mountains, spiky surface protrusions, and sickly yellow color all contribute to my feeling that there is something horrendously wrong about being there, almost as if there is an unknown threat at Pol more sinister than rough landings, gravity, and delta-V. I have the distinct feeling that Pol is alive, and somehow aware of my presence. What do you think? Do you feel eyes watching you when you land on Pol? Or do your Kerbals kick the dry, motionless dust about their feet with no r
  2. Give us your most unhelpful tips for daily life. Please limit it to one at a time, and nothing that is actually a good idea Lose 1 kg of weight overnight by drinking a litre of water before going to bed
  3. This mod aims to give players an immersive, semi-realistic experience in building near-term interplanetary and interstellar colony ships. The end goal is to provide parts that can be launched and assembled into kilometer-scale colony vessels, using rockets of a 10m or smaller scale. All textures, excepting emissives, are PBR materials, using Textures Unlimited shaders. I'm looking for co-conspirators--I have ideas of too large a scale to handle on my own. I'm confident I could make a nice mod by myself, but with some skilled partners, I believe we could make something really awesome a
  4. A few weeks ago, while on the Facebook page, Kerbal Space Program, someone asked about the various educational levels of those on the page. Taking a page from Endermens' book, I decided to start this thread. How many times have you seen someone's user name, a ship they've designed, or even a comment they've made and wondered what their degree is in? Well, wonder no more (for those who choose to participate)! Have you earned your college degree? Do you hold a trade school certificate or other vocational training certification? Are you a starving undergraduate or graduate student and plan t
  5. REAL SPACE: THE MISSIONS “The universe is probably littered with the one-planet graves of cultures which made the sensible economic decision that there's no good reason to go into space - each discovered, studied, and remembered by the ones who made the irrational decision.” ― Randall Munroe Pop Chart Labs
  6. You see I remebered this planet and it got me thinking, the "goldilocks zone" on the planet itself (because it is tidal-locked) would only limit the diverisity, right? I thought of the mutation of life- one organism can go into hotter ares than the others, they reproduce and have babbies that have the same gene, a better adapted for warmth gene , or the normal resistance. This can go the "oppisite" (adaptaions for cold) way too so ... same. This proccess happens all the time, right ? and if so wouldn't that mean the limit of life going towards the extremes (poles) is only limit
  7. Just wondering, after all this time, we still don't know for sure if Duna has or has life, for instance. But as a community, we can wonder which ones could! I ask the propositions for both present and past life. We can state it by scientific means or just of hearth or to eye. We can also name modders bodies if you want. I believe most of the comunity want some life somewhere out there! My state: EVE past and present life (in the liquid) DUNA: Past (just to help RL Mars ) LAITHE: Ps and Pr Minmus: Im suspixious of it. Too greenish! Regards!
  8. Alright, so as the title suggests, this theory of mine contains spoilers, so if you haven’t watched LIFE, go do so before you keep reading. You’ve watched it? Great! Let’s begin. So it’s pretty hard not to forget the ending. Calvin reaches Earth in the relative comfort of one of the escape capsules, lands somewhere in South-East Asia, and a few fisherman open up the capsule so it can get out. So, that’s it, we’re all dead, right? Wrong. Very wrong. If all my research and theorizing has been even slightly successful, then within a minute of the screen going to black, Calvin, the fishermen
  9. Okay I have a question, and maybe the mod dev can answer this.. But everytime I use Umbra Space Industries Kolonization, Konstuction, and Life Support, I always seem to have issues. and it gets wrose when There's an Update for USI Tools I'm just wondering what is the correct way to install these m mods? I mean, what is the correct way to install these mods in Order? Should it be The Tools first, then the colornization then the Konstruction, or is there any particular order in General? Any insight would be helpful.. Space_Coyote
  10. We are launching rockets, planes, rovers and all kinds of different stuff. But how does this affect ecology on kerbin? I can purely say it affects it drastically! Debris form space falling into oceans, forests, lakes and rivers. That may pollute them and destroy ecosystem. This will heavily backfire kerbin’s society. Poisonous liquid fuel may evaporate and mix with atmosphere. This may cause acid rains and a lot more catastrophes. Plastic, metals from fuselages may decompose and spoil the soil it will lead to horrifying consequences like extinction of species. Danger in and from spa
  11. Hi! after some 120 h of play, I'm still just a beginner in ksp. Nevertheless, I believe this improvement would be : - not difficult to implement - really representative of a current space question. the way I would see it: * at game start: - 2 or 3 levels of life presence : rare, common, thriving - a checkbox : "or maybe not" a procedural determination of life presence: - for each planet (excepted obviously kerbin), and for each biome, test randomly for the presence of life, with probability variable depending on the planet (and maybe the biom
  12. Vall was always an oddity in Jool’s system. But what secret this moon may keep? It is obvious that Vall is geologically active, and suffers from powerful tidal friction with Jool, evidence of that is a lot of fractures, edges and valleys on Vall’s surface. And it is easy to guess that it is never calm on surface. Earthquakes strike all day long. But such powerful friction may be an evidence of iron or silicate core. Powerful cores may produce heat. It is possible that icy mantel of Vall may have just melt and turned into underground ocean. In such underground ocean, closer to the co
  13. Bright high sun… Rotten surface… And deep craters.. But it is time to leave now From this fried brown planet The Moho Deep oceans ,craters Those heavy rainy clouds And infinite flatlands around Still standing still un explored The magnificent purple planet That pulling eyes to be watched The Eve The great blue dot Fading In green of the trees The oceans full of water and ice Which are standing by to be crossed The Kerbin Distant wander point Fu
  14. Before you read, please don't bash my points, I found them in my research, I am just curious and need someone's non rude opinion and discussion about it. Titan, the largest moon of Saturn, is at present an open question and a topic of scientific assessment and research. Titan is far colder than Earth, and its surface lacks stable liquid water; factors whichhave led some scientists to consider life there unlikely. It has a methane cycle analouge to earths water cycle and there are many other factors and analogyies which argue it may host complex probiotic life. Some reasons I found i
  15. I installed TAC Life Support exactly like it said and I'm experienced with installing mods for a lot of games so I'm for sure it is up to date and installed correctly. However, my kerbals aren't using any resources and I don't have that little green button on the top to look at the resource usage. I have all the parts like the canisters and everything but It just wont work. I have looked all over for a solution but I cant find one. The mod says you need module manager but I thought that was just for people who are creating the mods. Plus I don't know what to do with the ModuleManager.dll,
  16. As a sister thread to one of the threads I find most fascinating in this forum, I've decided to create a thread on professions. This first topic will very likely have a better formatting over time. The inspirational thread has categories for levels of education; I figure there are no such things as 'levels of work', but some categorization is preferred over a long list of names and professions. I'm open to suggestions! The reason I'm creating this thread is that a lot of people here come from very different backgrounds, are at or past working age, and from the little I've seen so far prof
  17. I'm gonna take a step back from "Space colonies" and "Advanced propulsion", and look at this near-term potential mission instead. As we all know, life on Europa is likely, due to it's underice liquid water ocean, also, NASA wants to put an orbiter/lander there as well, but did you also know that NASA backed a Space Eel too? Cool, huh? Quote on how it would work: “The electricity gets used to electrolyze water, splitting the H2O into H2 and O2, which get stored internally in the body and limbs of the robot. The gases can then be mixed and ignited on demand, which could propel the bot
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