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Found 23 results

  1. This happened almost just after I fixed a previous problem I had (Click here) with KSP. I opened KSP, opened the correct savegame (Is that what they are called?), bla bla bla... I went into the SPH, and loaded my KTM 1120-4.1, to modify it and make it the KTM 1060-3.1. It worked fine. Then, after making the necessary modifications, I tried to launch it, and it just went out to the KSC! To where I can click on all the different facilities, and not to the runway where I wanted to go. I tried again, but this time, I did it from the runway directly. The same thing happened. I went
  2. I purchased the Making history DLC and used the code to add it to my Steam account. After putting the game down for a while, I re=downloaded it and suddenly my entire DLC was completely gone from my steam account. Is there any way i can get this fixed, or get a new code for my DLC? I might be able to dig up the proof of purchase, and if i do, will either Steam, Squad or Blitworks be able to help?
  3. Hey everyone, So I'm relatively new to the KSP world on PC. I played hundreds of hours on my xbox one x. I'm now on my Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop with a 1050 NVidia setup and I'm having some issues with the game that I can't find concise answers too. First off without any planetary graphics mods, I have an ocean that does not render. Its there when I land, but all I see is the textured blue ocean floor. I ended up removing EVE and Realistic Atmosphere as well as my AVP mod and Sunflares becuase on top of my ocean issue, regardless of a beautiful rendering of planet kerbin on the pregame m
  4. I have been having this problem with BD_Armory, where it will get stuck loading at the BDArmory. /GameData/BDArmormy/Parts/20mmVulcanTurret/bahaGatlingGun
  5. So like everyone else on the forum I shot out of my seat with excitement when I saw KSP 2 was announced. The trailer looks very nice, and what I've seen from gameplay so far it looks very promising aswell. However after the initial extacy of excitment had passed I did have a couple of concerns for the new game that I wanted to vent here to see what everyone thinks and maybe if some people have the same. 1. The release timeline. In the IGN interview with Nate it was stated that the release for KSP 2 would be sometime in spring 2020. Now that is less than a year away, and although I w
  6. Hi, I'm trying to play online with this mod. The mod works correctly but when we are inside the atmosphere we cannot see each other (it is not because of the safety bubble). Anyone knows how to solve this? (I host the server). From already thank you very much. Sorry if the text is misspelled, I speak Spanish and wrote it by the google translator
  7. Couple of problems found with the control schemes (Edit: just noticed #1 has been added and confirmed on the BugTracker). Can't buy researched parts in R&D building. For harder difficulties, you must pay an entry cost for each part after researching them so they become available. Now for a reason I'm yet to understand, the cursor is available everywhere but on H&D... Since the cursor is not available, after switching to the parts specific window - as in, after you first select a part through the part list window, a new window will pop-up with this part description - you simpl
  8. How do I navigate when on the ground, like when I'm driving a rover? Does it help to put the nav ball on surface? How do I know which way I'm going? I tried putting a node on a previous landing site and then setting that as a target, but when I use the autopilot to set it to target, it tends to pull the rover off it's wheels. It seemed happiest when I was driving away from the target even though I'd selected target. Mind you it wasn't 180 degree to the target that I was traveling. It was some other odd angle. I probably should mention I'm at the bottom of Minimus as best I can tell. The s
  9. Hello to all again. I'm new to the KSP forums and after searching google I'm turning here for support. I want to build a customized artillery shell but the small warhead isn't working. Sometimes it'll explode like its supposed to, but mostly it just impacts and disintegrates. Can anyone help?
  10. Hello everyone, this is one of my first post so I'm sorry if I make an error. I make designs on the page kerbalx.com, I've been doing it for a while. Recently, I discovered the Infernal Robotics mod and it was just what I needed for my latest design, foldable wings. In that mod, there are hinges that are the part I need for this, and this is where my problem starts. When I make a hinge, I mount the wing on it, and I set it up, it works perfectly, the wing moves to its configured position without problems. But when I put 2 hinges, the madness begins. In the editor work per
  12. So, my Problem is that Ksp will start and will begin to load the files needed for the game After 3/4 or so, the game will close and i get a notification i think that has something to Do with the mods because i tried to download the manually After ckan could Not finden the right gamefolder. So I got all mods out of the gamedata Folder and now i get a Black Screen whenever i launch the game dont know what happend and needed help
  13. http://Imgur.com/kl4Xdpb Everything works fine until I try to make my gravity turn and it tilts north and goes out of control. Ive tried throttling down as I ascend but it still happens.
  14. I'm new to Kerbal Space Program (I've been playing for about a month) and I am already addicted to it. I've been to the Mun, Minmus, and Gilly which were all really fun, but I was kinda thinking it would be fun if there was a mod that simulated things going wrong, like an electrical malfunction or a RCS nozzle refusing to fire. If there is a mod like this what is it? If not, then I think this would be a cool idea for modders (I have no idea how to mod lol). Thanks
  15. Hi! This is my first topic, so Welcome! I was playing KSP with the Outer Planets mod the other day and the framerate got form 35 to 10 in two seconds! I tried even REINSTALLING the game and it did not work. Do any of you people know how to get better performance? Good Luck and Take Care: Rex
  16. No matter what I try, my spacecraft just won't lift off. When I press space, I get what sounds like a decoupler sound effect in slow motion and then my rocket slowly falls. I think it might have something to do with the lag, since I had 3 FPS the whole time?
  17. Hi all, Loving, LOVING this game, which I purchased for Steam/Linux just a few days ago. Very happy that this is something of a work in progress, but I confess that it seems the Linux platform might be getting a little less love? Hey - there's a growing number of us out there ;0) Anyhow, that being the case or not, I've run into a *real* issue now (beyond the earlier reported graphics issue of flickering/corrupt pixels while inside the hangars, and the general great difficulty in click-selecting objects). I'm on my third restart in career mode. I've just taken on a contract to
  18. ola gente tem agulma coisa é essa? infelismente porque o mod new horizons não esta funcionando. gente alguem me ajuda?
  19. ola pessoal eu ja tentei porque não esta traduzido na versão 1.1.3 em portugues porque não esta tratuzido. pode me ajudar
  20. Seems like DPAI aint showing its regular GUI elements. Near-stock, newest version of everything, newest module manager. All stock parts.
  21. 1. the physics bug that due to bending moments, causes all aircraft to slowly roll left or right in flight no matter how much yaw and roll stability is built in. 2. the lack of suitabile autopilot which would make 1) more bearable. So , you have to manually correct every heading deviation all the way to orbit. 3. poor support for joysticks that makes hanflying handflying* needlessly difficult. 4. excess drag from fuel ducts and struts. Exacerbated by the fact that wing parts don't cross feed fuel 5. .... and the way rocket engines don't have a "drain evenly from ev
  22. First i would like to tell the problem to everybody, I have this probe core in space, and it has so much actions like active engine etc. But i can't press on the bloody thing because of the window with actions. ITS TO BLOODY SMALL Does somebody know a mod/fix for this issue? main mod: realism overhaul
  23. Hi, I'm making a mod for KSP, and am having mesh collision problems. I use Unity. To make the mesh, I use capsule collider, because I have too many vertices for mesh collider. Because I use capsule collider, my mesh rounds off at the bottom and top, so when I try to attach stuff to the sides at the bottom or top, they end up inside the tank. Can anyone help?
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