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  1. I've just built an aircraft with mod parts, the landing gear specifically being from the Firespitter mod. Even when I load the craft, it starts moving backwards, but it stops when the engine starts and is put at full thrust. But when I try to land the plane and stop, it begins to go into reverse again. I turned off the reverse movement in the wheels, but it didn't stop. Starting the engine doesn't do anything, nor does braking, only an annoyingly loud noise. What could be the issue?
  2. I modified one of the stock crater crawlers to suit my play style, managed to land it safely on Eve using cheats (I'm quite new to the game, i'm playing sandbox to wrap my head around the mechanisms before I start a career). Once I'd landed I realised that the crawler was sliding down a sand dune at about 19m/s, the vehicle began to roll and I saw that the wheels were turning. TL/DR: I'm upside down on Eve and my wheels are turning on their own. I can't stop them please help
  3. I NEED HELP : In a video (i don't remember the name), someone build a plane, AND! a moment, in the editor, in the hangar, he click on a button, and his plane FALL in the hangar, but he can't pilot it, or use it, its just for see if the wheels are right (the plane can't even take damages (sorry for my english, i am french))
  4. So I had a thought today, "Would mecanum wheels work in KSP?" The answer is: Yes. They do, in fact, work. For those wondering what mecanum wheels are, they are wheels that allow lateral (sideways) movement. They are wheels that are made with smaller wheels/rollers around their circumference of them, canted at a 45 degree angle from their center axis. I made a short video demonstrating a drivetrain in KSP using them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbCuh1aUn1o& I'm not entirely sure what applications you could use this for in KSP, but it is interesting that they work in
  5. We've all done it, we're loading up a vessel on the runway and we get called away so we leave the game. When we come back, our plane is either in the field off the runway, down near the end, or worse, in the water, sometimes with broken parts. So my suggestion, add a button that lets you deploy the brakes in the hanger, or change the default to brakes are deployed upon loading. And I know you can just undeploy the wheels in the hanger and the plane would sit still, but I've had stuff break a few times when making the plane stand up from the ground. Also, there's a chance the kraken cou
  6. It would be great if we could have a variant of all the rover wheels that are perfectly centered like landing gear. For all your motorcycle needs!
  7. I know that landing gear have a set limit for which is the max they can hold and land. I think that it also matters if you land on the runway or out in the field somewhere. I understand that for the basic fixed land gear the max tonnage was something like 5 tons. (At least it was a few game version ago.) Hence I never use them because all of my basic science planes are heavier. But recently I overloaded the LY-10 gear and so now I was looking for a chart. Imagine my surprise when I see that the Kerbal Wiki says the max limit is 7 tons. I just landed my 17 ton plane just fine wit
  8. So i havent played for a really long time. Now with the new Update and DLC i thought well lets start over again. I started to work on my first Rover on a completly new Install of KSP with no Mods and noticed that the Rovemax S2 Wheels are hovering above the surface. I cant remember that they did that before so i wonder if this is a bug? The forum itself didnt gave me a answer when i searched it. And i didnt noticed any problems with other wheels. I find this slightly disturbing and triggering :'D ~Neko
  9. Hi, So I've been fighting with KSP for a while, as gradually more and more glitches have piled up. The game is at the point of being fairly unplayable now, with most recent glitches including; rover wheels not interacting with the ground or not turning at all, landers failing to extend their legs when asked, and parts in the VAB/SPH failing to attach to one another as intended... These problems are limiting what I can make to the extent that I basically can't do anything fun on KSP anymore - is there any way I can fix them? I'm running KSP on a 2012 Macbook Pro, running Sierra
  10. OBSOLETE -- PLEASE SKIP (OR MODERATOR DELETE) Sorry if this is stale and covered long ago. I took a break from KSP last September just as 1.2 came out. It took a while to upgrade mods etc but I am fionally back and trying to sort out compatibility problems. I had to upgrade my mining rig from 10 small radiators to 22 to get it to operate sustainably (although an advantage is that I can now operate all 3 excavators simultaneously without overheating). Now I notice that my fuel truck will no longer steer reliably. All of the docking ports are vertically oriented and motor and s
  11. getting no friction or grip with my wheels causing my rovers and space planes to either flip over or just slide around the place and drift... is this a bug with my modded install or 1.3.1 in general? I've put my ksp log up anyway if you need anything else just ask. KSP log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ndmh4cacjt40v8a/output_log.txt?dl=0
  12. So I came back, and I bring an idea from two years ago, but improved: Omnidirectional wheels. In addition of other two new: Continuous tracks and Screw drives Omnidirectional wheels: Omnidirectional wheels are wheels and systems that gives the ability of move omnidirectionally without spin to the land vehicle. My idea is basically add these three types of wheel (and variants by company or size, of course): - Omni wheel (little). - Mecanum wheel (small and medium). - Liddiard wheel (medium and big). Omni wheel: Omni wheels are basically pri
  13. Hello. I recently recieved a contract to make a outpost on minmus with wheels. I have created two segments that will combine to make the outpost. But when I was testing if they would dock correctly half of the wheels broke when they did dock. I quickloaded and this happens every time. Also I do not have a lvl. 3 engineer so I cant repair them. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  14. I built this Munar rover for a kolony I'm working on. Unfortunately, it randomly shakes until a wheel breaks. When I repair it, it shakes until a different wheel breaks. This repeats indefinitely. Here's the .craft file so you can try it out yourself - https://kerbalx.com/crafts/30245/ By the way, control from the docking port clipped into the top of the lander can. Also, some parts are "floating"; here's how I did it in case you're curious or mess something up - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkdXLYuCgMM
  15. Hello, I am wondering what the most very basic setup for a wheel is - no suspension, no steering, just a free-rolling axel type thing. Currently I have like so in Unity: Click for zoom. Each wheel pivot object has a sphere collider. And the config: PART { name = Tantavan module = Part author = Tantares MODEL { model = Tantares/Parts/VAN/van } scale = 1.0 rescaleFactor = 1.0 node_stack_bottom = 0.0, -0.0, 0.0, 0.0, -1.0, 0.0, 1 node_stack_top = 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 1 bulkheadProfiles = size1 attachRules = 1,0,1,1,0 CoPOffset = 0.0, 0.5, 0.0 CoLOffset
  16. I am new to the forums so please let me know if I am doing anything wrong here. I have been playing KSP for a while now and have thoroughly enjoyed the game and the updates the devs have made to it. I love designing and building ships and vehicles, and this game provides one of the most fun ways to do it! One of the updates I really like is the auto strut feature; it keeps the ships stable while also keeping them clean looking. These days I usually play with mods, and I have recently been having a lot of fun with Infernal Robotics (IR). The other day, I was trying to build rovers wit
  17. On Minmus, even the simplest rovers are uncontrollable. I'm using stock wheels. When I attempt to go forward, I go backwards, Yes, before you ask the obvious, I've set the context menu correctly so the wheels are to go in the proper direction. I've tinkered with the Traction and Friction controls to no avail. I've tried various combinations of powered back wheels and no-power front, and powered-front, with no-powered back. I've tried making the wheels steerable and non-steerable. Even going 2 kph, I can flip the vehicle. The wheels lack traction, or friction, or whatever and just skitt
  18. KerbalFoundries - Continued Re-inventing the wheel. Literally. This is the main release and development thread for the continuation of KerbalFoundries, originally created by Lo-Fi and Gaalidas, continued under new development with explicit permissions from the original authors and under the terms of the original licensing. This mod adds a variety of new parts to KSP that include wheels, tracks, and anti-gravity repulsors. For a list of features available to the wheels and tracks in this mod, please see the KSPWheels documentation ( https://github.com/shadowmage45/KSPW
  19. I need wheels that are a good amount larger than the largest wheel in the stock game. And no, don't say Tweakscale. I don't want to use it
  20. Need I say more? It was useful to be able to quickly switch a rover from a faster, stabler mode to one which enabled precision parking.
  21. KSPWheel - An alternate physics-based wheel collider solution for Kerbal Space Program. This is not a parts mod. It does not add new parts to the game. It is useless by itself. What it is, is a new Wheel Collider component, and a set of PartModules to enable its use on stock-rigging-compatible wheel models. It is intended to be packaged as a dependency with other mods, similar to how FireSpitter / ModuleManager are used. What it does is provide a new physics-based wheel collider that is not subject to the limitations or performance constraints of the Unity5 WheelCollider comp
  22. I already made a car, but I wanted to make a smaller one I guess. This one ended up bigger than planned but after many days and many revisions I had to button it up. Now that 1.2 let's me float parts (offset w/shift button) more things are possible in stock. Everything on this car is shift-offset or offset then rotated. The front end is lowered a bit for looks, but ground clearance is poo now. Car is so long that turning radius ain't good. But on the plus side- this motorcar has a full steering rack! I laugh to myself that the steering column is an actual co
  23. The new wheels are giving me some trouble fixing the rover on a slope. The slope is not all that big (5-10 degree at most) but my heavy rover slides down even on brakes. Even when the wheels are perpendicular to the direction of slope... even when landing legs are lowered. The slide always happens as if the rover is standing on ice. (this all happens on Eve). I tried playing with wheels set up, but no amount of tweaking the traction or friction, etc could not prevent the slide. Is it by design? Basically all I want is to make sure that when I enable the brakes the rover would remain still
  24. I tested each part of my rover and they all worked fine until I had them all connected, It consists of 5 parts 1 inner module with 2 identical rovers at each end and a pair of running boards or connectors holding them together. The main issue being that the whole thing flopped and bounced about until all the wheels were busted bar the inner mining module which was fine and didn't bounce about at all. The whole vehicle was launched as one vessel but it just went crazy flopping like a fish until all the tires were popped. This is my rover for the sake of so you can see what I mean and how it'
  25. This is just a tip for people who might be having the extreme frustration I was having. If you get a mission to build an outpost and it has the requirement "the outpost must be on motorized wheels" and it's not getting met, try driving around. I was testing my mobile base at KSC and the requirement wasn't getting checked off, even though the base was clearly on wheels and very mobile. I decided to drive off the launch pad and tour around KSC to see what happens, and as soon as I left the launch pad, the requirement got met. Hope this helps somebody.
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