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Found 22 results

  1. Update to version 0.15.9 "Liebe", now with voxel-model based aerodynamics! ALL USERS: NO LOGS OR REPRODUCTION STEPS = NO SUPPORT CKAN USERS: PLEASE READ THIS FIRST Users who put issues on Github are awesome. Please consider being awesome. Original Review: Aerodynamic Failures: Building a spaceplane and talking about editor GUI stuff: Features Shape-Based, Vessel-Centered, Aerodynamics - Long, thin shapes drag less than wide, flat shapes, and smooth changes in body width reduce drag. The shape of the vessel as a whole, not individual parts, controls drag, so shape the vessel as you see fit. Emergent Fairings and Cargo Bays - The voxel model method FAR uses allows for the actual shape of the vehicle to play a role in how lift and drag are applied. Build a hollow shell, and close it up, and everything inside it will be protected from the airflow as it should. Wing Effects - Realistically adjusts lift based on wing position and configuration: wingtips lift less and drag more than wing roots. Stall - Passing the critical angle of attack suddenly reduces lift and greatly increases drag. Can put planes into tailspins, flat spins, and cause crashes. Mach Effects and Area Ruling - Lift and drag will vary as expected with Mach number. Supersonic planes will need to properly area rule themselves for optimum flight characteristics. Body lift - All parts lift: a fast enough brick will fly, if not that well. Download: Get v0.15.9 "Liebe" from SpaceDock! Get v0.15.9 "Liebe" from Github! Official FAR Craft Sharing Thread Post your crafts there, not here, please. Violators will have their posts moved by moderators, and will have everyone very annoyed with the additional workload for both moderators and me. The FAR wiki at GitHub The source at GitHub Shader and art assets licensed All Rights Reserved Source code and binaries licensed under GNU GPL v3 Part.cfg changes powered by sarbian & ialdabaoth's ModuleManager plugin. Interface with stock heating system and other mods interacting with the physics system powered by sarbian, Starwaster and myself's ModularFlightIntegrator Toolbar powered by blizzy78's Toolbar plugin. Installation: Copy the GameData and Ships folders into the KSP root directory and merge them with the existing GameData and Ships folders. Make sure that you copy over everything in the GameData folder. Serious issues will occur unless this is done. If you like my stuff, please consider throwing a few bucks my way, it would be awesome. Note that doing so doesn't entitle you to anything, it's just a way of saying "thanks." Changelog: FAQ - Common Questions and Solutions to Common Problems What does this mod do that stock KSP doesn't? Stock KSP calculates drag as a linear combination of the drag properties of a vehicle's parts, with some interaction changes to handle some of the most obvious aerodynamic interaction effects. FAR instead calculates the drag from the vessel shape as a whole, resulting in a more realistic model of aerodynamic drag and body lift. In addition, FAR accounts for wing shape, rather than just overall area like stock KSP. Finally, thanks to the overall vessel model, FAR can account for things like area ruling, where the vehicle's area cross-section must vary properly in order to fly at supersonic speeds (well, without MOAR BOOSTERS, in any case). I don't like my rocket coming apart under heavy aerodynamic loads; how can I turn it off? In the Space Center scene FAR has a debug menu that can be accessed to mess with a large number of the parameters. Under the "cheats" section of the first tab there is an option to disable aerodynamic failure. Does this plugin work properly with other mods / part packs? Sure; FAR figures out what the properties of the part should be based on its dimensions and some basic aerodynamic assumptions. If you use a mod and suspect that it causes unrealistic behavior, search the thread to see if it has been brought up / addressed by the latest release; if it hasn't, feel free to bring it to my attention. The only exception is with wing parts, which are more complicated and currently must have their properties specified manually. Does this plugin make payload fairings and cargo bays work properly? Yes, it will support any and all fairings and cargo bays. Even those that you make out of completely unrelated parts, so long as you close up the shape. In fact, to FAR, there is little difference between the inside of a closed fairing and the inside of a fuel tank part; they're both just as internal to it. I can't seem to turn off the Flight Assistance Systems... what's going on? In the Flight Assistance GUI every button that is pressed activates a control system; when none are pushed down no control systems are active. I suspect that you've actually created a poorly designed craft and that you're attributing aerodynamic forces that you're not used to dealing with to non-existent control inputs. Do I need ModuleManager and/or ModularFlightIntegrator? Yes; they are used to properly apply aerodynamic properties to stock wing parts and to interface properly with the game's physics system. Not using them will cause FAR to not function. I'm using the win64 KSP build and I am still too outraged to read the topic title or changelog, please mock me. Very well, I shall. Haha, silly person. Anyway, win64 is now unlocked for the foreseeable future. If it turns back into the crashtastic support-heavy nightmare it was, the lock may return, but I do not anticipate the need to do that.
  2. An audible sonic boom when a part surpasses the sound barrier would be a nice touch. It would add a bit more realism and satisfaction.
  3. My spaceplane somehow has more drag acting on the nose during re-entry than on the delta wing and tail, causing it to be unstable and flip to retrograde no matter what I do. Why is the drag so mismatched? The center of lift is well behind the center of mass.
  4. This rocket has been having stability problems on its 2nd stage. I have checked everything that normally makes rockets unstable. The center of mass is way above the center of lift, I checked for clipping parts, I strutted everything together. It hasn't helped. Through making the winglets into an entire wing, I managed to make the 1st stage only just stable, however no matter what I've done, the 2nd stage is still unstable. I've moved the wing as far down as possible, but it still flips. I have no idea why, and would like some help. I don't know how to upload the craft file, so I cant do that, but I will if i figure out how to. Thanks for any help.
  5. So, I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but ladders have a ridiculous amount of drag. I've had them create as much drag as a Big-S Shuttle Wing on some occasions. Now, is there any nice way to make drag cubes check for other drag cubes existing in the same space, or would this be an absolute nightmare for anyone to code? I don't know a thing about modding on KSP, so I am posting this as a request, but if anyone knows some of the basics on how to do this, I'd be willing to try my hand at it.
  6. Good day! We are looking for the best aerodynamic model, in passing figuring out the properties and characteristics of certain parts in KSP 1.2.1. Finding the golden mean between minimalistic craft and one large fairing is a very important aspect of the game. At this time, I've written a series of video experiments for you to see firsthand the effectiveness of different models. These five KSPeriments relate to Kerbin. How to make the perfect craft? Let's find out! I'm going to regularly update this thread with new videos. But, sure, you can always see new experiments there: This is my KSPeriments playlist. Feel free to comment and ask anything. English is not my native language, but I'm sure I can explain all that's required. Thanks for watching! :3
  7. I suspect that this one should be reported already, but I'd report this issue nevertheless. After 'Revert to Launch', payload in cargo bay gets draggy(Large reaction wheel in this case). It does not happen when the cargo bay is not the root part of the craft. Here's the screenshots to confirm this issue. Before the 'Revert to Launch': After the 'Revert to Launch': Here's the craft file: I'm using latest version of 1.2.2, with V.O.I.D and Editor Extension Redux installed. I think this should happen in stock, though.
  8. The wiki suggests that the fancier nose cones are a waste of cash and mass: "The Advanced Nose Cone - Type A is a part introduced in version 1.0. It is an aerodynamic nose cone. It has a drag coefficient of .1 and a mass of .075, .045 more than then Aerodynamic Nose Cone part which is considerably less expensive and has the same drag coefficient making it a purely aesthetic part." "The Advanced Nose Cone - Type B is a part introduced in version 1.0. It has a drag coefficient of .1 and a mass of .075, .045 more than then "Aerodynamic Nose Cone" part which is considerably less expensive and has the same drag coefficient, additionally its slanted shape provides no lift." Is this really the case? I'd have hoped that the parts would have some small reduction in drag coefficient to make them worthwhile? It's far from scientific, but I've noticed that swapping basic nose cones with the Type A have increased the solid booster stage of my launch from 65k to 66k. It could just be that the craft is slightly more stable on the way up.
  9. Okay, this is a rather technical question that is probably best answered by a Squad programmer, but if anyone else knows feel free to chime in. I have been thinking a lot about aerodynamics lately, and in particular the vortices that form in the wake of atmospheric compression. Obviously these are essential for lift, but controlling them is essential for managing drag. I wanted to know how closely the Kerbal Space Program aerodynamic physics engine models these vorticies. For example, are there advantages to putting small strakes to break up airflow before it builds to a larger vortex behind the craft? Will long swept wings generate smaller vorticies than short square ones? Is there any lift advantage for adding bulkier perturbations in the topography of the airframe on top of it compared to on the bottom? I know the answers to these as concerns of real-engineering, but I want to know how closely they apply in KSP, since they would impact my design choices.
  10. What are the aerodynamic properties of this part? Does the big flat part cause drag if you put engines on it? Or does it count as a smooth mk3-to-3x1.25m adapter?
  11. A drag-reducing aerospike is a device (see Nose cone design) used to reduce the forebody pressure aerodynamic drag of blunt bodies at supersonic speeds. The aerospike creates a detached shock ahead of the body. Between the shock and the forebody a zone of recirculating flow occurs which acts like a more streamlined forebody profile, reducing the drag. Does the game take advantage of such things? I don't really understand how KSP aerodynamics work, but it should benefit from these kind of gadgets if it modeled airflow realistically, especially in mods like RSS where the atmosphere part of ascent is quite long.
  12. So, is this some kind of exploit? I've seen it many times, not just on this. People always seem to put the tiny nose cone on their Rapiers, and I don't get why. I thought that either: a) they'd blow up from heat exhaust or... b) they'd block the thrust of the craft. Is it just aesthetics, or is it an actual exploit or what? Whatever it is, if it isn't aesthetics, then I have no idea what it is for.
  13. I recently updated from KSP 1.0.2 to 1.1.3 and notice a significant difference as to how the game handles aerodynamics. Are there settings changes which would return the game to stock aerodynamics ala 1.0.2? Thank you for any assistance!
  14. So I made a plane and I pointed some wing parts downward and upwards and the CoL pointed a bit backwards, what are the effects?
  15. I hope I'm in the right place to post this, but I've noticed a major increase in the applied drag after the recent update. I did some testing in the current 1.1.2, 1.1.1 and 1.1 versions of the game and noticed that 1.1 had significantly less drag applied than subsequent ones. According to what I could conclude, 1.1.2 applies almost 20% more drag, which is never mentioned in any of the release notes. (1.1.2 just introduced some optimization). This practically grounded 90% of my spaceplanes, so I'm curious if anyone else noticed this? Here are some screenshots with flight data GUI for both 1.1 and 1.1.2. (notice that 1.0.5 aero was more similar to 1.1). Flight stats in 1.1 And the same situation in 1.1.2
  16. I have recently been trying to create some mods in my spare time, and my friend told me I should make a foldable wing. I've followed the normal steps to create a regular object but I'm having trouble with the model. I created the model in Blender, exported it into Unity, exported it into the .mu and .mbm. After doing this I copied the config file of the Delta wing but encountered an issue. A regular config file has the mesh defined in the PART module, but the wings have a separate module called MODEL. I'm assuming this is the aerodynamic model for the wing, but I can't find anything anywhere about how to create a custom model for this. Any help would be appreciated. Also, I'm in 1.1.2
  17. I want to create space plane and make Val to fly it, but first i want test design i plane to add flea engine to kick it up above magic 70 km
  18. This save is technically modded, however none of these mods are being used/should affect the aerodynamics I'm building a new shuttle, the Large Unmanned Cargo Kraft, or LUCK. Its gone well for the most part, for instance it looks fantastic, however there is a problem with the aerodynamics. I cant quite tell if its just (somehow) more stable in reverse, if its something to do with the Cargo Ramp up front, or if maybe the control surfaces are acting wired. I've been testing in Hack Grav for the "Glide Tests". It flys normally, until I turn a bit too far in any direction, at which point it flips so that the rear is facing forward. When i attempt to correct, it just ends up spinning. Here's are some reference images: Any and all help will be appreciated, so thanks in advance
  19. Just a quick question about KSP's aerodynamic accuracy. If to wings were inside of each other, (and they were the same model) would the game see that as two wings and therefore twice the lift, or would it just count it as one wing?
  20. So I've built this satelite and I've watched like a dozen videos on youtube about rocket design because mine are always either flipping or so stable, that they just go straight upwards which makes creating an efficient orbit impossible. Now I have this contract where I have to builx a satelite and set it at a polar orbit around Kerbin, but around 5,3km my rocket starts to flip without a reason. The center of lift is well below the center of mass just as all those youtube videos said, but it won't do the trick. Any advice? Link to rocket Also, if I build small rockets, I can easily control them, but as they gain mass it becomes almost impossible to steer them in any way. Again, the youtubers seem to do just fine. Even if I place the center of lift very near the center of mass, it's still so cloggy to controll that getting into orbit becomes a real difficulty with a limited amount of fuel. I'd really like to enjoy this game, but apparently there's something about rocket design that I'm missing out on guys.
  21. Hopefully this is the right forum thread for this and thanks in advance for any help. I noticed that the Mach and shock heating effects seemed to become transparent when they are in between the camera and the ship. Not sure if this is a bug with KSP or caused by a mod. Screenshots: Some of the mods (texture and visual effect related) I have installed are: 64K FAR N.A.N.A. Wildfire Destruction FX Stock Visual Enhancements Scatterer RealPlume - Stock Configs Dynamic Texture Loader Texture Replacer Kerbal Krash System Camera Tools Collision FX Please let me know if there are any other mods that may cause this problem, or if it's just a bug with KSP itself. Thanks again for any help.
  22. It looks like the Δv needed to reach low Kerbin orbit from KSC went down recently from 4,550 m/s to under 3,600. I've seen references in the forum that suggest that this is due to the new aerodynamics modeling in 1.0.4(?), but can anyone explain why?