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[1.0.5] * Rocket Factory * - LeBeau Space Industries

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R o c k e t   F a c t o r y

dear all, this developmental thread is now closed - Thank you all 4 Support  !!
therefore was created a release thread ->  any other versions or adaptations are now being published in the new Release Thread .

mod parts overview

Part Overview
Tech Tree survey overview

Current parts brief overview 


mod Style description

  • semi realistic surfaces textures (slightly used), not historical references. but partial with stockalike style components.

  • influences of 70'- late 80' European and American Design. - therefore consciously renouncement many KSP. stockalike style elements.

  • consequently many IVA Design elements of "SiGMA-V" Pod are from the 70' Sci-Fi. Cult Movie "2001 Space Odyssey" of Stanley Kubrick. (see thread)


Recommended Mods
  • KerbalEngineer
  • Stock Visual Enhancements -SVE- A Port of RVE
  • MechJeb


Known issues

  • None so far - no incompatibility known with other mods.


KSP Version required

  • 1.0.5  - (should be backward compatible to 1.0 -Released 27th April, 2015 - unfinished tested. )


Planned features

  • set all IVAs with RPM/ASET Rasterprop - for more detail see roadmap details below

  • complementary 7.5m or 10m diameter heavy lifter parts, like appropriate fuel tanks and Engines to acomplish effective extraplanetary excursions -> like a 'Duna Launch System' - see this post



6zUgiEX.png r8k8Pju.png





4U8pBwO.png 8oxzvTh.png

[curse forge]

spacedock following soon

[ DONATE here ]


read more



These mods take many man hours to complete, and many of us are working professionals who do this on the side as well as work full time jobs.

Some of us do it because they love KSP, Personally I would love to quit my job and just make rocket parts all day, but work pays the bills.

So if someone wants to send me some money to make it a little easier to stay up lane one night to build ksp mods, this would be very very happy !


Thanks in advance !







main focus of 'Rocket Factory' - Mod

This pack will provide to extend and facility the KSP Stock parts.

Especialy made to make it easier and incerase the initial Carreer history for Kerbal Rookies

-In addition, an extension Stock-share.

the parts have mainly focus on playability and memory saving and hold memory footprint as low as possible – therefore some parts comes with non high Res. textures.


detail description

actually, the MOD is meant to supplement the squad-stock. It has many pods of bootlegs to 3.75m diameter. All inclusive with IVAs.

Additional engines especially easy and a lot of power. (a bit oversized) - especially lateral thrusters (LAE series) with sufficient force in the selection both monopropellant as well LiquidFuel version.
The same applies to controll-truster, there monopropellant as well LiquidFuel version.

3 fuel tank types - built thin ideal to serve as pedestal to serve for Lander. Structural it has mainly complementary thin built decoupler.

Additionally, I have a booster with extra tank with a really lot of power in the range that allows the beginning of the game quickly to reach points and archive missions.

In the Gamma series I've built a complete complementary 2m diameter setup. (yes 2m and not 1.85m). - [more conceptual motivation you see this on page 6 of the threads.]

.. from concept                                                                   ..to this
T8ldeZW.jpg  8EgmbE0.png


Add to this a docking port, a large solar panel, and a special parachute with a lot of drag designed for the heavy Sigma V Pod.

another point in design of spaceships was a good pilot vision forward.

obvious advantage if the pilot a clear view to the front is - the spaceships can also be used for SHP.


mod features and advantages :

  • stronger equipped Engines (trust/weight ratio)

  • stronger equipped Reaction Weel and Electric Charge on all Pods

  • all Pods equipped with BulitIn Antennas and Communication parts.

  • all Pods equipped with some BulitIn (stock) Science parts. - (be different from pod to pod)

  • all command pods ability to identify installed mechjeb.  [* Mechjeb is recommended but not required *]


- all this mod parts are available more quickly in the career mode. This means faster available stronger parts to incereases your Caarer History.

- Fuel and Electric Generators Parts, a holdover - with this part all started .. later, the first 1-man pods and then followed by other .. until I thought came had to share this with you. - (yeah sure.. you can cheat with ALT-F12 )


*  current development status: 98%  *



listing parts

* Command - Pods






left to right


- Kappa NK-1                                                    (mass = 0.90 / Crew = 1 )

- Kappa NK-2                                                    (mass = 0.76 / Crew = 1 )

- CX-2 Bootleg                                                  (mass = 0.90 / Crew = 1 )

- Gamma NG1                                                  (mass = 0.90 / Crew = 2 )

 - Kappa NK-V                                                    (mass = 3.20 / Crew = 4 )

- Kappa SiGMA-V                                        (mass = 8.90 / Crew = 11 )

 * all Pods come with IVA, CabinLights and some others surprises *




* Engines




- Engine-WPt500-SkyWipe                         (mass = 2.1 / maxThrust = 590 )

- Engine-WPt1200-SkyWipe                       (mass = 3.7 / maxThrust = 1120 )

- Engine -WPt2800-SkyWipe                      (mass = 5.7 / maxThrust = 2780 )

- Engine LAE-250-SkyClimber                     (mass = 0.15 / maxThrust = 210 )

- SB-FRT-360 Solid Fuel Booster                (mass = 0.5 / maxThrust = 360 )



* Control




- TR-c Series – Mono Trusters                   (mass = 0.05 / maxThrust = 2.0 )

- TR-c Series – LiquidFuel Trusters           (mass = 0.05 / maxThrust = 2.0 )

- CX-0 Multiprupose Scientific  Remote Guidance Unit.               

- CX-1 Multiprupose Scientific  Remote Guidance Unit.   


* FuelTank




          FLAD200-SF Fuel Tank-Adapter 2m to 2.5m (NG Series)      (288 LiquidFuel / 358 Oxidizer)

-          FLAD250-SF Fuel Tank-2.5m Adapter to FLAD200-SF          (346 LiquidFuel / 430 Oxidizer)

-          FLAD SRV 500 Fuel-Tank 2.m (NG Series)                            (430 LiquidFuel / 525 Oxidizer)

-          SRV-FLT-800 Fuel Tank 2.5m                                                 (576 LiquidFuel / 704 Oxidizer)

-          SRV-FLT-1200 Fuel Tank  3.75m                                            (864 LiquidFuel / 1056 Oxidizer)

        SRV-FLTB-220 K Fuel Tank


* Structural




-          DCng-200 Stack Decoupler (2.0m) – (NG Series)

-          DCx-065 Stack Decoupler (0.65m)

-          DCx-125 Stack Decoupler (1.25m)

-          DCx-250 Stack Decoupler (2.5m)

-          DCx-375 Stack Decoupler (3.75m)

-          DCXL-500 Stack Decoupler (5.0 m)

-          FLAD 200 - NG flad Adapter 2m to 2.5m (NG Series)


* Utility




-          DRG-SOLARPN01 - large solar array panel

-          Clamp Docking Port DPNG-200 2.0m  (NG Series)

   -  Clamp Docking Port DPNG-160 2.0m  (NG Series)

(full compatible with KSP Stock "Clamp-O-Tron Docking Port Sr.")

- LBSI Stack "Duna"-Chute SC160 [FSCRS]


*  SOLAR.Array Panels Serie ESP*

- LBSI_ESP365m

- LBSI_ESP-R790-60

- LBSI_ESP-R800-40


- LBSI DRG-PN01 Solarpanel

* Generators



-          RXe-1 Radial B.A.M. Electric Generator *

-          RXf-1 Radial B.A.M. FUEL Generator *

-          TXe-1 Stack B.A.M. Electric Generator *

-          ZXf-1 Stack B.A.M. FUEL Generator *


Developer Annotation:



when I discovered the game before 1 year it fascinates me- it love at first sight.

At first, I did some parts modified, then came ships to then share IVAs and structure.

So then it became a collection that I want to publish now.


My Intention was not to recreate anything from the human reality in Scale perfection.

Anyone part has no historical references, but some details are familiary to some historical Part.

especaly some Vessel Internals have funny Surprises from the late 80‘s..


Use your imagination


 Giuseppe Randazzo 


„LeBeau Space Industries“



If you have any questions, comments or suggestions; I am wide open and appreciate any help and ideas for improvement.

Thank you all for Looking!



dear all, this mod development as terminated. !
therefore was created a release thread ->  any other versions or adaptations are now being published in the new Release Thread .



future planned development:





- FOR THIS MOD :   Rasterprop ASET /RPM assets for some Pods of "Rocket Factory".


- planned NEW Mod : MOD Package # 2  "LBSI Large Habitats and Multiprupose Space Vehicles"  this includes ;

* a large inflatable habitat mudule (8m diameter - prototyp already finished)

* big Rotating wheel Space Station (design still open)

*  munar lander vehicles (prototyp already finished)

*  solar panels, electro engines and other utilitys (some part already on work)

*  solar panels, electro engines and other utilitys (some part already on work)

*  user wish, vote! - Info will follow


- planned NEW Mod : MOD Package # 3  "LBSI Space-X revisited - Legacy Modules"  this includes ;

* scale SpaceX Dragon V1 -CRS Module (- prototyp already finished )

* scale SpaceX Dragon V2 Module (- prototyp already finished - inlude IVA)




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24 minutes ago, TyrannoFan said:

This looks pretty cool. I don't use any part packs for memory reasons but if I make a separate 64-bit KSP folder, this looks like one of the mods I'll be using.

thnx a lot mate ! :D

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17 minutes ago, VenomousRequiem said:

Woo! I saw you on the Launchers Pack thread with these originally, yeah? Been hyped ever since!

Hi Venomous, yes i u mean the   LBSI SB FRT-360 - Solid Fuel Booster (maxThrust = 360)


u can see here more parts and sample setups during game-testing.

hope you enjoy it  ^_^



Edited by RaendyLeBeau
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Randy (this is now and forever how I will read your name) it looks like a lot of your parts would benefit from setting some of the edges to 'soft' rather than 'hard', so that they appear to be smooth curves in game. I'm not sure what modeling program you're using so I don't know how to go into more detail then that.

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hi CobaltWolf, 

thnx mate !  yes obviously this was my goal to going another approach in design the pods' and the other parts. the renounce to high resolution textures and gimmiks' (like bump mapping and others)  in return for more vertex ( and edges)

-  The result are memory lightweighted Pods ( average of 2MB extern - IVA's average are 3.5MB )  so the gameplay result very smooth.

another point - because the parts dont have historical references, so the result during the Design Phase was more freedom and creativity to realize my own ideas.  ^_^ 

(sorry my poor english .. )

 yes i use like most of those here 'Blender'

Edited by RaendyLeBeau
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Maybe a better name?


I love the Leia though. It's an accurate, stock-alike, but still balance representation of the CST-100.

And the Bootleg looks like the ISRO OV. Could you maybe increase the crew size to 2 though?

Edited by _Augustus_
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These pods look great!  

I would suggest adjusting the Gamma NG-1 pod to have a 1.875m base rather than the 2m base.  There are several mods already out there with 1.875m parts.  That way it would fit with several more parts than just the custom 2.5m to 2m adapter in this part pack.

Do the three new 1.25m 1-Kerbal pods all have different purposes, or are they just visually different?  (They all look great)


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16 hours ago, Venusgate said:

Nice command pods! 
Every time I see a new mod like this, I weep for the RAM restriction.

Out of curiosity, how are you balancing the tonnage of the pods? A .9t 2-crew re-entry vehicle sounds too good to be true XD

Hi venusgate,

yes i work actualy on a appropiate parachute system...my problem. the chute stuck on the air after deploying and descent with 1.6m/s on kerbin Atmosphere .. little bit strong drag ... :lol:   - ok. its probably the right setup for 'DUNA', 'EVE' and other planets..   [WiP]


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5 hours ago, Thraken said:

These pods look great!  

I would suggest adjusting the Gamma NG-1 pod to have a 1.875m base rather than the 2m base.  There are several mods already out there with 1.875m parts.  That way it would fit with several more parts than just the custom 2.5m to 2m adapter in this part pack.

Do the three new 1.25m 1-Kerbal pods all have different purposes, or are they just visually different?  (They all look great)


Hi Thraken,

yes, you are probably right eventuealy i change the diameter size.


Yes 3 visual different  Pod's this means that simply desire to design free.

but some 'pilot front view' concept details between NK-1  and CX-2 are intentional. 

in difference to other historical pods the nk-1 and cx-2 gives them pilots a "better front sight"

(but obviously not realistic in aerodynamik therms during atmospheric flight phases)



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38 minutes ago, Proteus said:

i dont get it,can i get the parts without mechjeb?

i only see the mechjeb download link

Hi Proteus,

some Pods i have integrated 'mechjeb' functionality - but obviously needed pre installed mechjeb plugins

- so you can download it at official KSP mod site  (curse)


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