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The Ultimate Jool 5 Challenge Continued

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Make sense, though you might have to be careful, my Tylo Lander i talked about has one Cub powering a Small bunch of tanks and a bare seat, as i remember, it has like 4900 m/s, which is rather thin, that i have to be very careful.

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Here's the Sheep v3, hope this surpassed your expectations...







Highlighted Landings :



Returns :



Year count : 15000 Years

Delta V count : Over 50000 m/s

Kerbal count : 5

Landing count : 42 (w8 whaa...did i just...get a free Douglas Adams number ?)

Craft : Sheep v3

Ship cost : 2.4 Million Roots

Mass : Around 3200 Tons

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4 hours ago, GRS said:

Jool 5, yes @Fraus, but you'll need to show us your Mission to land on Jool's moons, and you can't use Kraken devices or such.

I really hope you understand, that was meant to be a joke about Juuls (It's an e-cig thing millennials are big on)

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Ok...take ur time...as long as you're going to review it, that's all i need, review it once you have enough time, you'll need a long time to read my submission though...

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Excuse me, can I use NavHud mod(because NavBall is too small and I use this mod for airplane flight) FullAutoStrut and Kerbal Joint Re-inforcement(both I use prevent Kraken Effect)...?

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I finished my Jool 5 mission around 2 months ago as part of my Kerpollo submission. Up to now I  never had the time to sort the 140 screenshots and added descriptions. 

I now uploaded them to Imgurl: https://imgur.com/a/MuS2Bxf? 

Sadly Imgur ate the descriptions, no matter how often I tried to add them. Thus I will leaving it as it is. 

Some important points though: Most manoevers (especially Rendevouz, hohman and interplanetary transfers) were done with the help from MechJeb.
The Delta-V  Budget was quite small on Tylo, several tries were needed, even with MechJeb. If I ever do a landing on Tylo again I will take at least one Vector engine for enough TWR or design a dedicated non-reusable lander for Tylo. 

@JacobJHC Please review. If you have any questions or you need a explaination just ask. If you don't have the time at the moment, don't worry. I needed two months to upload the images so I'm not in a hurry :)

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I'm in the final stages of writing a mission report for my Jool-5 mission, see: 

Imgur is acting up at the moment, so I haven't finished the last part of the mission report (the Pol landing and the return to Kerbin) but I hope to be able to upload the final 30 pictures or so shortly.

@JacobJHC I'd like to invite you to review my misison when you have the time. I hope everything is clear, but if you have questions please ask. 

One final note: I forgot to disable Hyperedit and Vessel Mover for the launch into LKO. I hope that the detailed mission report I have provided of the launch will convince you that I did not cheat ;). I disabled these mods as soon as I realized I still had them running, so you will not see them for the remainder of the mission. 

@jost: I've been having difficulties with imgur as well. To me it looks like they are in the process of updating their site code and it is not going according to plan... Hopefully they'll sort it out soon.

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1 hour ago, JacobJHC said:


Although to be fair I have a final today, so it will probably have to wait until later today.

Good luck with your final! Take your time there is no need to hurry up 

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@GRS, your submission has been reviewed. 

There are three ways reviewing this submission could have gone, rejecting it for craft copying, accepting it no problem, or using it as a learning opportunity.

Your mission, by your own statement was inspired by my own extended grand tour mission. However, there is no doubt that the mission contains drastically to many similarities to my my own, with the only major difference being your launch stage. Shown below are pictures comparing your craft to mine, arranged in pairs with mine above yours.

unknown.png?width=400&height=237   As seen in this set, the craft used for Gilly is completely identical to mine, minus the fact you used one less fuel tank.


unknown.png   This pair is quite interesting, as they are virtually the exact same screenshot. Note how both of our vessels are comprised of several xenon sections, made of three take segments docked to one another. Similarly, both have a solar panel array mounted on a girder. I wouldn't normally count this as copying since it is an incredibly basic design, but given the other similarities I am inclined to believe you copied this design aspect from my craft as well. Next, there is one of the spherical command pods, followed by large battery arrays, which have 6x symmetry xenon tanks with ion engines on the back. These screenshots alone tell me that your mission is more of a reboot of my own than your own mission, and that alone seems to take away from the mission's supposed grandeur, as most of the components that made the mission possible were copied directly from my mission. 


unknown.png?width=400&height=276   This final pair just further shows how your main mother-ship is significantly too similar to mine. To be completely honest, I expect anyone who sees the thread of your mission, and the YouTube video of my mission to mistake them as the exact same mission. 


While I feel I could have ripped this mission apart on your mission thread, I won't, because I feel this instance is best used as a learning opportunity. Missions are difficult to build, they often require extensive amounts of planning, testing, and whatnot to make everything work. Having someone copy your mission almost part-for-part can feel like you've been cheated in a way, especially if it's submitted to a challenge. It feels like plagiarism. My advice to you is to be inspired by missions like mine, or missions done by everyone else, but not to copy them in such a precise degree ever again. The reason I say that is 1. People might not take your missions seriously if they are mostly other people's designs, and 2. They might not be as polite as I am and go off on you.


At the end of the day, you did the Jool 5 mission, you planet the flags, and returned the Kerbals, although I'm just not sure what to do. I have never seen anything quite like this, with two virtually identical submissions from separate users. In a situation like this I would let the other mission's submitter determine if yours is counted or not, but that other submitter is me, so there is extreme bias present. So, I'm going to ask @Ziv and @sdj64, the previous heads of the Jool 5 Challenge decide for me. If they don't see this and reply, I'll determine another course of action I feel is fair to decide.

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Ok...at least you read it...

Now that i think of it...i could've just put 6 Docking Port jrs to prevent one of those copyrights...as well as mounting the whole utilities and such in the tank instead of putting a bar for it...still, I'll use it to learn fir the future...and if you don't accept it...i don't mind making a Sheep v3.1...really...this will only take a long time...

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