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What are you least skilled in?  

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  1. 1. What activity or procedure still gives you the most headaches?

    • Rocket ascent
    • Transfers
    • Rendezvous
    • Docking
    • Precise landing
    • Plane flying
    • Plane landing

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Building a plane I can easily land is a challenge, and I am not at all patient with planetary transfers(or even transfers between the Mun and Minus), so I tend to have long flight times and high dv usage.

(this could be why I am so fond of ISRU with high efficiency engines(like nerva or the lithium fueled engines from near future).  Usually starting departure burns with nearly full fuel/ore tanks and landing on Ike to refuel before landing for example)

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Intercepts of small bodies. I've only visited Moho once and that was terrifyingly hard, both to plan and to execute, and I've never managed to hit Dres or Eeloo; every time I've tried I've gotten too frustrated and given up. They're still on my todo list.

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I find driving to be the most challenging.

I have at least 4,000 hours in and have built bases on minmus, the mun, Duna and am building a tour (complete with amphibious lander) to Laythe.

Planes are my first love. I started building RC planes in 1985 and pop was an engineer for Northrop. Whenever I start a new game, I build an F-20 Tigershark for pop (RIP).

My last sandbox included a ship called Duna or Bust which had 2 landing science stations one for Duna and one for Ike, 2 landers with wheeled science equipped rovers one for Duna and one for Ike, an orbital refinery with dropship miner and 6 relay sats (3 for each body). The main ship carried up to 120 Kerbals without putting people in the landers etc... No problems other than a few broken solar panels...

But I keep rolling/crashing the freaking rovers in low gravity! :~

I have a U2 that can circumnavigate Kerbin at 22k meters that I can land on any runway in the game with ease using nothing but keyboard and mouse controls, but I can't drive a rover 2 clicks on Duna or Ike to save my life...


KSP is true to life in this regard. It is far more hazardous to drive than fly... even to the Mun. :)

On 1/28/2020 at 12:54 AM, Brikoleur said:

Intercepts of small bodies. I've only visited Moho once and that was terrifyingly hard, both to plan and to execute, and I've never managed to hit Dres or Eeloo; every time I've tried I've gotten too frustrated and given up. They're still on my todo list.

Moho is notoriously hard because it is so small with such little mass and so close to the sun Kerbol. Try The Mun, Minmus and then Duna in that order. Moho is one of the most difficult so don't judge yourself on that one if you aren't hitting Dres.

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Complex transfers with gravity assists. The game's course plotting is flat-out wrong so much of the time and floating point errors eat up enough delta V in complex transfer schemes that a 10% delta V allowance sometimes ends in mission failure. It's  not worth the "cool factor". I've done a few, and now I just brute-force all transfers with a 20% allowance minimum.

Edit: And by the way, the trick to transfer to small bodies in very different planes like Moho or Dres is to transfer at ascending/descending node so that the nodes and ap/pe overlap. Then set up a burn at the orbit intercept point to achieve intercept on a second orbit. Optionally correct the planes at the ap. This allows near optimum transfer deltaV to Moho every time with basically no planning. If you really want to save more deltaV to Moho, combine the launch/transfer, and launch directly NE or SE just before Kerbin noon. This way you eat up plane change with the launch stages of your craft and get an Oberth effect boost by starting the transfer burn in atmosphere.

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Landing planes. Though I think that's the game rather than my bad playing it. Much of the time the plane simply self destructs touching down at less than .5m/s vertically. To be honest, with my smaller planes, I just use parachutes. Aim for the landing strip, get over it, and pop the chutes, then go get a cup of coffee.

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I can do landings/docking, but I cannot at ALL do a transfer to another planet through the use of gravity assists (I can transfer directly though.)  HOW DOES ANYONE PLAN THEM! :confused:

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Gravity assists wasn't an option, so I went with precise landings.

On 2/4/2020 at 8:06 PM, Castille7 said:

As great as I think I am at Aircraft Landings it's still a challenge as it should be, I'm sure in the RL it's not as simple as pilots make it out to be.

It really depends on conditions, how complex the aircraft is, and traffic.

Landing a Cessna at an uncontrolled airport in perfect conditions with no traffic is pretty simple, as long as you understand how to control the airplane.  But throw in ATC, other traffic, crosswind, etc and it can get complex pretty quick.

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34 minutes ago, Clockwork13 said:

Plane building/flying. For as long as I've played this game I still can't for the life of me build a plane that flies smoothly, if at all.

That's all part of the fun! I'm sure I spent weeks with my first Aircraft build. Once you get one flying it will be soooooo satisfying. This is what makes KSP so much fun. Next you will want to put something in Orbit, then you'll want to land on the Mun. 

Check out some Videos on youtube, lots of us like Scott Manley's stuff for some good 101 crash courses

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On 2/8/2020 at 5:28 PM, miklkit said:

Rendezvous.  I built a special ship just for this and it still runs out of fuel before I even get close.  I can land on the Mun closer to the target than I can get in LKO.

My advice on this is to never ever ever eyeball rendezvous. Fiddle with maneuver nodes until you have a close encounter (within physics range close), switch to "target" on the navball and zero out your velocity by burning retrograde to the target. Then, point at the target on the navball (just use your reaction wheels for this to save RCS), switch to docking mode, and coast in, keeping your prograde marker on the target marker. I find it helps me to orient myself so that the whiskey mark on the navball is right side up (looks like a W). This will help if you have to switch to eyeballs when you get close because you're not aligned to the docking port.

And above all else, do it slow. 1m/s slow, no more than 5m/s when you're pretty far away, at least until you get a feel for your RCS power.

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