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  1. I'm in a similar position myself but have you gotten any science from the X-1/X-15 capsule experiments (eg supersonic flight, mach 2 flight)? You have to select them through the PAW in the SPH.
  2. Probably too late for this, but recognize that much of KSP 1 is semi-abandoned placeholder content, from the contract system to the planetary system. Don't limit the design to what's familiar when there are better alternatives. e.g. A second gas planet for Voyager-type grand flybys. Redesigned capsules with space for a parachute, docking port, and LES. More granular science collection that rewards exploring the local environment (hilltops, craters, various rockbeds and soils, other procedurally generated scan points) A more informative map view that accounts for re-entry and warns you of commnet and electric problems ahead of time. Any kind of incentive for using non-capsule modules for crew, whether it's crew comfort that affects the science multiplier or life support.
  3. My theory is whatever being put the monolith on the KSC platueau did so to attract the first Kerbals to the area - and it worked. Kerbal civilization developed in the very location best suited for spaceflight, a large flat coastal landmass on the equator.
  4. Thank you for sharing this! Really appreciate the glimpse into internal game development
  5. I am excited for how bright and colorful the game is! It reminds me of the times I played KSP 1 as a kid.
  6. @linuxgurugamerCan the FPS counter be hidden when F2 is pressed? It's kind of obtrusive in screenshot mode(?) currently.
  7. I've been playing with KiwiTechTree, not PBC, but I had the same problem. I've always felt the antennas were placed too far ahead (especially when playing with JNSQ + Kerbalism), so I finally decided to move most antennas one tier earlier via config editing. Progression is much smoother now, and more enjoyable . Play the game the way you want to!
  8. Is there a way to use the SkyhawkKerbalism12HourDays config without the rest of the Skyhawk mod? I'd like to have Kerbalism work with JNSQ correctly but don't (yet!) want to play with BDB/Skyhawk. Alternatively, is multiplying all the Supplies values by 2 in the default config enough to make Kerbalism balanced with JNSQ (or is there something else I'm missing)?
  9. (Hopefully) small QOL suggestion: a "Vessel markers enabled/disabled" text that appears when F4 is pressed in flight.
  10. Found some possible bugs. Bug 1: When in the VAB, mousing over a parts PAW menu causes the part to disappear. This occurs only for a few parts, and only when it is the new root part. It happened with the Probodobodyne Rovemate and HECS 2. Bug 2: The default KSP flag does not appear correctly on the Mk1-3 command pod. Is anyone else seeing these?
  11. I found a bug, or a feature I don't understand. When inside a hitchhiker on the Mun's surface, at night, with an RTG attached, the environment pane under info said Radiation =10 mrad/h. Habitat Radiation with shielding is 4.241 mrad/h. After removing the RTG, Radiation fell to 0.011 mrad/h, but Habitat Radiation remained at 4.241 mrad/h. A kerbal outside standing immediately next to it shows radiation of just 0.01 mrad/h. What explains this difference? KSP log| Notable mods: JNSQ, (Parallax?) Screenshots:
  12. I've had this issue too. A fix seems to be to return to the KSC screen, then launch a new vessel, and then you should be able to switch back to the previous vessel with everything working.
  13. Is there a way to generate Oxygen in space? I know IRL its done with electrolysis of water, but I can't find a way to do it in KSP.
  14. Bug: It looks like Kerbalism doesn't recognizes the difference between the small and large robotic arms (from Breaking Ground) for the ROC experiments. With the small arm the stock dialogue shows that the small arm only gives a percentage of the total possible science for the ROC experiment, but Kerbalism gives a greater number of credits, which would make sense for the large arm. Screenshots in spoiler: KSP version: 1.10.1 Kerbalism version: 3.12
  15. Focus on progression. Adding better visuals and mod features to the stock game are nice, but ultimately what keeps me playing is a progression system that challenges me without being annoying. The science collection system needs to be completely revamped so that it doesn't just consist of clicking PAW items. Breaking Ground was a big improvement but I'd like to see more environment-specific experiments in the stock game. There also should be a single location that shows all the collected data. Contracts are also a mess. They aren't open ended enough - e.g. you should have the option to explore Minmus before the Mun - but they also aren't challenging enough. It would help to have more serious time deadlines with lower rewards. Satellite contracts should offer orbits that are sensible, like Keosyncronous or polar orbit. Building progression is also pretty annoying and could be revamped like in Bureaucracy - upgrades that improve gameplay (patched conics, action groups, ability to EVA, etc) should be given in earlier tiers, while extending the capability of the buildings (DSN range, # of kerbals) requires more tiered upgrades.
  16. I reinstalled Scatterer but got the same issue again. unifiedCamShadowResolutionOverride = 8192 Here's the config: Also, the log spam stops when in the SOI of a non-atmospheric body.
  17. Bug report: After updating Scatterer, my log was filled with "[ERR 15:07:10.048] RenderTexture.Create failed: width & height must be larger than 0", while simultaneously the FPS dropped significantly. I got this on the KSC screen and in flight. log file | mod list Notable mods: JNSQ, EVE-Redux, Kopernicus BE KSP Version: 1.10.1
  18. I don't currently have time to test it (maybe I can later this week), but I've had similar problems when entering JNSQ Eve's atmosphere with a 1.875m Restock heatshield. The craft consistently exploded at ~40,000km.
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