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[1.8.1] Kerbal Wind Continued

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This is a thread for the continuation of Kerbal Wind that I've been working on recently.

Orignal thread:

New GH repository: https://github.com/RCrockford/KerbalWind

Current release: https://github.com/RCrockford/KerbalWind/releases/tag/v1.0


FerramAerospaceResearch is a dependency. You need it or this mod won't even load.

Current status is Beta for testing. Only tested in RSS, it will probably work in other scales, but some of the altitude dependent stuff will be a little off.

New features

Weather system: it has position and time dependent weather that is seeded from your save game (so you get the same weather if you revert a flight and refly it).

New UI:


Gust modelling now updates every couple of seconds (speed dependent) rather than every frame which makes it less twitchy.

Wind speed and turbulence is altitude (above ground level) dependent.


The code is subject to the MIT license (see GitHub page). In addition, the creators of derivative work must give credit to silverfox8124 and DaMichel. The toolbar icon is subject to the WTFPL (http://www.wtfpl.net/)

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Like like like cannot like enough. I was considering actually doing this but never got far enough- now to add a "rain" option with part failures so we can scrub our launches. (Will maybe just maybe start on the code. Expect no graphics.) 

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