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The Kerbal Crane Challenge - Make an accurate crane replica in KSP (Preferably Liebherr, but any brand of crane will be fine.)

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Who here can make an all terrain mobile crane in KSP that looks as close to the real crane as possible? (Actually, I would prefer all-terrain mobile cranes, but any crane from tower cranes to crawler cranes to ring cranes would be fine, as long as they look close to the real thing                                             download17.jpg download18.jpg download20.jpg                f6bKerbalCraneChallenge.png                      

Here are mine, including the Kiebherr KTM 1120-4.3, Kiebherr KTM 1030-2.1, Kiebherr KTM 1300-6.2, and Kiebherr KTC 1050-3.1.  Sorry there are so many pictures, but I use Kerbal Space Program more like Kerbal Crane Simulator. As Hans Kiebherr always said, "Why go to space when you can lift the stars themselves?"

vlcsnap2021040313h28.png 3f7vlcsnap2021040313h28.pnge3vlcsnap2021040313h28.png


848vlcsnap2021040313h29.png 951vlcsnap2021040313h29.png


5aavlcsnap2021040313h29.png c1evlcsnap2021040313h30.png 369vlcsnap2021040313h30.png68dvlcsnap2021040313h48.png c56vlcsnap2021040313h48.png 3fcvlcsnap2021040313h48.pngd9cvlcsnap2021040313h48.png 27bvlcsnap2021040313h48.png 4efvlcsnap2021040313h48.png

Check out my YouTube Channel for videos of some of the cranes shown here.

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I forgot to add my cranes, and the challenge logo.
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Hmmm, interesting ksp project. Would be fun to do one day.


Gimme some time.


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