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What did you do in KSP today?

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10 hours ago, Tyko said:

1/10th would make Kerbin 60km in diameter. That's only slightly larger than Minmus a 1x scale

Scott Manley made a video about a mod which makes Kerbin 1/10th stock scale a few years back. I believe the mod he used is now defunct, but Sigma Dimensions could be used to scale down Kerbin instead.


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2 minutes ago, Kebab Kerman said:

1/1000000th scale. 0.6 meters. Perfect. Kerbals can achieve orbit simply by jumping!

Actually it would be near (since no special relativity) impossible to reach orbit as you're inside the Schwarzschild radius. You'd need a dV of over c.

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Not much to report to y'all today. No screenies either, unfortunately.

With the Enchova Central outpost on Duna fully operational and the Scan Queen outpost on Ike at least capable of remote launches, my truncated day began with some design work. My default Kerbinport Core 7 space station design was altered to include a mass driver and Bigby workshop; this variant was dubbed the Ikeport Core 7, since it's likely I'll either launch the first of these directly from Scan Queen or from the orbital shipyard currently under construction at Scan Queen. I also designed a dockable resource-hauling probe-lander for moving Mineral resources from Duna's orbit to Ike's surface. Since I haven't used the name for a few versions, I called the design the Nostromo 7. Current intent is to build the first one at an orbital shipyard over Duna, once I've got said facility built.

The Spamcan 7a lander I'd sent down to the surface of Ike for purposes of clearing an exploration contract there finally made its way back up to LSV House Atreides in equatorial orbit; the launch was the first actual flying done yesterday, and the day finished with the craft's docking at Atreides. In the meantime, I pulled some shenanigans with LSV House Harkonnen in orbit of Duna to clear the next exploration contract, which was to conduct a spacewalk over Duna and transfer a kerbal from one craft to another. To accomplish this, I undocked the Minnow 7 touring craft docked at Harkonnen, then had Jeb get out of the Minnow's capsule and jetpack over, entering Harkonnen through an attached airlock module. Contract complete, the Minnow re-docked to Harkonnen. As hoped, clearing this contract has unlocked the first Eve exploration contract, which is to conduct a flyby and return a craft from that flyby. Current plan is to print up a Kerbin-return craft - maybe a Bill Clinton 7 garbage grabber probe - aboard Harkonnen before she departs from Duna, swinging by Eve before heading on to Kerbin. Alcubierre Drive rules...

Speaking of which, construction of a Bill Clinton 7b grabber probe began at Enchova Central, with a goal to test a 10 meter heat shield while landed on Duna's surface. The plan there is to finish the print, conduct the test, and recycle the probe since the design being printed is the one that lacks the launch booster - by itself, the probe wouldn't be able to reach orbit.

Last things that happened were some ore drilling at the Piper Alpha outpost on Mun for contract and the initial construction of a Phage 7 minimalist base-seed lander there as well; I got a contract for a new Mun outpost but the requirements are so minimal I should be able to just fart that one out - I'll just put the new structures close to PA, use the base's Equipment supply to inflate them, and then detach. Should work (with should being a strong operative word there). 

So far this morning, I've conducted an Auk II 8-passenger spaceplane flight to LKO, with a rendezvous already set with space station Kerbinport. Aboard the Auk are tourists Lanard, Wehrming, Hadfrod and Matty Kerman as well as colonists Shannon, Stauki, Tansey and Kabert Kerman. The colonists are all headed out to the Deepwater Horizon outpost on Minmus, while the tourists are the first batch wanting to visit the red planet and its moon, with Lanard wanting to make a landing on Duna. The tourists are also wanting to visit Mun and Minmus, so the plan is for the group to swing by Mun first aboard Strange Cargo before heading on to Minmus. Hopefully by the time the tour group returns to Kerbinport, Harkonnen will have returned from Duna (having popped by Eve on her way back). Before that happens, I plan to have Jeb conduct an inspection of Enchova Central (for contract) and to put some more infrastructure in the Duna/Ike SOI. There's not much else needed at his point, so I'm hoping that will all happen soon.

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I made it to Duna for the first time in my new career save! :D

Then I crashed;.;

Then I quick loaded :cool:

thanks developers for quick save:D

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Boy, oh boy did I have problems.  And I had nobody to blame but myself.  I decoupled the Mini-Mining Platform from its Booster and found that MechJeb and the Probe had no control over the Mini-Miner.  So I have to place another one in Orbit.  And tested it.


I needed it to have a solid control over the Mini-Miner because it would need to land on its wheels when it got to the Mun.


But once landed, depending on how far away it was from the Lander, I needed it to use Rover Autopilot to get to the target.

At this point, being paranoid, I checked on my Robotic Nuke-Tug and found out I had launched a MK 1 into space.  The one with the messed up RSC set up.  So I junked it, deleted the MK 1 from the saves, and launched a MK 2 to link up with the functioning Mini-Miner.


But the Mini-Miner had a broken wheel.  So, I could have them dock at the OSS, get the fuel tanks topped off, AND have a Engineer do a spacewalk to fix the wheel.  OR just head directly to the Mun.  My problem is I don't know how well the Mini-Miner will be able to handle a broken wheel all by itself.  Or even if I could drive it with such a handicap.


Any advice would be welcome.  


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Today was all about boats... well, and a rover.

Jeb, Val, Bill and Bob are about to take some much needed vacation time, and what better way to spend it than visit some of those far flung places on Kerbin, that even they haven't visited.

So Bill set about the task of designing a high speed (because kerbals) cruiser to take for a circumnavigation of Kerbin along the coastline. He also added a rover for it to carry, so that they could take trips inland without wearing out their boots.

Today the vessel was launched on a massive transport to take it to the shoreline. While observing the operation from the deck Bill was almost bent in two, as Jeb was VERY keen to get the boat in the water.


Once into the break water, Bill decided to take a paddle around the vehicle to check it out.


Then made a closer inspection.


With everything looking ok, Bill instructed Jeb to drop the transporter, which didn't drop quite far enough for the boat to float off, but a bit of jet power soon solved that.


After a quick shakedown trip across the bay, the next step was to tuck up against the beack to let Bob loose in the rover.


Bob was pleased with his new toy, althogh it does require frequent recharging, it does so very quickly.


Satisfied that the rover was performing well, Bob lined it up to board the boat once more.


He then noticed one slight error with Bill's design of the boats ISRU fuel system.


Having taken note of this he returned to the rover for the trip home.


With the sun low on the horizon and the VAB visibile ahead, the four headed home, ready for the long voyage... well once Bill fixes that drill anyway.


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So, I decided to get it over with.  The Robotic Nuke-Tug took the Mini-Miner to the Orbital Science Station.  Not only were tanks topped off but I had decided to fix the wheel as suggested.


I hate space walks.  Partly because I feel the RSC control of the suits kind of sucks.  Mostly because I hate heights.  So no images were captured till after the wheel was repaired and Bill was on his way back to the airlock he started out from.



Tomorrow, with all the equipment repaired, tanks full, and the designs tested I will be sending it to the MUN!


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Today, I landed on Augustus.



- Having picked an anomaly site for landing, though, I ended up in a spot I couldn't see Otho from when landed...


- On the upside, I got to do a selfie next to a monolith.


- Once all of the science was gathered and all flags were planted, the lander departed. It eventually rendezvoused and docked with transfer stage/refueler, ready to visit the next moon of the bronze gas giant.


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My Duna mission returned home. I may have slightly miscalculated the amount of food they would need for a return trip, so instead of admiring the view, Val, Bill and Bob were more focused on gobbling down the snacks brought up with the shuttle. 


Once back on Kerbin, Bill started flight tests of the new modular cargo landing system. 



It handles surprisingly well, and can be configured for a wide range of cargoes ranging from shipping containers, rovers and base components. Bill tested it by constructing a small base with the contents of this one.



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I've finished the design of the new Mun Hopper, ready for launch tomorrow. In the meantime I've sent the OTV Slingshot with a crew of 5 rookies to Minmus. Their orders are to grab some basic science for the lab to work on from Minmus orbit, and then head to Mun where they will form the first crew for the new downside station that I've been handed a contract for.


Also I've realized that the Kerbals on the game's title screen are in a Retrograde orbit around Kerbin, and I can't now unsee it.

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