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What did you do in KSP today?

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1 hour ago, JorgeCS said:

Landing on Eve with no heatshield and no plan? Errrrr... if you want to try, I for one want to see the explosions :D 

I meant if my next mission should be Eve or minmus, not if I could land in eve after taking that screenshot, sadly I didn't even have fuel to make a stable orbit anyway

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4 hours ago, Neil Kermstrong said:

I meant if my next mission should be Eve or minmus, not if I could land in eve after taking that screenshot, sadly I didn't even have fuel to make a stable orbit anyway

Ah ok ok, sorry my bad, misunderstod... :D I always found Duna appealing, maybe because it's kind of Mars... (why Minmus tho?)

2 hours ago, Commodoregamer118 said:


I did the SLS Block 1 Crew


And in the VAB I did most part of the Gateway modules for the Artemis NASA program.

I just need to figure out how to launch it...

Any advice?

Moar boosters? :wink:

Today I've been wasting my time working on two versions of the B2 Spirit, the stealth bomber... unfortunately, although I finally made one flight capable (lol), I consider that is not in a 'show status'... Maybe tomorrow, it's more than 1am here :D 

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Pretty slow day for me. I had a fuel tanker return to Minmus for refueling at the station. Pretty unremarkable except that I cut it too close on the remaining fuel and it didn't have enough for intercept. Luckily, all my fuel tankers also carry a small monopropellant tank so I was able to make the rendevous and dock without incident.




My crew shuttle cleared Kerbin's SOI with 13 kerbonauts and 6 tourists. Only one of the tourists was paying for solar orbit, but hopefully the others will tip well for the extra leg of the trip.



About 5 minutes later, the crew shuttle turned around and set course back towards Kerbin. They should make it home in about 6 days. Jeb, Bob, and Bill, now relieved of their duties on Minmus, will be able to enjoy some down time before their trip to Duna in a few months.



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I made a full stock replica of the jet Helen Parr (Elastigirl) used in The Incredibles. Watch the video at the end of this post to know what the plane was supposed to look like.

Craft file: https://kerbalx.com/Mars-Bound_Hokie/India-Golf-Niner-Niner-IG99



  • As usual, Jeb is flying at supersonic speed with this thing.
    • Good thing he doesn't have any kids (that we know of), and that the cabin is otherwise empty in case he screws up.



  • India Golf Niner Niner (IG99) at the recommended cruising speed and altitude - and engine mode (supersonic)



  • Much to my surprise, a perfect landing - and nobody tried to kill Jeb.
    • Bill suspected that Jeb might kill HIMSELF after causing structural damage.
    • The plane was noted to be a bit wobbly in the wings right at liftoff.



  • SPH Picture
    • Unfortunately, I was unable to make the Incredibles logo show up. Oh, well, you can never go wrong with the Stars and Stripes.


Below is the chase scene with the plane in question. It took me a while to find a clear shot of it so I know what to make my plane look like.


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13 hours ago, Neil Kermstrong said:

Not today, but yesterday I rescued a Kerbal that was stranded in the mun's orbit (With a 45k rocket) for 130k-200k (dont remember how much)


Now the interesting thing: Since I had an old contract and I was yet to complete it, I've done my first EvE fly by with Jeb and returned to Kerbin safely

t3NFnvw.jpgIt's a bit dark but you can see the planet above the 2.50>1.25 adapter.

That was by far my most creative rocket and the most functional one, and it only had 3 stages (most rockets i design have 4 stages)

Now I am not sure if I should try landing on it or if I should do Duna first. What do you guys think?

Ehm, landing on Eve is one of the most hard things in ksp, that can take up to three hours. Believe me: Duna is still ok :wink:


So, due to some circumstances I can't post photos, but I completed the first tour modules of the "Von Braun" Minmus Space Station, and Buzz, Roger and Billy-Bobree Kerman are enjoing it a lot. @Grogs, I guess on this thread there are going to be two minmus stations in these days :D

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Besides serious stuff like getting the science data from my Duna lab that gave me enough science to be able to set up a patents licensing strategy that would convert all my future science into funds?

I was goofing around with an open-top minijet. And be honest here - how many of you here have never had a plane climb *up* towards the KSC runway?



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Finished my Munar communication constellation, with a stationary satellite 3 million km retrograde and another a 5 million km prograde (and slowly closing the gap, it is in a slightly higher phasing orbit  as the Mun catches up). Those two cover all but a tiny sliver of the back side of the Mun constantly, and between the high polar survey sat and the LMO space station, comms are close enough to seamless for me. Also landed Rob0-Bowser, my automated resupply rover, to run between my ISRU base in the east crater and my science outpost on the Highlands rim above it. Next up is to get a trial ISRU set up on Munar Station and start running a few Ore-Bots between  the mining colony and the orbital station, I'm currently mining more ore than I can convert on the surface.

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Finally decided to stop fiddling with my kOS scripts and actually fly a complete mission!

My first "real", as opposed to software development "simulations", mission to Minmus of this career,  fully kOS driven.  Annoyingly I accidentally flew it with Jeb not Bob so couldn't bring back science form orbit as well as the surface, but the autopilot works so I can now sent Bob to other locations.

The launch stage is a bit rubbish with too high a TWR, hence the rather inefficient launch  profile.  My code is optimised for a launch TWR of around 1.6-1.8 and second stage of around 1.2, and will throttle back to flatten the trajectory if the ship is too powerful.  Mid course correction still needs a bit of work, and the intercept is a bit off as I'm currently burning prograde rather than tangentially, which I think pushes the Ap to a bit too late.  But I figured it was time to earn some science so I can build some better ships.


Mission 124, so named as that's the input to the menu required for the mission: 1 (New mission), 2 (Minmus), 4 (Land at Lat/Lng).


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Logistics resupply and PPE are launched!





I realized, the PPE (the smaller module) has not RCS...

Luckilly the International Habitation Module has a robotic arm!


What do you think? Should I replace it?

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Finally I feel like sharing my B2 Spirit replica. She looks quite good (she is the Mk5 already, Mk1-2 were using the standard 45 degrees angles, but for 3-5 I decided to follow the original and use 55 degrees. And I have to say that just finishing the wings was a PAIN!






I don't know where the problem is yet, but she is not controllable at all. Maybe I will keep debugging tomorrow... Let's see :D 

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3 hours ago, JorgeCS said:

I don't know where the problem is yet, but she is not controllable at all. Maybe I will keep debugging tomorrow... Let's see :D 

Using a fly-by-wire mod at all? I seem to recall that the real-life B-2 has inherent stability issues (that whole flying wing design thing) and that it's fly-by-wire is a bonafide necessity.

Sweet looking replica, BTW.

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While going to Minmus for a rescue contract, I noticed that the marketing department was experimenting with holographic logos on the fairing.





But apparently only the 2nd stage has the projectors.


(first time I've seen this with the new decals. It does appear to involve one of the new fairings and/or the fairings base which is attached to the 2nd stage.) 

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8 hours ago, capi3101 said:

Using a fly-by-wire mod at all? I seem to recall that the real-life B-2 has inherent stability issues (that whole flying wing design thing) and that it's fly-by-wire is a bonafide necessity.

Sweet looking replica, BTW.

Will try then with some fly by wire... any recommendation?

and thank you for the comment... it took my sweet time to have something ‘looking alike’ more or less. Probably will keep improving the look and feel this afternoon. And upload the result to kerbalx :D 

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Sooooo.... I'm discovering Ion Drive. And I'm currently doing a 1h retrograde burn on an asteroid mission (in a close orbit on Moho). Yay. At least I have KAC, that will stop the game when the burn is done, because I'm going to do other thing than starring at the black depth of space. Next time I'll add more engines. Or less batteries (maybe 6kEC AND 2 gigantor were a bit overkill for a single engine ^^).

Anyway. Another thing I'm learning is ISRU and fuelling infrastructure.

I need to send a second ship to make my first EVE Rendez Vous. So here goes the thing on the launchapd.


Ok. Not on the launchpad. But shortly after.


The picture is a bit dark, but what's mainly a big LF tank is illuminating the neighborhood in a nice purple shade, assorted to Eve's color. It is heading toward the SpaceBar, mainly because there's not enough LF. And the window for EVE is in a long time.


And docked. I'm amazed at the stability of this station, even with the rings rotating (and counter rotating). Now I need to refill this ship before sending it to Eve's SOI. That means developing Minmus Ore refining, and working on some LF transfer ships.

So, back to Minmus I guess. I started with this Space station | ISRU converter | LF tank in orbit of Minmus (was already there, it's just a reminder)


Now, I needed to find Ore. Which I did with a small mission and a single probe with scanning capabilities.


So, that's one survey probe with an Ion drive (and less battery than I put on my Asteroid counting probes).

To do some reckon and find a good spot, I built a rover.


Jeb and Bill are going to Minmus do some scouting. This rover is equipped with the Survey probe to make precise surveys.


And we landed at the flats. Jeb is now going full speed, until the rover flips and lose the survey probe and some solar panel, before Bill had time to activate the over powered reaction wheels to stabilize the rover. Mission control decided that going with less precise data will be OK, and decided to carry on with the mission.


On its way to ore rich grounds, Jeb and Bill faced a monolith with strange engraving on it, which allowed, for reasons, to learn about bigger motors and wheels.

Once the rover found a good spot (in the flat, along the equator, with good concentrations of ore), mission control moved the Minmus Outpost out of the Lowlands and to the Rover position. It will provide for better leaving condition for Bill and Jeb while waiting for the mining rig to drop by.


This is the Mining rig escaping Kerbin atmosphere. This is 6 Clydesdale booster plus a mammoth pushing everything up.


This is in fact the Mk2 version of my original design. the original design add wheels, and rotating engines to switch between horizontal and vertical flying. But it was not really convenient, fragile, and made everything harder to dock. So I've decided for something that would stand on landing legs, and an orthogonal engine setup, which is well balanced when the Ore tank (in the Mk3 cargo bay) are empty. It is a complete mining rig, with 2 drills and a small Convert O'Tron. Maybe the two large radiator systems are oversized, but it will do for now.


Approaching Minmus. I'll go straight on the ground first, to refill and get some ore before docking to the Minmus Fuel depot.


Landed, close to the destination (I used the rover to get Bill into its seat, but I could have walked the 100-something meters), and running! First time I'm doing ISRU! Exciting (but nt very efficient).

Of course, I did not thought about fuel cell, so the thing only works during daylight. And I need to take care of the orientation of the whole system, to maximise sun exposure. Anyway, tanks are full, Ore tanks are full too, lets go to the Minmus fuel depot, and refill it.


One thing I didn't pay attention, is that with the tanks full of ore, the craft isn't balanced anymore (the next iteration will have a better balanced payload, maybe by getting rid of the small ISRU, and replacing it with more ore tanks). So I can't really go full throttle (about 60% if I do not need to change attitude, I need to go around 30% if I want to, else the reaction wheel is going full force to maintain attitude).


There's not a lot of clearance, but its fine. Docking inline makes it easy, this stations tends to rotate when the liquid fuel tanks are empty (yes, it has a rotating ring).


And now, let's convert this ore in Liquid Fuel. To fully refill this station, I needed to do the whole going to the surface, drill, go back up routine three times. But now It is full. What I need to do next is to send the Liquid Fuel to the Space Bar and to refill the Eve mission.

But before doing that I have to wait 10min for an asteroid probe to finish its burn.

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