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[1.7.2] KK Launchers - Delta, Atlas Pack

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9 hours ago, Kartoffelkuchen said:

Now that I am pretty much done with my work for the ULA mod, I started getting back to some other stuff. My plan for the next update of this mod is to rework Falcon 9 (or large parts of it) due to inaccuracies in my models when comparing them to the F9 Full Thrust, I made my F9 FT before that particular version has been introduced. As a first step, I am remodelling the landing gear, here are two images of them:



They are probably the most complex and difficult part I ever had to model, but by now I am fairly happy with it, however it's not done yet. I still need to make the leg mounts at the bottom of and the piston on the inside of the leg, but I thought I could share this anyway so you guys now I am still working on this mod. :wink:


With the next update coming, I'm just curious as if you've found the reason for the bug I was getting yet?

It has been a while >.<

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16 minutes ago, AlphaKerman said:

Is there any news about the Delta II/III? I really like that rocket ;.;

I know that the delta II is being worked on, the delta iii uses most of the same parts as delta ii and atlas v so I would assume that would be done at the same time.

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OK folks, sorry for my late reply.

@Treble Sketch I'm really sorry, but I just tested it on my KSP 1.1.3 install (using 64bit exe) and Kestrel loaded up just fine. Maybe there's another mod making trouble? :/

@TheGuyNamedAlan Why? Because I pretty much forgot to change the title and change it on Spacedock. Done now.

@AlphaKerman The Delta II is done and will be published really soon in the Official United Launch Alliance pack, as well as Delta IV. Delta III is going to come sliiightly later as I didn't have time to work on that one really, but promised, it will come. It's really almost nothing to do for me, only cutting 40% of the top of Delta II's XELTT, adding the 4m section of the Delta III core, repainting the Delta IV 4m Interstage and changing the model slightly as well as the texture of Delta IV 4m DCSS a little bit to make it a Delta III DCSS.

@Larste You might want to check out the RO configs provided in the OP. I am not sure if RO does have custom configs for this pack.

@Wardstone111 I actually haven't really tested the Falcon's with FAR. Are they performing well? But yeah, you need OSF for Stock since stock doesn't support (... no idea why they don't do this) these kind of "real" fairings in order to make them protect the payload, but when using FAR, you don't really need OSF (ok actually you need it to be installed since fairings are using OSF's custom decouple module) since FAR does model part occlusion properly.

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@Kartoffelkuchen Well, after some testing with my mods. Several installs and uninstalls later, I found the mod that breaks it. Once I uninstalled Real Fuels, the engines loaded up fine. I am not sure yet at how it broke and in what way, but I would love to suggest that if a solution couldn't be found to get both mods to work. Or even a config file for the Merlin and Kestrel engines to be compatible with RF.

And if there is already a config file out there for this, derp XD

Thanks for your time :)

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@Treble Sketch OK, great you found the reason why that issue happened. I will see what I can do there since it's not directly an issue related to my mod but rather to Real Fuels.


Now, progress! That's what I'd call a landing leg!



Fully textured and also animated. I am not 100% happy with it, but like 99%. There are some tiny inaccuracies in it and two or three shading glitches, but it's the best I could do. :)

I will see which hacky solution I will find now to get it to work in KSP. :)

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6 minutes ago, Jamesstewart97 said:

Did you manage to resolve the issue with the legs sliding on touchdown? :) nothing worse than doing a three engine hoverslam onto the droneship then sliding off into the sea! 

haha yeah that really is a serious problem! :D

I'm unfortunately not really able to solve that, since it's an issue with the thing how colliders interact. I may have found a solution though by adding a grid of small, bumpy colliders, which are arranged in a way that when the landed stage slides over the landing platform they "trap" the landing legs in the grid. This could be applied to ASDS and LZ-1. 

I have to test this out and especially see what's the impact on game Performance though. 

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Well, that depends on exactly which JRtI you're referring to. The original JRtI is indeed retired, but the new JRtI is the one for Pacific Ocean use with launches out of Vandenberg AFB so it'll most-likely see use in late September when the first satellites of Iridium NEXT are launched from SLC-4

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13 hours ago, Kartoffelkuchen said:

Real scale, so 3.66m dia


@StevieC Yeah ok, I meant the old one in this case. New one will be done once we see it in action. :wink:

well, they DID sortie New!JRtI once already.

timestamp 13m45s


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