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  2. Not sure if I should post this here or in Gameplay, but... When I replace the Mk1 Command Pod/Parachute/Science Gizmos with an OKTO/Battery Bank/Solar panels, I can't get into orbit. I start the gravity turn at 50 m/s (approximately), and the rocket starts spiraling out of control. I've tried no fins, 2 fins, 4 fins, 6 fins...all the same issue. The OKTO has basic SAS, so I can't hit the Prograde button and let it take over from there. But if I leave a Command Pod with Jeb (no upgraded SAS for him either), the rocket sails fine. Am I doing something wrong with the OKTO? Is it ju
  3. Perhaps not. That is what they do in space sims like Oolite before making them small enough to scoop. Yet I also reckon that it would be faster to break up a large rock to scoop than take all day drilling when you are not sure what's inside...unless we have ways of knowing that too. Maybe beaming it with x-rays will tell you what it has inside I don't know.
  4. So, do I have to unlock all of the tech that I want to use with just one launch? Thinking mostly about engines. With regard to the tech available, is there a difference between the rocket and the payload/ship? For example, can my swivel powered 1.25m tank fed, cluster rocket deliver (to orbit) a high tech Duna lander with high tech transfer stage? Or does it all have to be caveman?
  5. So I really hope the 1.11 part repair/placement stuff is moddable enough so I can use those effects/interactions for reactor repair and fuelling, have some cool ideas. Anyways, interested in people's thoughts about utility of the parts that are included (heat sink, heat exchanger, coolant tank). Are they useful? Are there any other parts you need/would like to manage heat?
  6. Sure - You refer to t axis on folowing derivates and do not get the point that it is made up unit. Do You have clock that measure t^2? So whatever You refer fo x/t^n You are referinng to same t axis all the time. I have a clock that measure plain t, if You have a clock that measur t^2 - great. If You have clock that measure cubic time - even better. But I do not see any point to refer to made up units if there are basic. So I do have a clock that measure plain t and something to measure distance. Square distance is counted, square time is counted. For sure my Watt meter is measu
  7. Yeah, see I can't reproduce it (I could in 1.8.1/1.9.1), and all my previous reports of the pattern have been using 1.8.1. If you're seeing that in 10.1 then that throws that theory out the window :(. I have to assume at this point it is some kind of mod interaction (scatterer? some TUFX/KS3P setting? odd because I usually test with an install that has both of these) or related to the graphics API you're using. So, please let me know those things.
  8. I have read this 3 times and have no idea what this says. I'm honestly confused right now.
  9. I think BDB will probably provide some of these for 6.25m. I don't have much interest doing an in-between for sizes 5 and 7.5 - we already go from 3.75 to 5m without and in-between size. I typically don't provide for specific ships, but more general parts, so you won't see Sea Dragons, etc from me. Those, as far as I'm concerned, are just big tanks plus unpleasantly large engines. Hmm, it's not massless, but it does have 'less' mass per unit. One unit of antimatter is, I believe, 1 microgram (this is how it is defined in CRP). So, while the ratio is 1:1 for the engine, it's actually
  10. You know right that every possible feature is already a mod and every highly desirable one is already a popular one at that? There's a limited number of things you can add to KSP without remaking the game from scratch that can result in a successful update and modders already explored all of those.
  11. I had huge problems with pressurization lately. I remember that a couple of weeks ago I disabled habitation on a space station module during ascent - I didn't know about the bug back then. Then I docked it to my space station and enabled habitation again. Soon after, I noticed l'm losing nitrogen. Pressure was very low, building up slowly, and eating up all my nitrogen pretty fast. I had to hyper edit more nitrogen into the station many times until pressure was back to nominal, then it was stable. Apparently, this is a long known bug, but I didn't know how far it goes: after docking a capsule
  12. This is... beautiful... You are doing so much good stuff to this old game. Thank you for all your commitment!
  13. New release, Add right-click to disable/enable any active controllers Inverted the button colors when disabled Reduced size of main window
  14. Not the same poster, but I also saw this behaviour with 1.10.1 and started using waterfall at version .24 till now. It was not seemingly engine specific either; you can see it on others too (eg. Swivel). I have RealPlume installed as well and wasn't sure if it was some interaction there. Was investigating other stuff so did not get a chance to try without RealPlume yet. I'll make a point of doing that.
  15. As nice as the announcements for the new update are, I would like to give some criticism. Why is the announced update a slimmed down version implementation of the well-known and since a long time well working mod KIS/KAS? Couldn't you come to an agreement with the developer of the mod or did you just want to reinvent the wheel for fun? In my opinion a complete implementation of KIS/KAS would have been more reasonable and more realistic. If I remember rightly, the game should not only be fun to play but also teach basics in physics, mathematics and space technology in general. D
  16. Well, I think it will make it possible to use either of the 'claw' parts to connect the vessels, then run a fuel line. That will avoid fiddling about matching port alignments.
  17. WOW! Those rockets look great! Perhaps a Titan Heavy, with a 2.5 diameter core?
  18. @Misguided KerbalMakes sense. Hopefully you'll be able to find some time to work on this again.
  19. When i click the warp drive button panel it does nothing, just sits there
  20. Stop teasing us!!!!!! That sounds great, I'll be looking forward to it!
  21. Goodbye? I guess, if you want to hear about progress, here's the breakdown: there's been no progress. I've been busy these past few weeks, teachers have been cramming homework. I have a life, y'know
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