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  2. One solution: players becoming experienced in not doing that. Another solution: user accounts that are hard to change and have some kind of rep system Third solution: restrictions on what joiners can do. “Ninja_123 has joined. Please select actions for Ninja_123: [ ] view only [ ] steer & throttle only. [ ] stage” etc. Mayb3 joiners can be restricted to only controlling a speicif craft. I agree that griefing will be a problem, the most likely solution is us learning to deal with it. And the ability to revert.
  3. After you do the ''fix'' hit alt+12, there is a cheat option to locate the features to see if its working without having to drive around. Here is a good post about it:
  4. That's wise. We don't need unlucky ones in space, why save them.
  5. It occurs to me that i'd love to see an even more efficient loading process(in terms of mod-heavy installs).
  6. (Prompt): "Allow [player] shared VAB/SPH access? Your craft will be autosaved before you accept (Y/N)" Problem solved. No room for abuse.
  7. Some rockets?You mean most rockets, cause anything else than a basic design will fail to follow the best gravity turn path with locked prograde.As you said too many factors in place.
  8. Still room for abuse. "Hey can I join you?" "I don't know." "I only want to see what you're working on." "Okay." [Ninjamaster_123 has joined the build process] *Ninjamaster_123 proceeds to randomly and quickly add and delete parts before they can be kicked.* "Hahahahhahahahaha" - Ninjamaster_123
  9. With better planetary features(more detailed terrain, scatter, interesting places) coming with KPS2, even the old-sized planets should "feel" bigger for exploration, but i do agree that we could use double-sized globes.
  10. I would hardly call it "punishing" when I am providing free content link is in my sig, any good boy knows what to do
  11. It's dark at this distance, and habitat windows are anyway frozen, who cares about the sun.
  12. Ow, I would love this! It'd be nice to have your instruments on a separate (smaller) screen.
  13. Not on the lastest istance of the problem, I wanted to remove any possible influence. Not that I know, but this got me thinking It's possible that Steam cloud-saving some old cfg from older versions and-or weird mods on previous installs? How to be sure that all the configuration files are updated and not roll-backed by Steam? PS I don't have a settings.cfg in the saves only the one in the main folder. Here my main folder Settings.cfg: Here my main folder Physics.cfg:
  14. No room for abuse if you make it request-approved only.
  15. Well I can understand why you feel this way as in 99.9% of the time, people will not give any feedback unless something get broken. I often find that something is broken but no one bothered reporting it, so your not alone in this feeling. Still I know that many players used your mods, not only for play but also for usucational purposes which you should not underestimate. Despite the neglect, I still think you should not punish the community as a whole as there are surely many players that did appreciate your work which should not go to waste, which would be a real pitty.
  16. Death Star had. And it's a craft.
  17. 66 (+) Forgot to say that my cruise missile carries a nuclear warhead. Hats off trying to survive that. *Cruise missile hits enemy*
  18. Top node is always either a docking port or parachute. I would definitely use the LES if it attached without needing the node.
  19. I believe certain debatable phenomena are just compromises to gameplay experience like said above.
  20. It surely appeared only with this modded parts for now.
  21. I'm not using the forum to promote my mods anymore. it has proven to be useless as I got zero feedback out of it
  22. Some people like Scott Manley WILL test the gravitational effects between ships, and some people like Danny2462 WILL use the gravity between ships for docking. I do agree that Lagrange points make for excellent space stations.
  23. Might i suggest that we leave this thread fading in peace? Reasonable responses have been made by many, yet OP insists to be upset about KSP2. There's no point to argue against anything anymore.
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