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  2. Pthigrivi

    POLL: When did you start playing KSP?

    Sometime in 2013. I remember when they added the cupola and flag-planting which looks like I was here pre .20.
  3. linuxgurugamer

    [1.3.1] Docking camera (KURS) (14.feb.18)

    @DennyTX has not responded to any messages I’ve sent him. I’ve gotten reasonable equivalents for the colors, so I hope to release my fork of this in the next few days @Daniel Prates @doudou
  4. No. That’s disrespectful to all the other people who spent hours upon hours working on their mods.
  5. I've noticed that the turn angles are not actually what they are set in the editor. Turrets can turn to their restraint properly clockwise but not anti-clockwise, where usually they can turn only 90 degrees before resetting. This only happens when the yaw limit is greater than 180 degrees.
  6. Presumably everyone who wants to apply has by now and the discussion is getting off-topic. No doubt an announcement will be made when there's anything to report.
  7. I will test this. Can you post a log in the meantime?
  8. StupidAndy

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    my friend has entered the running for school council, and he's gonna win cause he's the meme-y-est candidate i'm helping him run and making posters for him, and i'm wearing a sign that says "VOTE SHOE 2020" for the next week to make people vote for him shoe 2020, your only option
  9. Stock Skybox?ga=%3CGame+3102+%27Kerbal+Space+Program%27%3E This skybox is a very simple modification of the stock skybox. All I have done is white-balance the skybox somewhat to make it look a little more like pictures of the milky way, with paler blues and partly yellowish tones in places where there's a lot of older stars. I also slightly reduced the overall saturation.
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  11. What about making ur own version of those mods?
  12. Sky Vagrant


    Give us a pic!
  13. ZooNamedGames

    Private Division looks for a Community Manager for KSP!

    Personally, if I was CM and I had permission to work on that, I would get the KSP store back onto its feet again. So many things left abandoned (rip Kerbalizer) and in need of fixing or replacing. I know there's a lot involved but it has to be easier to work with a vendor than to work to establish a manufacturing line and get products made for yourselves. There's clear demand and I think if someone on the inside showed there's profit by looking into the cold hard numbers, that something might happen. But the rampent demands of forum-goers is just dust in the wind, nearly invisible and certainly not missed once it's gone. KSP has a lot of potential. Not only as a game, but also as a cultural icon, educational tool, and more. I must wanted to bring KSP to the Kennedy Space Center (Floridian typing), since where better to mention and have a space game shown off, than at the space capitol of America's east coast! But sadly such an opportunity seems to not be in the cards. I know my resume shows I have little experience, but I am quick to learn and damn passionate about what I work on. *sigh* Apologies for the rant. But I agree with what everyone's said here.
  14. Sky Vagrant


    Class E gets pretty explody for me. I have no problem wrangling Class Ds, but the same craft tends to rip itself apart when coming out of time acceleration or switching between craft when attached to a Class E.
  15. TheRandomGuy1029


    Put it around Pol at around 30000km
  16. There have been whispers of the Russians thinking about disconnecting their bits and going home (presumably burning up in the atmosphere). You never know, perhaps they might sell their part of the station to the Chinese...
  17. TheRandomGuy1029


    The asteroid has a mass of 2328 t
  18. Is anyone else noticing that if you use arrow keys to move the text cursor while typing in the new type-in fields to edit maneuver nodes, the camera turns? I think the default keybinding to turn the camera is still active when typing in the field.
  19. The two missing nodes were being overlapped by the subsequent nodes, so that's why they weren't showing up. I scooted those back and that is fixed. I then repositioned the lightspeed node to fit better. I put scientific outposts there because I was trying to indicate a mining/resource exploitation line and it seemed more appropriate. CTT has two science lines which I didn't need to I moved and/or combined some of the nodes. Here's the modified InterstellarExtended.cfg if you want to give it a try. Stick it in the UnKerballedStart\Mod Support folder. ---> Dropbox Thanks for finding those errors!
  20. Hotel26

    What did you do in KSP today?

    This is my wallpaper at the moment and I feel compelled to share. It's the look on Kerman's face that tells the story, I think. This is a Snark VTOL "Doodlebug", which I have since refitted to operate on a lone Juno to produce the Rodeo, a kind of personal jet-bike. I have also been able to sling two of these wee beasties into the Mk-2 cargo bays of my Aquarius transporter, which means they can be transported far afield efficiently. Range is 180km and cruise is about 180 m/s. (My appreciation to @Snark.)
  21. Jestersage

    engine plates

    So the stock game have shroud just for looks, but when ModuleManager is installed, it create an aerodynamic shroud? If so, what other tidbits does ModuleManager do to "imrpove" physics?
  22. Agreed. Also a way to change that increment via (for example) alt-scrollwheel when your mouse is anywhere in that UI frame.
  23. Is the autostrut locked on engine Plate due to a mod, or native to the plate?
  24. You're welcome. I dug around once for that cockpit but didn't see it. It was removed because once you controlled from its docking port you couldn't change back to control from prograde with it. That's a death sentence if you don't have a big and/or visible probe core in the same spaceplane. Now that you can have multiple control points in a part (stock feature) it could be worthwhile for that cockpit to return. (But I'm not promising I'll dig for it again.)
  25. TheRandomGuy1029


    This is going to be easy last month I put an E class into kerbin orbit while messing around on 1.3.1 sandbox. Ill just use a craft an take it to Tylo I lost the C class
  26. Hypercosmic

    A 3rd planet around Kepler-47 b: 49.51 days d: 187.35 days c: 303.158 days ...they're close, but probably not close enough.
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