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  2. should've go back and forth to see the progress... 7 (+)
  3. Yeah I mostly design and fly rocket based missions. Probably 85% rockets and 15%planes. However I answered planes, as the question was ,what do you spend more time on? Might be different for other people, but for me , building and testing takes way longer for planes to be mission ready than rockets of similar size/complexity.
  4. I think you meant “slipped” you can try the grip pads in one of the DLCs, or there is another mod with a ground anchor
  5. No idea , still trying to figure this out. I find the lack of info regarding new mechanics/part options to be the most frustrating part. I don't think it would be as hard to wrap our heads around , with a little more info available.
  6. @FreeThinker Save all in videos: - I am now trying to understand where I lose so many time... In Theory 4.367 light years away is relatively at reach of this InterStellarShip that do 0.41c cruise... which should be in theory 10.65 years... but this don't count with time to accelerate,decelerate and maneuvers. Heads up that this didn't ended well... because the factory once created... slipped way to ocean... and gone... So basically without factory to construct the Colony they will die... Any ideas @allista about how to avoid this?
  7. Yeah, it was a vanilla install and I have all the dependencies installed... Tried installing it with CKAN once just to make sure I wasn't missing something. Click Through Blocker Toolbar ToolbarControl JSI KSP-AVC VesselView VesselMover (this is the only non VV mod I have) [ERR 20:47:23.442] ADDON BINDER: Cannot resolve assembly: VesselViewRPM, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null I'm seeing the above error code in the log file below. Am I missing something to do with RPM?
  8. There've been quite a lot of changes and code refactoring, so probably a lot of new bugs. Feel free to test it and report issues. TextureReplacer.dll - update for KSP 1.8.x - add support for "future" (Breaking Ground) suits - add suit directory suffixes: directories containing vintage or future suits must have ".vintage" or ".future" suffix, respectively - re-add normal map support for heads - fix default vintage IVA suits - fix default texture fallbacks on models with vintage suits - code cleanup and reorganisation
  9. Hi, I am wondering if there is going to be any new parts added in like the old anchors?
  10. Ok, I squared the circle. I succeeded in landing my Shuttle with both fuel probes, and kept one of them untouched while using the fuel in the other one to balance my Shuttle. Given that the challenge rules for STS-2b only mention a single fuel probe, I hope that this completes the challenge. Building the comsat constellation cost quite a lot of time, so I would prefer not to have to do the entire mission again. I combined STS-2a and STS-2b into a single flight: I first deployed 4 comsats in keostationary orbit, before retrieving both MulletDyne fuel probes and landing on the KSC runway. First comsat release. Rather than having a separate booster stage to boost the satellites to a 4.5 hour period release orbit, I used the entire shuttle. The Hermes constellation once all satellites had been released. Space Shuttle Pollux can also be seen, still in its release orbit. Capturing the first fuel probe Pumping the fuel in one of the fuel pods to the forward tank of the shuttle to ensure that the Center of Mass is in front of the Center of Lift. I did not touch the other fuel probe at all. Landed on the runway, showing that the fuel pod in the port cargo bay is still fully fueled. The other one isn't, but its propellants are all still there. None of it has been used for propulsion.Please note that the runway shot in my previous post was from an earlier run, which has been superseded by this one. Full report of the launch and orbital operations here: Full report of re-entry and landing, including a detailed account of my craft's CoM issue, can be found at
  11. Maybe it will be good idea to put same piece of code on github too, along with AtmosphereAutopilot. Source might be lost from someone private google drive if current maintainer get bored, need more space on private cloud or for whatever other reason. Then it will be again difficult to track down what this piece code is used for, if someone need to check it for some reason in the future.
  12. Recently I've been noticing all these dV signs pained on roads on my commute to work:
  13. Surprised and pleased to discover that hinges can be mapped to steering controls... Certainly makes a trailer behave better than leaving it loose and trying to drag it.
  14. I am going to take over this thread by posting a cursed image
  15. Today
  16. (Just in case they lock it again till January), a merry Clicksmas preorder.
  17. Have you tried giving it a kick? I only got these error messages when already deployed science stations are loaded back into the physics (because I got close to them again), but they usually sorted themselves out again on their own. Do you get this message while the part is still held by the Kerbal, or after it got dropped to the ground and while it is trying to unfold? In both cases, try moving the parts a bit around where these isn't anything in the way. If it is still held by the Kerbal then try moving the Kerbal around, maybe he was standing on something (another, already dropped, part?) and thus technically not standing on the Mun itself.
  18. Yes good sir, I wholly approve of said rule modification.
  19. Just curious: why would you want such mod that still enforces the altitude limits, @Sirius K ?
  20. Hello, I believe the curved solar panels from Near Future have lost their compatibility again. The parts which are not calculated, that I can find are; NIV-30 Curved Solar Array and NIV-45 Curved Solar Array. I haven't tested all parts from Near Future but other parts seems to be calculated. Thank you so much in advance for your concern and have a wonderful day...
  21. There's another mod by TriggerAu, Alternate Resource Panel (it says 1.4 in the title but works fine on KSP 1.8.1) which does the calculation and displays estimated time until full/empty. Granted, a button to set a KAC alarm from the panel would sure be nice, but as other have said, there's no guarantee that the projection holds up through timewarp and rails and resources might fill up or run out at a much different time.
  22. My habit of starting a new career every time I update to a new KSP version means I'm getting quite well practised at the early game. Ignoring a few static trips out on the pad or runway with new science experiments, my flight history so far this career has been: Flight 1 - Suborbital with several science experiments Flight 2 - Suborbital with 2 tourists Flight 3 - Polar orbit to get EVA science Flight 4 - Free return Munar Flyby. 17km over the moon, so Jeb could collect science High and Low over the moon, and 40km over Kerbin for an aerocapture.
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