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  1. Yeah, for me the notifications, constantly popping up in minute intervals are a freaking annoyance. I don't understand, devs didn't already implement a option to filter/mute messages in stock game . 99% of the info showing up is because of highest warps and celestial signal blocking/ energy shortage on dark side.
  2. Thanks, found & german added. Short test ingame in VAB / flight / menu. I noticed, the mod options menu isn't in the translation file. Yeah the idea extends the content quite a bit, i just thought about improving the depth with creating a new cog in the engine called "life support". Probably this would be sort of a Addon to the life support you created, that can also exists standalone. But it's beyond my ability to create things. I'm more of a dumb translator/ balance lover/ stickler. But i like to participate in the community by helping to translate stuff. Actually you have "Greenhouse" as function header on the Composter and Greenhouse modules. May i suggest "Cultivation System" or maybe "Plant Cultivation System" instead to better describe all processes/modules around growing food sources? These are used terms for the plant growing cycle also in space. PCS looks fine on FHD resolution, so does CS. CS is for plants and other sources like algae (who are not plants), if you ever decide to expand KLSS modules in a different way, but don't wake the Kraken. Algae are quite popular for space stuff. They also can be used for 3D printing. ^^
  3. Played KSP 1 for hundreds of hours and now starting to like KSP 2 too. The fiddling with the half hidden nodes in KSP 2 becomes nerve wrecking, so i switch to MNC right now. Thanks for providing a alternative option to adjust nodes!
  4. Okay, that explains it. Thanks for reply. I try to play efficient as possible with deltaV in science career, that's why i noticed it. I would suggest something like a normal tank's dry mass multiplier around *1.6 - 1.75. Not heavy enough to actually drop the KLSS completely, because it becomes inconvenient and needs a extra stage just to bring the snacks into orbit. But at same time heavy enough to prevent players from stuffing their manned rockets to the top with snacks. Especially if you go into deep space or play with transit method or all that in a x2.5 scaled sun system, then the life system ressources will weight a lot themselves. I can support KLSS with a german translation, but i wonder where the file is located or how i can submit the translation. I couldn't find a newer file with the russian translation added, as mentioned in the post before. plugin_template/localizations/localization.csv is 2 month old Just some thoughts for a deeper life support system. I have absolutely no idea what can be made in KSP 2, so yeah might be a bit utopian. It would be interesting to have something like home sickness or a depression state, where lonely Kerbals stop working now and then (f.e. give a uncontrollable vehicle state for a few days). That could be triggered after a initial period of a normal Kerbin system travel time like 60 days (like Kerbin - Minmus and back). This depression state could be prevented with a second or even a third Kerbal onboard (like after 360 days with 2 kerbals they stop working as above, while 3 kerbals = never home sick). That way deep space missions would have a higher challenge with a reasonable snacks management and it would give a bigger crew roster a right to exist.
  5. I appreciate the life support system you gave us with KLSS, but i wonder what is the reason behind the absurd dry mass of the LS containers? 500kg for a SM container, while the same sized fuel tank has 60kg weight. And then the MD size comes with a whopping 4 tons dry mass, while the empty fuel tank has 500kg. Compared to the content you can store in these containers, the mass of the container itself is nuts and highly inefficient. I hope this is an error from my installation. Is there a way to change them to a reasonable dry mass? The whole mod structure looks a bit different from KSP1.
  6. @JiMKesa i wonder, if you are interested in german translations for KESA/KESA Solar? If yes, how can i submit it and what is your prefered language order in 'kesa_localization.csv' Actually it's English,French,Chinese (Simplified). The parts i have seen ingame look great, well done. But i noticed several of the unlocked parts in tier 1/2 are a bit out of balance. Sadly there is no business career, where you can balance it over part's price tag. It seems, there is no easy way to balance them for own taste and difficulty, at least i couldn't find the configs for the parts. The solar panels in tier 1/2 look better balanced and are visually beautiful. I don't know why, but i love solar panels. Already did in KSP 1 . The Vinci gimbal is quite hard to work with., It reacts very hard even at 20% limit. I had much better control without rocket wiggling around when i deactivated gimbal on Vinci and just use SAS wheel. The EPC-S sound loop is sadly nerve wrecking (but i like the visual effect on it), it's sound pitch is too high and loop too short. I would stay closer to the stock booster sound loop from f.e. Kickback, what is much more subtle. Edit: I just loaded a autosave vessel in flight with Vinci ans active stage onboard, where the engine sound is on max while the engine is on zero thrust. The loading of a quicksave from the same vessel where Vinci is not the active stage works normal.
  7. Same for me. I can jump around, climb and jump on seat, no board possible. I have 104 mods. Perhaps i do check, what mod causes this or i don't do that and take another rover. Haven't noticed this issue in the last longer game i played around KSP 1.2-1.3 with 90% of the same mods i use now. Seems for me the external seat is broken too. Soooo...
  8. 1. Yes, now i have more options. But why do these options include ressources i've never seen in one of my mods. Where do he takes these ressources from? 2. What do i have to change to just see normal fuels like lfo, lf, xenon, mono. Or argon for my NF-engines. Do you have somewhere LiterVolume presets, that can be easily interchanged for wrapper tanks? I only want to use these fine parts. 3. In this picture the part description give me mono/ xenon option, but none of the tanks with this option can be switched to mono, xenon. B9 part switch conflict? And can these volume numbers set in global relation like VolumeLiter to be useful for Xenon, what is much more compressed? Normally i try to do small .cfg-changes myself, but IFS is out of my range. Dozens configs, some related to not existing .cfg-files. That confuses me. (folder patch manger->lfopatch.cfg leads to same folder/plugindata/-> not existing .cfg) Some hints are welcome to solve this myself.
  9. delete the sounding rockets.cfg in real plume-stock config folder. i prefer stock plumes over missing sound and custom plumes.
  10. Same here. I forgot to say, i'm running on SVE, SVT, EVE, PlanetShine and Distant Objects Enhancement.
  11. 105 mods running with my Riva Tuner locked 60 FPS on launchpad. Audio Muffler Redux hits FPS to 38 in same scenario. If helpful, i can provide you with all logs you want.
  12. That's so bad... I thought something were from with my mod list, but i see, i'm not alone. These jet sounds are ugly ass hell and disturb my gaming experience. Reducing engine volume turns normal rockets in super silent engines. Bad step from Squad.
  13. For me Wrapper Tanks are not switchable in editor. Used latest IFS with whole archive content in a stock 1.4.2 game. Any ideas?
  14. urgs, after these updates, i have to disable other mods, otherwise my game will explode with all the parts in there. The quality of Nertea mods is so good.
  15. CX-Series is not optimal controllable. The control surfaces are without function modeled and you can't add control surfaces there very good, it's suboptimal to use. Would be cool to see the control surfaces cut off and separated into 5 parts. wing control left & right, winglet left & right and main body. Or just cut them off to use stock alternative control surfaces from other mods/ stock. Should be the same for all CX-models, Hermes...
  16. 1. The Localization Tool relocate part files lines on export part files option. I don't think, it should do that. 2. It also delete empty lines between MODULE or RESSOURCE. These lines are used to keep part files sections better readable. Or it adds lines as you see on screenshot at mach curve 3. The exported strings file sorting could be improved to keep the part files logic, not alphabetical sort order. title -> manufacturer -> description -> tags NOT: description -> manufacturer -> tags -> title High part count mods need much time to translate the strings itself. It would be fine to reduce the manual work with sorting lines to keep original structure of part files, if the tool just touches lines, where #LOC will be added. So i can copy+paste the complete file content without any relocating of lines. Reduces Github changelog chaos and helps to find errors there more easy. 4. A option for the #LOC name would be cool. I always kill the "_Part" of the LOCstrings and give it a #LOC.ModShortName_-Prefix manually. But i don't know if #LOCstrings in mods have to be uniqe across all mods. I try to prevent string errors with that step. 5. Thanks for your helpful tool! Edit: 6. Actually i'm working on SXT mod localization. Here i found two parts where no modified part .cfg were created. In strings file these parts and strings exist. Common problem? Any idea why they have modified no .cfg? KE-111 and Goose were involved. Both are cockpits. 7. This tool cannot handle more than one part in a original .cfg file. In my case it created two correct part named configs, but both contains the same = only the first parts strings were generated. Same situation in strings file = both parts are listed, but with same string content of the first part.
  17. in keam-experiments.cfg can be found for EXPERIMENT_DEFINITION phrase 4 times: scienceVap = but it should be scienceCap = i think Thanks for your hard work on this awesome mod!
  18. hatches have "obstructed" error, can't be used to leave a ship.
  19. oh and perhaps a SM Armory part name, what is missing/ causing problem with a LLL part while using. Makes it easier to find something about.
  20. So LLL 1.0.2-beta for 1.2 is working with SM Armory and causes errors? Can you give me info about SM Armory version/ link and a log file of the LLL with your armory version activated? I will have a look into it. I'm sorry for that, but i never used SM Armory, so i couldn't notice problems with that. I tried LLL with 100+ mods in my game folder , but SM Armory was not in my view.
  21. First time i noticed this on your named cockpits there was a wrong line in the cockpit config: module = Game (or something like that) after changing them to module = Part they were ingame. These cockpits were parts of LLL-Extra, before i reorganized them to LLL. Your log show me the path LLL-Extra/Parts/Command/MkIIDroopy/ . Seems to be a older version. Version on Github https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/LLL-Continued/releases has newer (latest) file structure. Please try that version. All LLL parts in this release are updated, organized, tagged, renamed and rebalanced. LLL-Extra parts missing rebalance = parts who don't really fit with extra sizes or imo simply doesnt make much sense. https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/LLL-Continued contains a broken parts list with description, what is not working. Like the cargo bays or rover parts with a cylindric invisible border around the center, what only can be handled with blender & unity. With lack of skill i could not fix them.
  22. fsfuelswitch is used in several parts. But to get it handled by another plugin is an option, after fsfuelswitch work not that well with advanced scaling. There are other parts with equal collision problems. And no, as i know it @linuxgurugamer has no .blend files, same for me. I checked the LLL thread, but had no luck to find them somewhere.
  23. Yeah, thats what i've seen too. But no, no idea how to fix that. I'm just not experienced enough in Blender or Unity to fix it there. English is not my mothers language and all the tutorials i checked just take place around Blenders animation of the start cube. Not helpful.
  24. i doubt, dashing the head on a brick wall would help... You are welcome, mate. i noticed the superspin, when you start the centrifuge in editor and then launch the vessel. When i built a ship with centrifuge without activation in editor it spinned on normal speed in flight scene on activation there. You checked both?
  25. No need to thank. It isn't a impossible problem, so with a bit of time your problem will be gone. Linuxgurugamer named the version file days after my pulled changes to github, So i still have an old version number, but with all the files of It's not easy to track errors with the amount of different mods and versions. Always a trial and error thing. I know that problem from past. Short time after 1.2 release i had to track two different problems within few days with 50-70 mods installed. Means, remove one after one mod until the problem is solved. Or other way start with fresh clean GameData and install one mod after one to check, when problem starts. So, if nothing helps, best is to clean the GameData folder to stock (just Squad folder) and rebuild the mods with actual release versions. (Yeah i know, boring.) The new update doesn't help with my advise to use CKAN. Now it takes again several weeks until all modders feed CKAN with new version numbers. I checked the changelog of the new update, but i havn't seen a LLL relevant change. Hope i missed nothing here. I still use the old version on a backup folder, until new versions of mods will be released.
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