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  1. Is this a final middle finger to the corporation?
  2. The best thing we can hope for now is they hand the project over to Gearbox. Maybe Randy Pitchford is up to the task of finishing the game. I highly doubt that’s the plan but it’s the only hope we realistically have.
  3. Guaranteed they made this decision in 2022. the way they saw it was they had flushed 5 years of funding down the toilet. only thing left to do is push out the pile of garbage they had to recoup some of the development costs before cancelling shortly after. I said this is almost certainly what is happening when the game launched in the state it did. The only surprising thing is they waited a year to shut it down. Surely most of their sales happened in the first two months. Could have saved 12 months of wages if they shut it down this time last year.
  4. That’s just a few people gripping to copium. No one really thinks this. KSP2 is simply a worse game on every level currently. There’s no finer points to debate or quibble over. It’s just worse. Personally I’d call KSP2 utterly unplayable. It has so many issues that make gameplay unenjoyable. im hoping in 2-3 years they will be getting close to a finished product.
  5. You take that back you filthy heathen. Empire was a master piece from start to end. Jedi was also incredible, one in which I have spent many 'alone' moments thinking about. You sound like the sort of person that enjoyed the Rings of Power. (Yeah, I said it)
  6. I don't see anything being simplified. I just see a lot missing features. Nothing in the gameplay so far is easier due to simplification that I can see. I'd say the game as a whole is harder to play because it is so barebones and featureless. I'd say based on what I've seen so far is the game is aiming to be a slightly better looking KSP1 with a slightly bigger scope of play options. None of which have been realised besides slightly better graphics. I'd say that the entirety of KSP2 could of been an expansion pack which introduced a second star system and a colony builder system, plus a graphics overhaul. Perhaps using Blackracks Visual Mods as an example.
  7. Easiest fix is just to buy a more powerful PC. Get a 4090 and your FPS will stay pretty high. it will still be terrible compared to what you should be expecting to get but you can buy yourself out of this awful technical debt the game has.
  8. Reported Version: v0.2.0 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Win11 | CPU: I7 12700F | GPU: RTX 4090 | RAM: 32GB DDR4 3200mhz After adjusting the stabilisation winglets or control surfaces sizes, the launch button becomes unresponsive. Can be worked around by waiting a long time. Sometimes allows launch again. alternative option is to save craft, exit VAB and reload craft directly to launch site.
  9. The Kerbals also block the window with the top of their head in the starter capsule after an EVA. So you can only see the top of their helmet through the little window whilst also seeing their helmet poking out the bottom of the capsule.
  10. Not only this but when I click time warp to SOI change the game time warps but fails to stop when it gets to the mun. It means it speeds up time warp and then flashes past before I realise it’s not stopping. So not only am I unable to set a manoeuvre mode in different SOI, I have to baby the time warp as well.
  11. When is it releasing? You must have a target date in mind by now. Oh never mind. See in another video is 19th December 23.
  12. I'd argue the Alarm Clock is a core feature of KSP. It took a long time for them to put it in KSP1 but I can't ever remember playing without the KAC mod.
  13. The problem with the base game system is as soon as you have level 3 base you have essentially unlimited range, so the only point to a network is to give coverage when your on the backside of a planet. Remote Tech was really meant to be played with KoS. You would script events so the loss of signal or signal delay didn't matter. It was complicated though. I watched Mike Aben use it back in the day. Made the game very realistic. I couldn't figure out the coding myself.
  14. I can't remember the name of that satellite mod. Kerbnet? Wasn't Scansat I don't think. I can't remember now. I'll see if I can find it and I'll edit if I can. It created a need for relay satellites. Introduced delays to controls as well if I remember correctly. Edit: Remote Tech.
  15. Way bigger than any rocket. Completely stable. Edit: I tried several times to make the picture work. Oh well https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/skyscrapershighrise-buildings/images/2/21/Sydney_Tower.png/revision/latest?cb=20160225193945
  16. No it doesn't. It still looks a bit too wobbly. At least it's playable though.
  17. This sounds awesome but unlikely to be in the base game. Sounds like a Satellite mod to me similar to the one we had in KSP1. The science over time is definitely the way to go as well. It's like that in Karbalism and is a far better system than base KSP science collection. Hopefully the game gets part failure as well.
  18. And to celebrate the game becoming playable, we are doing a 50% off sale.... Oh wait I didn't see that bit.
  19. They just need to embrace autostrut. No one wants wobbly rockets. They seem incapable of fixing it. So include auto strut.
  20. They won't do it. The game already runs at 15FPS on a 4090. They can't afford to implement any more visual effects unless they sort out the horrendous performance of the game first.
  21. Just out of principle I would say refund and don't buy until completed. This isn't an indie studio that should need early access funding. It's a major publisher studio. Development is very slow. Very few updates given. Plus the state of the game is just a terrible. I would say it's widely acknowledged KSP2 is no where even close to KSP1 yet, let alone introducing any new content that was promised.
  22. Probably the only positive thing about T2 owning this company is that Unity won't mess with them. The unity changes will only affect small developers.
  23. I'm blown away by how dead these forums are. Ksp2 has really done a number on ksp franchise popularity.
  24. This topic has been flogged to death, but I'll chime in. I've been pretty critical of the state of the game. The fact it released without even at least matching ksp1 is disgraceful. I don't agree with early access releases and big publishers. But if you're going to release the game before it's finished, it should at the very least have every feature the first game had, so there is a reason to play it. I get to the forums once each week most of the time just to see if there is any updates or news. There almost never is. I've got the game on my wish list so I'll start paying attention again properly in 2-3 years if 1.0 ever releases. I still doubt the publisher will fund this to completion. It feels like the game is already being developed with a skeleton crew.
  25. So early week has come and gone. Wednesday and still no patch? Is there further delays posted on Twitter or some other random social media site?
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