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  1. "Optimized kerbal hair compression scripts" This is obviously the most important thing. Jeb was almost considering opening up a barbershop
  2. no alignment mod. just eyeballing it nowdays. hardcore!
  3. After sending several xenon powered stayputnic probes all over the place to provide a nice comms network for future endeavours, i finally dared to go for a rendezvous and docking to my KSS that is in stable 90km orbit. Finally Bill has some company up there and he's happy with the fact there is now an escape pod ready to go. Gotta say... docking without mechjeb gets the adrenaline going. slooooooowly... slooooooooowly..... slooooooooooooooooooowly. but managed 1st try. Today was a good day for kerbalkind. No kerbals were lost. Days without incident: 1.
  4. i'm not disagreeing. it's just an observation that forums are for some reason seen as too much effort. i dont get that... i like having information nicely sorted in threads... i'm old though, and i don't understand a lot of -now- things anymore
  5. cuz forums are too oldschool for a lot of people. takes up too much attention span and is considered a hassle by many. you have to go to a website, and log on and read topics and all that. discord is more fire and forget. the times of organised phpbb3 social group management and knowledgebase building are over i'm afraid.
  6. Wait... "3. THE ALMIGHTY KRAKEN, DESTROYER OF WORLDS, PRINCE OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT The Kraken". the bottomless pit... are you saying... ... MOHOLE
  7. you're merely reinforcing my point. you're better off playing ksp1 for now, as you're not cut out to be a ksp2 engineer right now. you're looking to relax, not to explore the unknown. and yes, those bugs you mention, are part of the unknown, part of the early access, part of the bugreports, part of the improving, part of the adventure. go relax, come back for 1.0.
  8. I disagree. The collective attention span nowdays is so much shorter than it used to be. It lasts until the next thing to be collectively upset about presents itself in the next news cycle or tweet. things blow over so much faster than they used to. Just wait till some idiot hurls out a sponsored opinion about something so they can get some ad revenue, and the whole herd will go RAAAAAABBLE RABBLE RABBLE, merely waiting for the next thing to rabble about. it will blow over when the simpletons move on to the next game's release, and the 1st patches start rolling out. Then in some time when the full release happens, the reviews will be: "even though it was ill received at it's early access release by people who don't understand early access, kerbal space program 2 is everything it aspired to be, and more."
  9. Izny

    KSP2 is Art

    and in it's art, it lets us create art. solving all kinds of puzzles along the way. build -> fail -> analyse-> adjust -> fail again -> analyse more -> adjust more -> add a booster or two -> fail horribly -> analyse -> adjust -> succeed and proceed on the return trip -> fail due to forgotten parachute -> analyse -> adjust -> get distracted by new idea -> rinse -> repeat. it just tickles the brain in a pleasant way when it's presented with an unexpected outcome that needs solving.
  10. Izny

    KSP2 is Art

    i second this motion
  11. if you can't deal with rapid unplanned disassembly and try until you succeed, you are not cut out to be a kerbal engineer.
  12. Izny

    KSP2 is Art

    your theory is wrong. i love the graphics of ksp 2. it's a thing of beauty. have been playing games since the MSX, and play the modern stuff on my RTX rig, and VR. KSP is a game about rocket science, with a tongue in cheek approach. it does not try to be some repurposed bovine waste, "CGI" overproduced post-processing eyecandy quicktime event like most games nowdays. The graphics are exactly what they should be, without the added repurposed bovine waste shinies that make simpletons go "ooooooooooooh". This is not a game that requires 240fps. or 120 fps. or even 60 fps. no, it doesn't even need a full 30 fps. it is kerbal space program... it doesn't need that filler sci-fi bullcrap you see in other games where the emptyness of space feels like a mall on black friday (an overcrowded anthill). This be rocket science, not a picture book.
  13. i just want shift+scrollwheel to be vertical camera movement again, instead of middle mousebutton plx.
  14. it would be awesome to be able to test rovers on a different planet, before i actually bring them there only to find out that... it doesn't really drive as smooth as it does on kerbin XD on the other hand... it would defeat the idea of KSP wouldn't it?
  15. with the blue lines around everything
  16. i know i was in some kind of simulator mode during the tutorials, but i can't figure out how to launch in sim mode after the tutorial. heeeeeeelp
  17. i hate how all your designs look better than mine XD
  18. awwww damn... spoiler alert... i was in the process of trying this as i type this XD
  19. Heya rocketeers! Overbuilt a rocket for a Mün flyby. Love the manouering nodes and display of the lines. Love the SAS manouver node thing. Crashed on the way back home due to timewarp not stopping when entering atmosphere. I don't know what all the hate is about... this feels like KSP to me, with better graphics, improved immersion due to improved sound. It feels more kerbally than ksp1, and this is only the beginning. The potential is insane, and looking at the roadmap i have no regerts spending my bday money on this... i wanted to say game, but that would not cover it... brilliant sandbox. If you don't like to play in sandboxes, you won't understand the weight of that statement. Couple things: -when i pause and unpause, i get my screen spammed with PAUSED or UNPAUSED respectively. -timewarp not stopping when entering atmosphere -i want to SHIFT-scrollwheel in the VAB for vertical camera movement back please. -my crew capsule had an antenna, retractable solar panel and a chute. it magically hovered above the water when splashed down on the attempt where i didn't kill bill (hah!). If this is only the 1st playable early access version, ima have a blast with this for the next 10 years. Sincerely, Izny PS: i will need Mechjeb at some point for when i start building ridiculous stuff that can't possibly be intercepted or docked manually. PPS: has not needed Mechjeb yet, even though i feared i wouldn't even be able to get to orbit without it anymore. PPPS: runs perfectly fine on an old mediamarket prebuilt PC that has been upgraded with an RTX2060. no lags, no stuttering. all systems go.
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