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  1. Untoldwind Thank you for the reply. I now have it working in the Website download version. Talking about the "winhttp.dll" was the key. Like my KSP1 files , I created a folder called "KSP2_Mods". In it I put the zip files for the mods. I then unzip them into folders under this folder. This way I manage the Mods. What happen is I did a Copy/Paste from the KSP2 Mods folder to the Website game folder. I accidentally forgot to include this file in the Copy/Paste. As result, the BepInEx+SpaceWarp would not fire up. Upon coping over the "winhttp.dll" file and running the game, it all installed correctly. I then copied the Mods from my Steam Version to the Website Version and all of the mods now show up under the MD Tab and the App file under launch. I also discovered that I had to use the latest BepInEx+SpaceWarp in order for the latest Kontrol version to work. IMHO, I would not make it backward compatible because I am sure there are benefits of using the latest BepInEx+SpaceWarp. Again thank you for you quick response but I do have a problem with the latest Krontrol. If I attempt to change the Altitude to anything higher than the default 100KM, it will cause my craft to stage on launch and the second stage fire off instead of the entire vehicle.
  2. I have a problem that I can not seem to resolve. I have both the Steam version and the website download version of KSP2. With the Steam version, I was able to install Bepinix+SpaceWarp and Krontrol works great. So I did the same thing for the website download version. Neither BepInIx+SpaceWarp or Krontrol will function under the Website Version. Is BepInIX+SpaceWarp and Kontrol built for the Steam Version only?
  3. I tried both V0.3.3.1 and V0.3.3.2 and neither will fire up. When I select "MODS" at startup, it is not present either. The only version that loads and works for me is V0.3.2.
  4. I put the LazyOrbit file in KSP2/BepInEx/Plugins, but it doesn't work. The other two files, "KontrolStystem2" and "ReddervousCheat" show up in the APP Bar but not LazyOrbit. Also doing a Atl+H doesn't bring it up either.
  5. I can not change AE without PE changing too. Also when using the "Launch Craft" feature. All works except it always put me in about 100KM AE. I had changed it to 200KM. Also when it is doing the Circular feature, the AE holds good until PE reaches about -200 and then AE starts to increase. Once PE reaches 80KM is seems to stop increasing but AE continues to increase.
  6. None of the Training scenarios will run because they hang up on loading where the phase "Pumping Sim Once" is displayed.
  7. When I attempt to load any of the SLS Block Craft files, it says "BlueDoc.CentaurD.RL10B2" is missing. I looked in the GameData Files and there is a BlueDog.CentaurD.RL10B2 .CFG and .MU file. So what is going on. This happens in KSP V1.12.2 and V1.12.3 JoAnn Donaldson
  8. I am running KSP 1.10 and civilian-population fails near the end of the loading process. The error says that the DLL is not compatible. This happens after all the modules seem to have loaded and after both of the Expansion Modules have loaded. The Version file is up to date.
  9. Barzon It works as of KSP Ver 1.5.1 See my previous post as to which mods are required? JoAnn Donaldson
  10. I installed Kopericus but when I launch a craft the atmosphere looks the same as Stock. I saw a video where the craft launch and you could see it go thru the atmosphere layer into space. JoAnn
  11. Shame. I assume that someone has told them about this problem. If not I will.
  12. Got a real cool station complex with a Wheel Habitat. Noticed that the Wheel Habitat is BLACK when I look inside it. Am I missing something to make the interior show up?
  13. BCINK....Thank you for pointing me to the correct direction. Found the problem. The new Kebalow-Aerospace-1.4.0 has both KA330 and KEAM under the GameData folder Keralow. The problem was I also had a seperate KEAM file in my GameData. Taking the extra KEAM file out solved the PINK KEAM.
  14. Hope this shows up 000_TexturesUnlimited 000_USITools CommunityCategoryKit CommunityResoursePack ConnectedLivingSpace Firespitter HabitatPack KAS KEAM KerbalEngineer Kerbalow KIS LayeredAnimations MechJeb2 NearFutureProps ProceduralFairings RemoteTech Squad SquadExpansion TweakScale UmbraSpaceIndustries ModuleManager.3.0.6.dll ModuleManager.ConfigCache ModuleManager.ConfigSHA ModuleManager.Physics ModuleManager.TechTree
  15. Bcink..........I upgraded to TU V1.1.2.14a and the KEAM is STILL BRIGHT PINK.
  16. I now have a nice Station Complex in Orbit. The only problem is the KEAM is PINK.
  17. I can not seem to find the reference to the fix of the PINK K.E.A.M. I saw one once but can not find it now. So is there a FIX for the PINK color?
  18. Can this mod work under KSP 1.3.1? I tried to install TexturedUnlimited and it failed to load under KSP 1.3.1.
  19. Having problems getting this Mod to work. I have done the following: Forced KSP to use OpenGL installed into GameData 000_TexturesUnlimited ConnectedLivingSpace NearFutureProps TweakScale UmbraSpaceIndustries Is there a guide to so that I can get this Mod running.
  20. I would like to build a Space Station using the Kerbaltate and the Habitat Wheel. Is there a tutorial about how to build an orbital Ranger Station?
  21. Is there a version for KSP 1.0.4. I tried to install V2.5.1.7 and it said it was ONLY compatible with 1.0.2.
  22. Found a couple of nasty bugs last night. If I attempt to connect one module to another and then decide not to, I can not kill the line once I created it. I have to completely shutdown the program and restart it. I tried Right Clicking but that does not kill the line. I also notice that when I click on an module or mode on the Flight Computer Screen that it also activated whatever is on the screen behind it. You can see the object activate thru the transparency of the Flight Computer Screen.
  23. OK got it unzipped and it created a FlightComputer folder. I copied the folder and all sub items into KSPwin\GameData on a test version. I fired up the test version, loaded my orbital bird, but can not find any way to activate the Flight Computer.
  24. Is there a ZIP version of the MOD. The RAR version creates an error when trying to create a file/folder.
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