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  1. If you can't or don't want to play an Windows, try running the windows version with Proton-GE or Wine-GE. No, I am serious. The native linux version of KSP has abysmal performance. I use dual-boot and its like night and day, super smooth on windows with an i5/gtx1050ti and almost unplayable in linux. The dxvk layer of Proton helps a bit in that regard and even this emulation layer was better than native opengl. Also, TUFX doesnt work well with opengl, try removing that. AVP 8k textures also sound like a nightmare to me playing in ksp opengl. Try Spectra?
  2. Subnautica and Subnautica: Below Zero. Excellent atmosphereic underwater survival /exploration game. Second game has some bad reviews, imho also a good game, just not as big as the first one. Has some excellent mods on Nexus and a site called SubModica. Dave the Diver. Underwater 2d platformer and exploration game and sushi restaurant simulator. Looks simple but has depth and is just tons of fun. Dyson Sphere Program. Factorio in space. Endless Sky. Opensource 2d space exploration, combat and trading game. UnCiv. Opensource Civilization clone. FHeroes2. Opensource port of the HoMM 2 engine. Needs HoMM2. Digital Combat Simulator. If you are into military flightsims. The russian Su-25 comes free with DCS World. Caesar 3 with Augustus (recreation in opensource engine) Dungeon Keeper with KeeperFX (opensource engine) Settlers 2 addon/remake "Return to the Roots". Needs Settlers 2 (the really old one) Sadly, KSP2 wasn't the only disappointment in recent years. Nowadays I mostly scourge GoG for old games that have HD mods or engine recreations. I'am really looking forward to the Skywind and Skyblivion release (Elder Scrolls remakes). When those come out you won't see me for a very long time.
  3. I bought Dyson Sphere Program last year, this satisfies my space nerd needs. Reentry is also a very good simulation. Might as well make a "what are you playing instead of KSP2" thread, if there isn't one yet. edit: there is, somewhat related:
  4. Well, that's the problem, they should release a working game in the first place. I am not spending a dime ever on this publisher again after a trail of half-finished DLC ripoffs.
  5. Paradox? No, just no please. This company is a blight in the gaming business.
  6. It's dead Jim, let go. Also: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five_stages_of_grief
  7. If you use steam I recommend https://github.com/DavidoTek/ProtonUp-Qt/releases to install https://github.com/GloriousEggroll/proton-ge-custom in Steam. This proton version has more optimizations for playing windows games. That installer can also install into Lutris or Heroic Launcher. Even the proton emulation layer has vastly superior performance compared to opengl these days. Back in the 1.0-ish time the native opengl version was good on linux, but now I play on windows again.
  8. Bold of you to assume what mileage other players have. Beside that, I was trying to be helpful, nothing else.
  9. I am not boasting. 7 minutes is arguably better than 20 minutes that the poor soul I have quoted waits for his game to start. KSP1 with mods is what it is. No point arguing over that.
  10. Have you seen these threads? This loading screen fps thingy is still relevant with the latest KSP1 version. I have around 150 mods... Bluedog, Tantares, Tundra, SXT, Near Future and all those big mods with a gazillion parts, my KSP is ready in 7 minutes. That's still much and its a pity KSP does not have something like Cities Skylines loading screen mod (because C:S had the same problem like KSP, loading all assets at once, with random crashes) but it's not that bad as it used to be. Use: ksp community fixes disable vsync and raise fps limit in launcher throw in loadingscreenmanager with a single 1x1 pixel png for extra fps and good measure block KSP in your firewall for extra good measure (I am not sure that old unity bug where every asset is loaded via http and searched on every network device is still an issue). Back in game you can use kerbokatzes fps limiter so your GPU doesn't melt. Back on topic of the hype train, it finally derailed. This dumpster fire was the mother of all hypetrain derailments. I've written it a year ago, I say it again: instead of bling bling videos, take those 70 devs, lock them in a room for 5 years and build a rock stable good physics engine and then go into EA with abysmal graphics and whatnot, then build around that foundation. We space nerds would have loved it. Look at Digital Combat Simulator. Look how they transitioned from Flanker 2.5 to Lock On: Modern Air Combat (which had a lot of issues), until they finally concentrated on making DCS World and their engine, now they and 3rd-party developers throw out module after module every year, and we flight simmers throw our hard earned money at them.
  11. And here we go, still more RAM than Windows, but even with Parallax and the memory "offenders" I mentioned early in this thread, I get to 22/32 gb RAM usage. FPS and gameplay is also smooth as silk compared to the choppyness of openGL, even with an additional layer of emulation. With that tool https://davidotek.github.io/protonup-qt/ you can install a custom version of Proton/Wine (like this: https://github.com/GloriousEggroll/proton-ge-custom/releases) in Steam/Lutris/HeroicLauncher/Whatever and run KSP from Steam after you selected the proton version you want. KSP did not start with Lutris, but thats for another day, though Steam also does some texture converting to Vulkan thingy, which Lutris does not do I think. Kinda hilarious when you think about this, a WINE/dxvk layer runs better than the native binary (hilarious as in maniac laughing like the Joker). If you have the steam version, you can just delete KSP in steam, add the compatibility layer and re-install KSP. CKAN and the mods in GameData will be preserved. Only need to delete the old settings file and adjust settings again. There's also some minor error message when installing the Private Division launcher but it works afterwards. And for Mac you can try this Lisias: https://github.com/Gcenx/DXVK-macOS/releases
  12. You know what, I'll try WINE with a KSP windows binary on linux, because of DXVK. DirectX games with wine/dxvk run very good with Vulkan and wine-GE-custom.
  13. @LordCelestia do you have Windows installed too? There is really something weird going on with the linux ksp version. I have installed windows again despite my best efforts to avoid it, but because I have the time again to play some other games that just don't work on linux I installed it again, and guess what? The same mods, which need something like 25 gb of RAM in linux, use only 8gb of RAM in Windows, including Parallax. Performance is also like day and night, despite having updated to a nvidia 1070 with 6gb of VRAM, ksp runs very bad in linux, but butter smooth in Windows. There was a time when KSP behaved on par in linux as in windows, back in the 1.3-1.8 days or so, but now it seems openGL is really a bad option to play this particular game. Other demanding games work well even in a proton or wine layer, though.
  14. I noticed on my re-install today I had not installed Memgraph/heappadder from linuxgurugamer previously I think, does garbage collecting also free up RAM or is that something else? Edit: I answered my own question: maybe I did have heappadder installed and maybe it was set to use 8gb of RAM to garbage collect. Might explain the mystery why I had so much RAM filling up. I am an idiot, maybe.
  15. Yarrrr, there's definitely some memory leakage somewhere in one .dll. I just reinstalled KSP with some baseline mods and the memory usage is like half. Based on that I'll copy the KSP folder and experiment to see whats causing this. I'd suggest the same to the OP, make a minimal playable version and try what mod is the offender. Leave out what's not essential for playing, like ASET, RPM, Restock and so on. Mod DLLs found: Stock assembly: Assembly-CSharp v0.0.0.0 ModuleManager v4.2.2.0 ClickThroughBlocker v2.1.10.21 FilterExtensions v3.2.9.0 / v3.2.9 0Harmony v2.2.1.0 HarmonyInstallChecker v2.2.1.0 USITools v1.0.0.0 USIToolsUI v1.0.0.0 ToolbarControl v0.1.9.9 AnimatedDecouplers v1.4.2.19194 B9PartSwitch v2.20.0.0 / vv2.20.0 PlanetsideExplorationTechnologies v1.0.0.0 BetterTimeWarpCont v2.3.13.0 / v2.3.13 BonVoyage v1.4.1.0 CameraFocusChanger v1.1.0.2 CCK v5.1.0.0 / v5.1.0.0 for KSP v1 DistantObject v0.0.0.0 KSPe.Light.DOE v2.4.2.9 DockingCamKURS v1.3.8.5 DynamicBatteryStorage v1.0.0.0 Atmosphere v1.11.7.1 CelestialShadows v1.11.7.1 CityLights v1.11.7.1 EVEManager v1.11.7.1 PQSManager v1.11.7.1 PartFX v1.11.7.1 ShaderLoader v1.11.7.1 Terrain v1.11.7.1 TextureConfig v1.11.7.1 Utils v1.11.7.1 _BuildManager v1.11.7.1 Firespitter v7.3.7660.26532 HaystackReContinued v0.5.7.6 KAS-API-v2 v2.0.7239.35367 / vKAS API v2 KAS v1.12.8285.34332 / v1.12 for KSP v1 KSPDev_Utils.2.7 v2.7.0.0 / v2.7 for KSP v1 KEI v1.2.10.5 KIS v1.29.8039.40483 / v1.29 for KSP v1.12+ KSPDev_Utils.2.6 v2.6.7847.1936 / v2.6 for KSP v1 KSP-AVC v1.4.1.9 0_MultipleModuleInPartAPI v1.0.0.0 KSPCommunityFixes v1.0.0.0 / v1.26.0.0 KerbalEngineer.Unity v1.0.0.0 KerbalEngineer v1.1.9.0 KerbalJointReinforcement v3.7.1.0 DeployableAeroSurfaces v1.0.0.0 MechJeb2 v2.5.1.0 / v / v2.14.3.0 System.Buffers v4.0.3.0 / v4.6.28619.01 @BuiltBy: dlab14-DDVSOWINAGE069 @Branch: release/2.1 @SrcCode: https://github.com/dotnet/corefx/tree/7601f4f6225089ffb291dc7d58293c7bbf5c5d4f / v4.6.28619.01 MemGraph v1.2.0.1 NearFutureElectrical v1.0.0.0 NearFutureExploration v0.4.0.0 NFPropUtils v1.0.0.0 NearFuturePropulsion v0.9.0.0 NearFutureSolar v0.4.0.0 NearFutureUtils v0.0.0.0 PartCommanderCont v1.1.6.4 PatchManager v0.0.17.6 PlanetShine v0.2.6.6 PlanetarySurfaceStructures v1.6.16.0 ProceduralFairings v6.0.0.0 / v6.3.0.0 BackgroundResources v1.12.0.0 RetractableLiftingSurface v0.2.1.2 SCANsat v1.20.4.0 / vv20.4 SCANmechjeb v1.20.4.0 / vv20.4 SCANsat.Unity v1.20.4.0 SXTContinued v0.3.29.8 scatterer v0.838.0.0 ScienceAlert v1.9.20.3 SimpleAdjustableFairings v1.12.0.0 / vv1.12.0 KSP_Log v1.2.0.0 / v1.2.0 ButtonManager v1.0.1.1 KSP_ColorPicker v1.1.0.5 KSP_PartHighlighter v1.1.0.10 SpaceTuxUtility v1.0.1.3 VesselModuleSave v1.0.1.2 Stock assembly: KSPSteamCtrlr v0.0.1.35 TacLifeSupport v0.18.0.0 / v0.18.0 TundraExploration v1.0.0.0 UniversalStorage2.Unity v1.8.0.0 UniversalStorage2 v4.0.0.8 Waterfall v0.0.0.0 Folders and files in GameData: 000_ClickThroughBlocker 000_FilterExtensions 000_FilterExtensions_Configs 000_Harmony 000_USITools 001_ToolbarControl AdditionToTantaresSP AnimatedDecouplers B9PartSwitch Benjee10_MMSEV Benjee10_sharedAssets BetterScienceLabsContinued BetterTimeWarp BonVoyage CameraFocusChanger CommunityCategoryKit CommunityResourcePack DistantObject DockingCamKURS DynamicBatteryStorage EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements Firespitter HabTechProps HaystackContinued KAS KEI KIS KIU KSP-AVC KSPCommunityFixes KerbalEngineer KerbalJointReinforcement KerbalReusabilityExpansion MechJeb2 MechJebForAll MemGraph NearFutureConstruction NearFutureElectrical NearFutureExploration NearFutureProps NearFuturePropulsion NearFutureSolar NearFutureSpacecraft PartCommanderContinued PatchManager PlanetShine PlanetaryBaseInc ProceduralFairings QuickBASIC REPOSoftTech RetractableLiftingSurface SCANsat SXT Scatterer ScienceAlert SimpleAdjustableFairings SpaceTuxLibrary SpaceTuxSA Spectra Stock folder: Squad Stock folder: SquadExpansion SquiggsySpaceResearch Tantares TantaresLV TantaresRecolors TantaresSAF TantaresSP ThunderAerospace TundraExploration UmbraSpaceIndustries UniversalStorage2 Waterfall ZeroMiniAVC zFinal_FilterExtensions ModuleManager.4.2.2.dll
  16. I'd remove any further mod you don't need for gameplay and eyecandy like TUFX, Restock, Hullcam VDS etc. A memory leak can happen from any little toolbar plugin. Sometimes its just easier to make a clean install and add mod by mod and take a look that way, I had old mods in my GameData folder that I installed manually and that messed things up.
  17. Every mod that stays in after the triage to fill 32gb RAM without swap file.
  18. Cities Skylines comes to mind, somehow this game did not burst at its seams, thanks to Unity updates and some good mods (loading screen mod, fps booster). I don't presume to know what the devs did all this time, but I imagine people would have been willing to wait 5 years and pay 50 bucks for a rock solid custom physics engine and have patience for content added later. Now explain this to a big publisher... but looking at DCS, a solid foundation can pay off over time.
  19. I could care less about early access [snip] and would consider the 50 bucks more of an investment over time, no problem. I've paid 50 bucks for "finished" AAA titles that I dumped after two hours and never touched again, who cares? Its 50 bucks for crying out loud. But seeing those reddit posts from other developers talking about the fundamentals of this game, i.e. the same Unity problems, the same physics limitations, do not bode well for me. Thats the only glimmer of hope I had: a decent new physics engine. If you have a good foundation you can build all sort of shiny stuff on top of that over time, but I don't see that. I hope I am wrong.
  20. You can try Proton-GE too: https://github.com/GloriousEggroll/proton-ge-custom/releases. Frontend for installing in steam: https://davidotek.github.io/protonup-qt/ Good luck.
  21. SSPEX and Pathfinder mods seem to eat a lot of memory, removing those reduced ram usage to 30/32gb without swapping. Edit: Well, I still get to 4gb swap file when I am at launchpad. Removing Parallax frees up like 8gb of RAM. Damn... it looks so good.
  22. There's some MM patch to remove IVAs: @PART[*]:FINAL { !INTERNAL{} } Will the assets still be loaded to memory though?
  23. I was about to open a topic like that myself. The OP does not have that much mods imho. I have been playing with like 200 mods in the past and I did not get that amount of memory usage. In linux I max out at 32gb when I get to main menu and just loading a clean save takes 3 minutes, dumping another 6gb on the swap file. I also did a clean install of KSP (you never know what old leftover mods you have in the GameData folder). Aside from Parallax, SSPEX and Spectra I don't think I have that much offenders regarding texture size etc. Pathfinder etc. does have a lot of IVAs too though. Maybe I try an identical install on Windows 10. KSP in Linux and Windows behave very differently in some occasions, just ask @Lisias
  24. Came across this while searching for something, seems to be a site about museums in russia and post-soviet countries, with highly detailed mockup models. Some Kvant, Kristall, engines and probe stuff for @Beale! http://technomuzei.ru/2018/05/25/pavilon-kosmos-na-vdnh-kak-doehat-chto-posmotret/ http://technomuzei.ru/2019/02/22/pavilony-muzejnogo-kompleksa-parka-patriot/
  25. I see you're working on FGB. Now it's a good time to beg ask about the prichal node again? Good stuff coming from you anyway, thanks a lot.
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