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  1. People that want to surface attach things to balloon tanks will find a workaround anyway. The players that appreciate the level of detail and rocket design will refuse to abuse the "overpowered" tanks anyway.
  2. @Gargamel Im not sure if youre the guy to report this to but I see you in welcome aboard all the time so youre the only mod I see. Anyway. The download link on this topic leads to a scamming site. Can you delete it please Edit. Just realised there was a report topic button.
  3. Why don't you make a separate tread here on the forums with every stage and it's history? I read some of the things here but it gets lost in 1200 pages of BDB.
  4. Have I been building my Atlas-IIAS wrong? I mount 4 solids to the booster skirt. Did the real thing have some kind of tank reinforcement to support the extra twr? I'm always really uncertain how atlas-ii works anyway. It's stage 1.5 according to Wikipedia but the twr is horrible. Forcing me to launch with a high AP.
  5. Jool, Euribanne and Palloocus have the same semiMajorAxis..... 68773560320 It throws an exception in the log because using the asteroid telescope. Just incase anyone has issues
  6. Not in this case because its a settings thing and not a bug or anything. It's a question about a single setting that causes major performance related stuttering. I've lowered it to 5 and everything seems fine. I just was wondering how people are getting away with settings above that or if they are ignoring the error.
  7. To People changing the densityMultiplier to higher numbers than 5 for rescaled systems. Do you not get an error? I get log spams and severe stutter in the tracking station when first loading it. FPS goes from 2 to 60 again after a mintue or so. Performance in flight is good. First few seconds of loading can stutter but thats ok. Why would it affect performance in tracking station anyway? [ERR 19:30:55.112] Thread group count is above the maximum allowed limit. Maximum allowed thread group count is 65535
  8. If you use BDB then go all in an use 2.5 rescale. It's actually not really any harder than stock because the engines are considerably more powerful. BDB is the best mod I've ever played in any game. The attention to detail is something else. Loading times can be a pain in the ass but it's worth it.
  9. I have to check the model put again. I've looked everywhere. Even vangaurd because it would be based on it. Wait. Did the original S-IV hotstage? I hotstage them too using smart parts. Since I'm playing carrer with 3.5 rescale I hat to edit the smart parts mass and price however. It makes it easy however. It starts the aj10 when the 1st stage has 1% fuel and again when it has 0%.
  10. And how do you think able dealt with that? The AJ10-37 for example? Able doesnt have any ullage trusters and the engine doesnt have cold gas exhaust right? Sorry for being such a pain in the black haha
  11. It's the earliest version I'm wondering about. I play with engine ignitor and live recreating rockets as realistic as possible in order to learn how they worked. I cannot find anything about the Thor and Vangaurd second stages. If they are pressure fed ullage would not be an issue right? If so I can just disable ullage and keep the ignition to 1? I'm not entirely sure how it works. If I remember correctly the shuttle used rcs before it fired its aj10s but it might have been to protect the engine.
  12. Ablestar could but not Able. It had 1 ignition. I'd be surprised if it were hotstaged because it has no exhaust vents
  13. They do for Bluedog and some of the minor parts they have. I noticed it on separation motors for the Gemini capsule.
  14. Would it be possible to add axial tilt to kerbin?
  15. Max capacity. Ive tryed if it was a rounding error. Once its set below 0.9 there is no resource in the tanks. 1.1 etc all works. The game recognises it has the resouce in the vab. It will say solid fuel 0/0. When I right click the part there is no resource however.
  16. Sorry. I did not mean patch. The mod in general doesn't work with parts that have resource levels below 0.9. Just edit any config of a part and set the resource to 0.5. You will see when you launch the game that the part will not have any resource at all.
  17. In case anyone is still using this in 2024 then KopernicusSolarPanels needs to be changed to KopernicusSolarPanel REQUIREMENT:NEEDS[Kopernicus] { name = PartModuleUnlocked type = PartModuleUnlocked partModule = KopernicusSolarPanel } Something was changed in Kopernicus.
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