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  1. WARNING!!! Mod is incompatible with KSP 1.3.1 use it with KSP 1.3.0

    OK, eventhough there is still no official support of KSP 1.3.1 by EL I publish new release 3.4.5

    • Updated EL to version 5.8.2
    • Updated EL experience traits
    • Updated EL resource recipes
    • Added plaque.png to EL folder

    However there's a little issue with IFS-core, that will be fixed soon I hope. To resolve the issue either install Interstellar Fuel Switch complete, or rip Localization folder from complete module and put it inside GameData/InterstellarFuelSwitch folder.

  2. So, looks like this problem is quite old and is related to EL itselft.

    Mentioned issue has a workaround by @Eleusis La Arwall: Once the craft is done in the VAB/SPH, detach the LaunchPad and delete it. Drag a new Launchpad over from the list and attach it as before. This way all tanks have been attached prior to the Launchpad.

    I tested it and applied to SC it will look like so: build your production ship as usual, but put your docking ports (that'll be used as Launchpads) after all other parts or simply detach 'em and attach again, to make sure they're "added after" tank containing rocket parts.

  3. Hey, people!

    A lot of time passed since I was on the forum last time and I think even more time passed since I was playing KSP :D

    I see that @maja is doing quite a good job not only supporting, but also improving the mod. So I added him to collaborators list on GitHub, and as co-autor on SpaceDock, so now he's able to update the mod at will.

    I'll be back as soon I have more spare time, but for now @maja is at charge :wink:

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