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  1. Hey people! I'll update the mod as soon as I have some time, cause it not only needs to be updated for 1.3.0, but also requires some improvements.

    Some notes:

    Version for KSP 1.2.2 may work in 1.3.0, someone who's brave enough may try it out and report to others if it works :D

    No background processing will be done with this mod, so I recommend using HUUUUGE ore tanks for your drilling rigs. All this background drilling in stock KSP is a complete mystery, so I don't want to mess with it.

    The idea of the mod is to reduce parts count, so you don't need to add parts to your vessels and connect 'em with pipes. KAS is great, but connecting ships with pipes may lead to various troubles caused by KSP miraclous physics engine.

  2. That'll require some coding and I don't think that's necessary.

    Actually Orbinaut's idea is great. Almost every manned SS in history was able to operate without astronauts aboard. Vostok-1 was completely automated, with manual override option. Buran was completely automated. And as far as I know Shuttle was initially designed to ascend and land completely automatically, but pilots demanded to give 'em manual control :D

    PS: I love this video about Shuttle landing :D:D:D


  3. 9 hours ago, Starwaster said:


    Regarding this mod not using stored resources, is that a hard design decision or would you be interested in a pull request if I were to code in that sort of support? (which, at some point I intend to do for my own personal use but I don't know when considering KSP 1.3.0 recently came out and I have several mods that I need to get updated for)

    I did not implement stored resources usage like ones in fuel cells as I did not want to do background processing or complex calculations of how much is used and how much is left. However I'm not against new features as soon as they're not CPU heavy :)

  4. Version 1.0.3 is out:

    • Added kerbonaut level info
    • Messages are shown via ScreenMessages
    • Modifier Key + B brings up transfer dialog

    As ScreenMessages are now displayed with readable font I decided to remove this ugly looking panel and now show info with standart messages in the top center of the screen.

    Pressing Alt + B (Cmd + B for Mac) will bring up transfer dialog under cursor position. The idea was to make kerbal go EVA, but no API method seems to allow this and no EVA button in transfer dialog while in IVA, this API is a mess :/

  5. As @sarbian updated MM and this mod is just a set of MM patches I assume this mod is compatible with KSP 1.3.0.

    On 16.12.2016 at 2:56 AM, Kevin Vandy said:

    I like this mod, but it interferes with TAC Life support in that none of the pods have life support built into them when this mod is installed. 

    Can you please retest an tell me if this is still an issue?

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