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  1. Double check the folder your Feline Rover mod is in. Make sure you didn't drop an extracted "Gamedata" folder into the "Gamedata" folder
  2. @JPLRepo or Anyone else that can answer this. I've been using this mod in stock KSP for a while and I tried it out in JNSQ which is about a 2.5x rescale of KSP, but i notice the darkside calcs are incorrect. (Usually short by about 20%-25% EC and dark side transit time) SO my question. Does this mod account for the planets being larger than stock? for example RSS or JNSQ. If not, is there a MM Patch I can create to account for the increase in scale? Thanks for the help.
  3. I've used this contract pack since inception and love it? I'm currently kitting out a new playthrough and trying a few things different. So my question: does this contract pack work with Planet Packs or is it solely for stock solar systems? I'm thinking out using Beyond Home, needless to say my home planet isn't Kerbin.
  4. Creating the agena on quest acceptance may be a better way. Kind of like how kerbal rescue missions spawn the distressed kerbal and craft on acceptance. Does failing/rejecting this quest lock you out of other subsequent E+ quests?
  5. I have an issue where i accepted the perform orbital mechanics quest and it just says rendezvous with the Agena (TBD). I have no Agena, i was never asked to create one. So im wondering if this is a bug and the quest skipped some steps. Also is there anyway to reset exploration plus without starting a new game?
  6. Thanks, more than visual effects, i guess I'm looking for some contrast and saturation on kerbin. I'll give TUFX a try.
  7. Thats fine. At first look I found the phrasing of your original response was a bit dismissive. I'm sorry if i misunderstood.
  8. Am i the crazy one here? Because i'm starting to feel like i'm in the twilight zone. If people were completely happy with a product as is, then modding communities would not exist. So what exactly is my faux pas? What is this love it or get out attitude?
  9. Is there a visual pack that works with the current version of JNSQ? I ask because my game has such a muted tone its depressing. This is KSC daytime image I've been looking around and its seems Ad Astra has not been updated and i think AVP is stock systems only. Any help would be appreciated
  10. i see it now thx :S I was set to version i.9.1 Thanks for the udpate, we appreciate the hard work.
  11. @TaxiServiceIs this not released on ckan yet? Or do i need to change settings.
  12. I dont mean to make your job harder, but on its face it seems like there is a bit redundancy when it comes to the ranges. 1. The Ax-5 and the F-DA are so similar there does not need to be 2 of them. 2. The D-2 Spot and the RA-00-2 are also too similar. Only one is needed. 3. The RA-X2 at first glance seems overly powerful considering its massive angle and low relative power cost. Also i don't think you need such a large antenna angle considering the range is the nearest moon. It would be nice if the spread sheet showed mass of parts as it would make it easier to assess the trade offs. Overall this part isnt needed. 4. D-50 isnt necessary. There are 6 antenna that reach ksync range and this one doesnt fit any special role that would make you choose it over the other 5. 5. RA-0-8 isnt necessary, its bigger than the RA-100 and uses more power but provides less range, not worth it.
  13. @Morse Can we get a recompile for 1.7 when you have some free time, puhleeease. Mostly because it causes an irremovable wrong version prompt in the middle of my screen.
  14. Does this mean i can load my save and continue my exploration? or should i wait for a fix?
  15. @Morse You have our unending support. The 1.7 changes are great for stock only players, but anyone who has ever used your mod (and is sane) is not going anywhere. Thanks again.
  16. @Galileo Regarding the updates for SVE and SVT. THANKS FOR MAKING KSP PRETTY AGAIN!!!!
  17. Cool Thx. Felt like opening a gift box ful of other giftboxes. @Lisias Is your version on Ckan or do i have to manual install
  18. I'd like to nominate probably the most glorious and and in depth texture overhaul of KSP for the PBC treatment. Brought to you by Nertea and team More Specifically the 40ish parts that Restock+ adds.
  19. Hello. I have an issue wherein no matter how many times I accept and complete the "Barnstorm the Hangars" and "Build a Glider" they always return to the the available mission list. Is this intended? Are they meant to be repeatable?
  20. The Biplane. Gimme sometime and ill post the cfraft file and log
  21. My concern was the removal of the BP cost/total while building. But if its removal is intended that's fine.
  22. I have this issue as well. Whenever i use firespitter parts my vehicle spawns 1068 meters above the runway which in itself is annoying. But when i try to land,shortly after the wheels touch the touch i get catapulted away like the runway is a super trampoline.
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