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  1. I dunno, i guess it was too much to ask to have constant posts right up to release I don't know why I want slower buildup, after all I can't have buildup of hype for the next year and a half until this comes to console
  2. this big showcase is cool and all, but I personally would have prefered more of the drip-feed style of announcement If anything just because I personally have a hard time taking this all in by way of of a single dump of content
  3. from what I can tell this craft probably requires the currently unrevealed spinny thingy to work as it does
  4. I think so kerbal is both less graphically intensive and in it's base form much less of ram hog than other titles on the switch
  5. when I was doing a mission with a craft without normal engines and just RCS systems and tried to do rendezvous, when I went to the map view to fine tune the encounter, Instead of thrusting forwards when I pressed RT I just spun around and had to scrap the mission, I don't know if this is a bug or if you just can't use docking mode on the map view but I'm pretty annoyed P.S. I was using linear not rotation in docking mode I'm pretty sure It's a problem with the map view
  6. now I don't mean improving the creatures themselves I more mean that we should give these guys more to do. we're already seeing them have inventories (sort of) but now I have a couple ideas for using these little guys for things like more useful EVAs, one Idea is "K-Struts" these would be smaller more fragile struts with limited range that kerbals can add on EVA to repair things or better fend off the Kraken, each pod or cockpit would have a limited transferable amount (perhaps the could be stored in the new storage bay that comes with Breaking Ground).By the way, i think EVA packs should work while on ladders. Does anyone else have any ideas on how to make Kerbals more useful
  7. while most people are thinking about glorious kanadarms, I will use this for better skylab replicas
  8. when the DLC comes out someone should make a challenge thread about catapulting to orbit called that
  9. I used to shoot, i guess i just never thought about the physics of it that much
  10. catapult launching catapult launching catapult launching catapult?
  11. that, is an elasticity based projectile launching system, while Catapults use inertial energy to propel things things (like a seesaw or a person throwing something), a bowstring uses elastic energy to propel things (like snapping someone with a rubber band) a bow and arrow doesn't count because it uses a different system to propel things while all the examples of catapults do After that short physics rant I need something funny to clear my head, how about a CATapult
  12. you must REALLY want to kill your computer if something even a thousandth the size of that city
  13. I can't wait to put a space catupult on the mun to save fuel on orbital launches to a Mun Station
  14. this thread is just a place to show off my historical (and current) mission and craft recreations this is an orbital version of a mercury redstone rocket dubbed the "Mercury Redstone Advanced"
  15. I really hope that when this comes to console it isn't MISSING ONE OF IT'S CORE FEATURES like making history (I still love making history as I mainly do historical recreations)
  16. I bet that while on E.V.A when you're close to the box It'll have a "take experiment" icon come up with a hotkey that puts one of the experiments into the Kerbal's inventory
  17. the currently unrevealed module that is the first one put in during the video and the one on the far left of the box's inventory is the probodobodyne experiment control station
  18. does anyone here have time to slow down the video and screenshot the currently unknown item in the container Turns out that It's a control unit in the far left slot
  19. I see three options. 1 you wont be able to 2 the pipe will stretch 3 the Kraken will punish you for you're Insolence
  20. I'm geussing that robotics will have their own control method
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