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  1. Love UI design as a field. Please add back craft typing and type filters at the top, huge constant UI issue in every single player's game that has more than three craft. Also please make stuff like this impossible: https://imgur.com/a/p1YtrbG
  2. It literally saved the game. Take the L. Hopefully the colony mode is like KSP1 career mode and even more people play.
  3. Is there a hotfix coming? Ran into a bunch of bugs that made me take a break.
  4. I think their point is that KSP2 is very obviously breaking the rules.
  5. Although I haven't played a ton of KSP2 yet I didn't notice any large difference, especially since its just sandbox and death doesn't matter anyway.
  6. The flying saucer is epic.
  7. I don't know if its a great idea to create these intense divisions between social media platforms. The community is already on it's knees. Pitting us against each other just seems so cynical.
  8. There is definitely some histrionics coming from upset players, but the actual serious toxic behavior is almost exclusively coming from people who hate those criticizing the game. Neither are necessarily productive, but the later is really bad for the community.
  9. Yeah and I didn't expect to be badly harassed and then muted for literally nothing. Not a great experience.
  10. It's way, way beyond anything allowed here.
  11. The discord is... SO toxic. I just got muted for pushing back on the crazy insults and flaming. The Intercept moderation and managers are curating an insanely hostile environment on purpose, probably so they can vent like this and only receive positive feedback. Really makes you appreciate the subreddit and this forum. Thanks to the mods here for caring about the community.
  12. It has actually declined by significantly more than 50%, combined with an extreme decline of Youtube and twitch content. It's basically just brand damage. Also, Parallax 2 and blackracks clouds are interesting technical products. They are very ugly compared to KSP2. I don't they need to factor into an argument at all nor are they 'the best mods' in KSP1.
  13. I really, really don't think so and I'm very concerned that it wont be able to recapture the challenge of KSP career mode. Despite what an extremely vocal and passionate group feels, career mode is by far the most popular way to play the game and late game career is where the main KSP gameplay loop is. We need the random mission generation and the constraints imposed by money. I am keeping an open mind, however.
  14. My hope is that it is like Minecraft: the chaos of open servers is appealing in its own way, while private servers with whitelists are safe and fun too. It will be years and years before multiplayer gets released so it's not worth worrying about. I think that they have said that their will be a space race mode, which will definitely be competitive.
  15. You're framing it very provocatively for some reason. It is a game about engineering space space missions and re-entry mechanics / challenges are a fundamental part of engineering space missions. There is also the unfortunate issue of the developers communicating that re-entry mechanics were coming very soon after launch.
  16. I hope its some combination of career mode missions + tech tree. They have taken sooo much longer to fix the basics of orbital mechanics than I ever thought, so I can even believe that we will never see science mode this year.
  17. Honestly, it's a hugely passionate community that is collectively working their way through the stages of grief. If anything, it's extremely impressive that it is as civil as it has been.
  18. The game needs a lot of work to meet the level of KSP1, and that is not taking into account 1000 part ships between stars and big bases on the planets. Its going to take a lot of time and money, which I think is the crux of the question in this thread: how much money and time does KSP2 have?
  19. Having sci fi engines make your Kerbol colonization run smoothly and easily is a good thing. In fact we should expect that the more advanced engines will make things extremely easy for "basic" rocket stuff. I strongly disagree that having advanced engines with great capabilities would ruin the fun, especially because you would have to unlock them. "Balance" in a single player game is a nebulous fallacy. The mid to late game engines should be revolutionary in power and use compared to what came before.
  20. I don't want to just be negative, but why is this something to be excited about after 3+ years of dev and a disastrous launch? Won't this delay things again by more than a year?
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