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  1. To my knowledge, considering that KSRSS only changes the solar system around, any planet pack that doesn't do that/only adds other systems should be fine. Adding more planets to the home system is a bit more complicated I think, but otherwise you should be fine.
  2. Tonight is a really bright full moon. In this mod’s current state, the view of the Moon from earth and in space is very dim compared to it’s real life counterpart. The real life moon stands out in the night sky, and on bright full moons, It even lights earths surface. However, the moon in KSRSS seems like an indistinguishable grey blob that is easy to miss in the sky. Is this the result of a graphics compromise? Or could it possibly be tweaked to be more realistic? Could it be my TUFX profile and I’m rambling about a non-existent problem? Anyway those are my thoughts.
  3. Old post, but those city lights are outlining Kerbin's continents. You can notice it when looking at "Europe", which is completely misshapen. This may be simple advice, but have you checked that there's no other EVE configs in your GameData folder?
  4. Yep. Download Parallax and Parallax_StockTextures as you would do normally, and download KSRSS as normal Then, go inside the Parallax_StockTextures and delete "_Configs". Should work then, even with scatters!
  5. Maybe it's a problem with a fuel switch mod, like InterstellarFuelSwitch or Rational Resources?
  6. Sorry, but this thread is not for the base Kopernicus mod. You can find the Kopernicus thread here: Also, it is more helpful to give your KSP.log file. You can find the file in the root folder of the game, which is called "Kerbal Space Program". (not to be condescending, I just want to be clear.) In addition, it may be because I use Firefox as a browser, but your link does not work.
  7. These look astonishingly detailed. I have no idea where you get the resources that allow for this level of detail on an engine, nonetheless the hours and tedium it took to get this result. Do you do the texturing too? Also, not to come off wrong, but are these getting added to BDB? Had I imagined it, or was 1.12 the last update for BDB 1? Edit, to add: I have not been very active since KSP 2's launch, that circus put out most motivation I had for KSP. Apologies for my lack of briefing.
  8. In a discussion on the BDB thread, it was mentioned that Titan I used a form of Kerolox historically. SSS makes the Titan I LR-91 and LR87 engines use Hypergolic fuel. I'm not sure if you're aware of this, just wanted to let it be known.
  9. I'm using Skyhawk Science System, and it seems that it makes all Titan engines consume Aerozine50 and NTO. Maybe I could bring that up to the maintainer of SSS for accuracy purposes?
  10. Mercury-Titan! (has this been done before?) Perhaps in an alternate timeline where Titan was developed before Atlas. I don't know, that's my slap-on explanation. I'm not sure if there was a better fuel tank for the transition between 1.25m and 1.5m, but at my current spot in the tech tree, the Thor tank was the best I had. Apologies for the bland camera work, it is difficult to get a good angle when focusing on controlling the rocket. Here's some more screenshots from a separate flight with Algol SRBs. I originally had the problem of lacking DeltaV, before I realized the fuel switch on aforementioned Thor tank was fueled with Kerolox instead of Hypergolic fuel which the LR91 engine uses. 5 attempts at an orbit contract and roughly 80k funds were dumped into a rocket carrying 2.3 tons of dead weight in place of much-needed fuel.
  11. Reflectron DP-10 PAW says "Status: Connected" on the launch pad, but the craft is uncontrollable. Any attempts to interact are met with a notification stating "no connection to send command on". Top left GUI says no connection (stock commnet is disabled, i am referring to the RemoteTech HUD addon). There is my ksp.log, but my mods are many and massive, and it would most likely be a terrible pain to shift through. Here are a few details of my save: KSP 1.12.5 Skyhawk Science System, Skyhawk Kerbalism, Bluedog Design Bureau, and KSRSS reborn are my main mods. KSRSS, Kerbalism, and SSS all claim support for Remote Tech, though Kerbalism warns when loading that problems may arise between it and RemoteTech. If this is a known issue or personal error, would anyone know how to fix it?
  12. It's still really out of place though, the engines fit on the fuselage, but just barely without clipping eachother. I'll use the older version for now
  13. Trying it now, and the Cotopaxi isn't the right scale for SOCK / has no configs to rescale for SOCK. Why was this deprecated if it was useful? Is there another mod that I can get a well fleshed-out SSME with waterfall configs and all that jazz?
  14. I'm excited for the terrain. From orbit and on the map, planets look boring, but from what we've seen with the Mun and Duna, It's had a major improvement
  15. If you just port models and textures to KSP2, not only would you spend ages patching the old stuff to work, the artstyles aren't even going to match. Even then, it would still take months if not years to rebuild everything from scratch for the new game! Unless Nertea is leaking some game builds for BDB to keep ahead, I don't know how you would possibly go about a making a BDB mod for KSP 2. I understand that modability is a priority feature for KSP2, but that doesn't mean it won't be a whole new unfamiliar monster to tackle! However you go about such a feat, I wish you luck!
  16. Maybe you should take your time and tell the ungrateful fans to be happy with current progress
  17. The release has duplicate download folders, that looks like this: Bluedog-Design-Bureau-1.11.0.zip Bluedog-Design-Bureau1.11.0.zip They're the same size, probably same contents, but it still causes a little confusion
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