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  1. Well Graphics are already better then mine i use intel integrated 4600 graphics
  2. You Have to un private the video so people can see it
  3. Looks Like There Bringing Back The abanded story Line For KSP
  4. The Hidden platform on jool you used to be able to land on
  5. Went Space Shuttle Status in a 747 recreation
  6. For me, I'm a fan of chuck a satellite in orbit and I hope I get a connection when I need it so far it hasn’t let me down. I'll upload a picture of my network when I get back home from school.
  7. My first Eve landing i tried to aim for the island in the background but i undershot then the Kraken decided it waned to destroy my solar planels
  8. I would like to have a setting to have the abbilty to change from the new ui to the old ui from KSP1
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