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  1. Hey, do i need to copy and paste the KSRSS-reborn folder in GameData or only the KSRSS folder that inside the KSRSS-reborn folder?
  2. Hey, does anyone knows where I can get all the SLS and Orion decals for Conformal Decals from? https://imgur.com/a/itKPqUL
  3. What a great Add-on, thanks you! Is there a way to configure a specific IVA profile for a specific vessel so you will not need to select every time which IVA to use?
  4. With MechJeb2 I never gets to orbit, even after trying with the RO/RSS settings. For example when I set MechJeb assent Guidance to Launch and Orbit 200km (For this example I used rockets that design to work with 2.5x scale, with enough ∆v) It launches and then when getting around 150-160km the "power" of the rokcet getting slower and slower although it works as should at 140km and before and it with the same acceleration settings and enough fuel nothing was changed from launch, then it just wasted all the fuel by slowly reach from 150km to 155~ km. I assoumd maybe because of the angle it gets in? I have tried multiple times to launch and get to orbit using mechjeb with stock and with KSRSS reborn 2.7x, with stock these no issue but with KSRSS reborn 2.7x I cannot (I played alot with MechJeb setting to try fixing it and still I couldn't find the issue). Any help?
  5. When using KSRSS 2.7x I never get to orbit with MechJeb, pretty sure it's because of MechJeb settings. What are the recommended MechJeb settings when using KSRSS?
  6. @TruthfulGnomeAny 2.7x update release soon? Really love this mod, it adds a lot.
  7. Do I have to use the KSRSS-64k? And what exacly it adds? (will it impact fps significantly?) Will you add 32k, 16k 8k etc. options in the future?
  8. Do I need to install Rescale to use KSRSS Reborn 2.5x ?
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