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  1. if we was to compare development of ksp2 to Planetary annihilation then it has a bright future. Planetary annihilation is a great game. and was also good on launch. I got PA Nov 29 2014
  2. no clue, linux is not supported by ksp2 at the current time so none of my mods are tested on linux.
  3. Yep it has no app bar button. its active when you press space. (requires skip launch countdown to be disabled)
  4. Mod Update Kerbal Notebook (0.1.0) Remade the whole mod. UI now uses the unity UI toolkit (UITK)
  5. my submission https://intel.onlycores.com/9X91xqNVLe.png
  6. Forgot to update this topic https://github.com/Bit-Studios/SuicideBurn
  7. KWP is a ksp 2 mod not ksp 1. Current version of KWP has the REST system implemented, next update will include the WebSocket stuff. It provides the user with a web server that they can use if they want, also supports any language (being that its just doing network requests) The current rest version is really for periodic data (Like changing the Autopilot mode) the future WebSocket system will be for the Realtime stuff. Current feature set of KWP (0.1.0): Expandable API - api template on github, read the wiki for more info Standard API Web server - simple to use, no third party software required Autogenerated docs for provided api and user expanded future versions will include stuff like (WebSocket, Premade Dashboard, Camera part, Tracking part, uncompiled CS api support, In game web browser)
  8. I do have a new version, just forgot to push the update to spacedock. The code you see is the update, not what your running.
  9. Count Down (V0.0.2) Its the final countdown SpaceDock: https://spacedock.info/mod/3328/Count Down src: https://github.com/Bit-Studios/CountDown license: MIT
  10. Better Parts Manager (v1.2.0) Part selection in OAB now selects the correct part. (before very small xs parts could not be selected) Fixed tons of UI bugs.
  11. KWP Standard API updated to 0.1.1 see KWP API Extension list for download
  12. Mod Update Kerbal Notebook (0.0.2) OAB mode made the Input blocker button more obvious Bugfixes
  13. I find the forum to be clunky and outdated, it don't even have the simplest of features such as dark mode or file attachments. Mod updates get announced on discord and spacedock, I only update the forums if I have time as im busy working on other mods. The best place for bug reports is Discord and Github. I don't mind being pinged multiple times about the same bug or suggestion. Current version of this mod is 1.1.2
  14. I don't use the forums much, best way to report bugs will be on the ksp 2 modding discord. That specific issue should have been fixed a few versions ago, update and check.
  15. Kerbal Notebook (0.1.0) Does what it says on the tin spacedock https://spacedock.info/mod/3321/Kerbal Notebook With this mod you can create notes, its as simple as that. To add a new note just click into the space below your last note and type the name, press enter to create Requires: ShadowUtilityLib 0.0.3+ Spacewarp 1.0+ UITK for KSP 0.4.0 + Install with CKAN for best results. Heres all my mods https://spacedock.info/pack/477/All of ShadowDevs mods git: https://github.com/Bit-Studios/NoteBook License: CC-BY-NC-ND
  16. Kerbal Web Program (0.2.0) Download: https://spacedock.info/mod/3275/Kerbal Web Program Wiki: https://kwp.kerbal.wiki Kerbal Web Program is a mod that allows you to use API's to control your game This mod also provides an easy to use web server so you don't have to install external software. Example use of the web server: Create a dashboard with commands that you can send to your ship to perform actions such as staging, orientation locking, thrust. By using this mod you can fully automate a ship launch using any language you like, I recommend using the provided web server to run JS in your browser. The api that the mod provides can also be expanded to fit your needs, the wiki provides more details on this. You can see the current api's provided by the mod by going to http://localhost:8080/docs when the game is loaded Current features: Rest API Basic endpoints inbuilt web hosting for your own frontend Autogenerated api docs Expandable API (through API expansion system and external mods) Ingame web browser Button api Example Dashboard with code editor and runner: I look forward to seeing what crazy things you all create with this mod. Expect updates in the coming weeks with more features such as api hotreload and an official dashboard. [if you want your api extension adding to this list DM me (ShadowDev#6969) on discord or ask in the ksp 2 modding discord] KWP API Extension list KWP Standard API - (0.1.1) download git: https://github.com/Bit-Studios/KerbalWebProgram License: CC-BY-NC-ND
  17. Thanks. this is great news in its self. keep up the good work
  18. One thing that would be nice is some documentation for us modders. having to read through and guess what does what is creating issues. Even though we are using an unofficial loader, having something to explain the details more would go a long way for us.
  19. The source is not on github as of yet I have other mods on a higher priority. I will make a forum post this weekend with it all. Mod use: Configure Set start hight - 15000 to 20000 is normally good Set offset - 12 has been working for me so far When descending press the start button so it says true Set nav to retrograde - this will be automatic on next release when around 250 to 500m from the ground set nav to up (keeping it on retrograde will make you flip) Repeat steps until you land (config per ship is different, next release should have a config save system for per ship) I don't really like the forum that much, I'm active on the modding discord. I also used up all my annual leave so mod development takes more time. I have a few mods in the development pipeline, have 1 ready for release as well.
  20. Thanks both, In the next update this should be fixed with the new selection system
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