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  1. Whoa, that's great, I'll give it a try
  2. Hi, whenever I reenter, there are no reentry effects
  3. Hi, I've seen some screen shots and this mod looks amazing, I've got one question tho, could you make a 10x variant?
  4. Are you using deferred? If so try deleting it, I had a very similar problem with it
  5. Hi, one more question, My pc is not very good so I don't expect awesome FPS, but in the stock system the game runs quite smoothly for my standars (above 24 fps), but with JNSQ 10x whenever I look at clouds the FPS drops to 4/5 or something like that. Do you think this is a result of the volumetrics pack not being compatible with the planet pack? In other words, do you think the FPS should be bearable once you make the 10x version, IF you are planning to make a 10x rescale version
  6. Hi, could you update the Tantares configs? Some engines work as expected, but some day not show the red text in the editor and have unlimited ignitions with no ullage required
  7. Hi, I'm not sure if this mod works correctly, I didn't see much change between before and after installing it and Eve looks very wierd at 140Km, I'm using JNSQ10x https://imgur.com/a/2SMxRd5 < there are some pics
  8. Hello, thanks for the advice, might try later, btw you make absolutely gorgeous sunflares!
  9. Hello, if you still make mods, could you please make s balloon tank mod? I mean like cryotanks but for Liquid fuel
  10. Hi, I'm playing with KCT and the intervals between launches are big, I've lost 90% of public opinion and something similar for state confidence before even launching my first rocket!!!! Is there any way to regulate the "do-nothing" penality?
  11. Hello, this mod looks great! But I'm concerned with the science modding, will it be compatible with RSS?
  12. Ok I got it, it was the emergency suppress button in the KOS UI, such a dumb thing to miss
  13. KOS code only works partly (It doesn't throttle and steer up)(I have a SAS stability assist probe) here's the code: So the first thing is countdown, then the throttle and steering (doesn't work) then ignition, then the first stage separates after it doesn't do any thrust, and the same thing for the second stage. Visual script studio doesn't show me any errors (I have KOS extension)
  14. Hello, I don't know into computers so if you could please tell me if it could run on my PC? I have NVIDIA GeForce GTX1050 and AMD(tm)-8350
  15. Thank you! you've got to be one of the best mod devs around!
  16. Hey Kurgut, I've got a problem, I'm using a non-stock techtree (CSI to be specific), and the external seat is very early game but the iva one is very late game, is there anything me or you can do to move them together?
  17. Hello, I've installed this mod on an existing save, I haven't even reached orbit yet and have a lvl 1 tracking station. My problem is that I see all the bodies, is there a way to clear the register so they're hidden again?
  18. Hello could you add acompat with scansat? There is at least one telescope there and it would be cool if it could discover bodies too
  19. Hi, could you maybe add integration with scansat? there are some telescope parts there and it would be cool if they also could see the planets
  20. Sorry for making it confusing haha, I was using normal stock tanks (with restock installed) I can't choose the tank type tho, is there a tutorial or something like that?
  21. Please disregard the rant above ^ I have forgot about my second tank, but the problem still remains, my Nerva's have horrible dV's in Hydrogen config (methane is a little bit better) I think the problem is in the hydrogen storage now
  22. Hello, im pretty sure I have discovered a bug, my Nerva Engines have been getting horrible dV's. For example in my tested setup, using the Rhino (Hydrolox) is getting about 3137 dV, meanwhile my Nerva in pure LH2 config has been getting only 1328 dV!!! I've done the math and i found out the reason is in the dry mass. For some reason the solo LH2 tank has more dry mass than Hydrolox one, when accounted for the right dry mass (dry mass used by the hydrolox) my rocket gets 3529 dV (not ingame, only on paper, I used Tsiolkovksi's rocket equation) which is more probable in real life. The dry masses are 26664 kg for hydrolox and 34730kg for LH2 The wet masses are 55464 kg for hydrolox and 40730 kg for LH2 The Isp's are 440 for Rhino (Hydrolox) and 850 for Nerva (LH2) (If you want to do the math yourself) So to summarize the problem is in additional dry mass for LH2, could you please fix this? The game is just irritating like this
  23. Hello I love both mods and i couldn't live without Restock, but as an IVA user it hurts so much to see the lack of them, I know that you won't redo the IVA's but could you add internal model shells so it's possible for others to make or port IVA's? I don't know anything about modding, so if I said something stupid and totally nonsenical please correct me, I would love to learn more!
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