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  1. hey, interesting looking mod. I'm having an issue with it though as I can't actually get it to load. This is the first planet pack I've ever had this issue with, but the game loads and kopernicus pops a warning saying their was an exception trying to load the planet.
  2. Maybe the world beyond or KSS would make another great video.

    1. ILoveStars


      yep hes not comin back


  4. Hello @Kottabos love your content can't wait for the next video!

  5. And thank you for another great mod, keep up the great work
  6. @Kottabos Thank you very much for the video you made! :D

    1. Kottabos


      np, and thank you for the fun mod

  7. maybe check out todays ksp vid in a few minutes .... so many stars
  8. And thank you for the awesome mod, and ya I can honestly say there isn't anything in this pack I don't like. Though I do now have you to blame for me loosing a small chunk of my weekend building party buses with this lol
  9. woops .... how is it supposed to be pronounced, gonna be honest I worry about that with every mod video I make. I always think 'did I pronounce this name right' ... especially with some of the user names people have out there lol. And hey keep up the great work on the mod, you got some nice parts here
  10. Glad to see this mod getting picked up and continued (again). This has always been one of my favourite mods as I love building off world colonies. Can't wait to see this move forward and will certainly be playing with it again once you get the breeding growth working again (got a fun idea for a series with that function). Keep up the great work
  11. Great review Kottabos on the Omicron. Thanks for the publicity.

    Cheers  Mate!

  12. And thank you for the amusing mod, can't wait to see how it develops
  13. Oh look I did @Kerbas_ad_astra absolutely wonderful work on this, loved messing around with this. and I feel that the short landing mode will save a lot of my typically doomed spaceplanes lol
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