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  1. Ya'll read the title. Silence is allowing this community that i have been a part of and loved so much to implode with panic and doom of the death of this franchise. I am starting to agree with them. For the sake of the community, @Intercept Games@Nate Simpson need to say something beyond "we are still working on the game". At least give us closure if the worst is to come, to allow us to move on and return to KSP1. Don't let this failure define this franchise.
  2. glad to see how far KSP2 has come! however, there is one thing that is so simple yet it contributes to how different KSP2 feels compared to KSP1 so much: in KSP2, when zooming in and out, the camera just JUMPS. In KSP1, zooming in and out and scrolling (whether in flight, in map view or in editor) is smoothed out. I actually use this a lot especially in the editor to see things in tight spaces. In KSP2 the camera scroll jumps from one distance to the next with no in between. Honestly, it really pulls me out of the experience and even contributes to how unpolished it feels. This change could be a pretty simple thing the devs should do in order to make the experience feel smoother. obviously there are bigger fish to fry, but this could be a good thing . What are the community's thoughts on this? and better yet what are @Intercept Games's thoughts?
  3. Is the same approach to design & diameter consistency going to be applied to KSP2, similar to what you did with ReStock?
  4. How complicated will the resource gathering and colony advance system be? I imagine that resource collection will limit how big of a base you could build and if its capable of producing new crafts
  5. yeah the maneuver system is pretty frustrating. been encountering all these issues and more. It seems to want to refresh when switching between map view and flight view
  6. Hmm I'm confused. When i go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steam\games" there's no files, just the icons of the games downloaded to my computer. I also cant find the appdata folder. when i go in my windows username its not there. EDIT: found the appsdata folder, for some reason it was turned off in my hidden files or something. but i still get only pngs of the icons from the games i have downloaded when i navigate to steam/steam/games
  7. Hi there ya'll, so I played KSP1 for many years originally getting it through direct download. I didn't realize that direct download would be available to KSP2 until after I got it on Steam. Is it possible I could still access a direct download from my steam account without buying the game again? Possibly by syncing to my Private Division account? And if I cant do it through direct download, how do I access the game's data through steam? tried going through the local files but i dont see any organization for save files or game data anywhere so im not sure where to find it. (unsure if this is the right thread to ask this but any help would be appreciated)
  8. Just did a mun mission and planted a flag, but after recovery there doesn't seem to be a flag in the tracking station.
  9. Played it for 4 hours today and while clearly unfinished, I still had fun. Two reasons I bought the game without hesitation: 1. Bought KSP1 for 7 dollars in 2012 and it changed my life. I am literally studying aerospace engineering in college and that spark was ignited by KSP. as far as I'm concerned, that $7 wasn't nearly enough and I was happy to pay 50 for the successor in the hopes this game could ignite the curiosity of so many more people. 2. Yeah, performance sucks, there's a lot of bugs and not many features right now, but the foundations are there and its still incredibly immersive with awesome graphics and a top tier sound design. if this is the WORST KSP2 will ever be, this game will be incredible when its done. I truly hope more legacy players like me come to this realization rather than trashing it now. constructive criticism is important and that's why the devs asked for it constantly. But lets trust them a bit, i think i at least owe them that much considering the first game literally changed the trajectory of my life.
  10. the nodes attached to the Mk2 lander can seems to be slightly off center. noticed it by trying to put a docking port on
  11. THE MUSIC IS SO GOOD I WANNA LISTEN TO IT Howard, you are a genius!
  12. Congrats again to the developers on release! May the next decade be full of new space kerbalnauts! Anyway, First impressions with the game were pretty good, aside from the bugs everyone has already said (of which im sure will get ironed out in time). Although I would like to highlight a feature from KSP1 that i would like to see in the sequel. it has to do with the abruptness of zooming the camera in and out, both in the map view and in flight. in the first game, this was a smoother transition rather than just a jump, and it made the game feel much smoother. I hope the same will be implemented for KSP2.
  13. KSP is getting its own original soundtrack. you can hear glimpses of it in the show and tell videos and there were a couple of instagram stories on the official account a while back showing the orchestra getting ready to record. Super exciting and cant wait!
  14. It would be really poetic to release it on the 11th anneversary of the original game's release
  15. Thanks @adsii1970 and mods for the recognition! I've loved KSP for this past decade and happy to contribute to the discussion of the sequel.
  16. Congrats on release! the parts look amazing! Also i may just be a dum dum, but how do you install the IVA's? i tried to do it in the SSPXr gamedata folder and they arent showing up? Do i put the IVA stuff in Gamedata > SSPXr folder or do i put it in the internal folder? i tried both and it wasnt working, even for the older parts when i put the IVA's in the gamedata folder, the kerbal pictures do not show up
  17. I definitely agree with this, as multiplayer is one of the 5 or so improvment points plastered all over the website as well as (albiet without specifics) core to some of the ideas talked about in the dev blogs and videos. I honeslty think that if multiplayer isnt ready by the time they said they will release it they would just push it back again. the KSP community would understand as it has for previous delays. we all want a good game, not one devoid of a main feature. I defnitely agree with this as well in the fact that T2 will milk this game of all its sucess. my only hope is that that hype will work in KSP's favor as more and more people are inspired by rocket science and little green men.
  18. With the development of new content for KSP 1 now being essencially complete, ive been thinking about how the devs of KSP2 will approach releases and new content. When KSP2 is released, will it be completely finished in terms of features, or should we expect more content in the form of free updates like KSP1? Will there be DLCs to KSP2? I realize that alot of these questions may not have answers as of this point, but I'm sure that alot of us are curious as to what we should expect from KSP2 development after initial release. What do you all think? (thanks guys!!!)
  19. id be down to see more of the Kerbol system, but i would also expect a more mellow one after the bombshell (imo) that was the Gurdamma reveal. damn that planet looked so good
  20. i would love to see a red giant system. A star nearing the end of its life with some dying planets around it, and maybe an ocean moon around a gas giant that has thawed from the expanding star. Maybe thats what they have in mind for Glumo and Merbel
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