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  1. Thank you. Take your time to fix as many game-braking issues as you can. At the moment, to be honest, it is less fun to invest time in this version. Looking forward to a have a more consistent run at KSP2 once critical bugs have been squished.
  2. So that was the small update... Anyways, the second launcher is still useless and kind of bloatware. Just leave the "News" Section in the main menu of the game for marketing purposes and remove the launcher completely.
  3. Yes, I got some bad low FPS with Planetshine and Parallax. Now using only Parallax with great performance improvement.
  4. I actually tried some real, practical advice that would actually make a difference and uninstalled Planet Shine. Turns out that Planet Shine + Parallax is a no go and the lights from Planet Shine, because of the way things work in KSP, makes everything lag badly, regardless of hardware. Everything is good now and the game is playable again. Details here:
  5. I can confirm a huuuuuge performance improvement without Planet Shine. The game has become playable again.
  6. Long fan of this mod, awesome work! Since I've returned to KSP after a 3 year break, I noticed heavy performance impact, especially on GPU (GTX 1080) and heavy FPS drops (around 20 PFS with ships with around 200 parts and over). I was thinking to get the 2k textures instead of the 4k, but it made no difference. Anything else I can try? i7-7820HK CPU @ 2.90GHz Nvidia GTX 1080 32 GB RAM Game runs on SSD PS: not mentioning the FPS drop from the lights, those are a completely different story and I know it has no fix.
  7. Thank you very much! That solved the shaking of menus/orbits and flickering on the surface.
  8. Does Parallax conflict maybe in some way with Stock Visual Enhancements? I'm getting a slight flicker on the surface of the Mun now and Minmus (new career, haven't gotten further for now). And for some reason my map view is shaking, with all icons and orbits (but I think that is just an old bug with no solution).
  9. Wonderful to hear that! Eagerly awaiting the update. ATM I'm getting some strange shadows just under the ship at low orbit. Also, city lights have a bad case of Z-fighting, even from orbit, so disabled those in EVE for the moment. Have a prosperous academic year!
  10. Does this mod also cover stock parts? I am searching for something like this only for stock parts.
  11. You can specify my name. Fingers crossed.
  12. The version in CKAN is listed to be compatible for 1.7.0. So I currently can't install it through CKAN.
  13. As far as I know, there are no solar pannels installed, so it's probably running on batteries?
  14. Real-life KSP. For Science! https://www.facebook.com/SpaceX/posts/10160289646130131 PS: Look at the comments
  15. "Just another 5 minutes" was a category from last year's awards. This year they have other categories.
  16. @Darth Badie The Steam Awards are back! So here is another chance I'm giving to KSP and made my nomination: Of course, you can pick any other category that you see fit. But this one seemed perfect to me. Let's boost KSP's chances to get a Steam Award this year and get to nominating! http://store.steampowered.com/SteamAwardNominations/
  17. #KSPooky The Kraken lies there, For bold Bob to examine. A blink... then his end! Eerie Minmus' mists. Knock! Knock! Who's there? Beware! Only void awaits... PS: I don't have a Twitter account.
  18. Good that you are all well and safe. Hopefully you'll also be able to rebuild in a short time.
  19. Love those introductions! Keep it up. Anxiously awaiting the expansion.
  20. Drumroll Can't wait to try it out! Many thanks!
  21. Got a new gaming laptop and would like to give this mod another try. Just waiting for an updated version in ckan. Thanks for the great work, this eye-candy here is amazing!
  22. Kerbals are born Astronauts! So why escape to the boring pile of dust called a planet/moon/dwarf-planet/asteroid/comet when you can remain among the beauty of the stars? Sure, this pod can land safely, glide to the warm comfort of the space center, can even be modified to chute into the cool ocean, but why do all of this when you can escape.... well, to just about any other safe space station around any other planet or moon? When you accidentally blow up your space station, deorbit it or just grow bored of your habitat, simply hop on and with the power of ion-drives, go and invade the privacy of fellow Kerbonauts on any other space station that is still in one piece. It has around 5700m/s delta V, giant solar panels for quick recharging between burns and there is even a deluxe-version that can rescue 4 more Kerbals along the way if the need arises (with slightly less delta V, around 4700). Do not be fooled by the engines. While they lack any sort of serious power alone, together, these little ion-spitters deliver quite a punch, so strap in. Here is a simulation: a scientist quickly leaving Acheron Station around the Mün and heading back to Kerbin.
  23. The Planetary Society organises today the March for Science, basically a call to all humanity and governments to support science and our strive to reach for the stars. Since there is no march organised in my country, I thought I could at least support the initiative with a poster (KSP is a great way to do this and right on topic):
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